The 10 most affectionate cat breeds


Ragdoll, Persian and Burmese are some of the most cuddly races.

Contrary to what some people think, Cats can be as affectionate as dogs. When felines feel safe and get used to living with certain people, they can become Really friendly pet.

However, if you are looking for a cataffectionate that fills your home with tenderness, it is convenient for you to know that there are races that are more sociable than others. These cats are perfect animals to live with them and to have a good relationship with other animals and children.

Its name means rag doll and refers to the ability of this breed of cat to leave the muscles completely loose when caught in the arms. It is a very calm animal, with blue eyes and hairy tail.


Coming from the United States, he is extremely social and affectionate with the family, especially with children. These cats have two curiosities: they love water and always choose within the family a person with whom they are more linked.

Maine coon

With long and soft fur, it stands out for being a calm cat that can live perfectly with other cats. Being a very conceited animal, he loves to be combed and to spend time in his care.


Tame, sweet and can live with other pets, even with dogs. It always goes where the family gathers since it does not support loneliness.


He is very affectionate and affectionate with the family, especially with children, with whom he has great patience. Vivacious, curious and intelligent, is able to communicate with people.


6. Scottish Fold

It is characterized by the ears folded down and forward. It is a friendly and friendly cat, easily adapted that accepts the games of the smallest of the house very well.

Scottish fold

Coming from Turkey, he loves the company and does not take loneliness well. Playful and energetic, he loves the attention and pampering of the family.


Very active and loyal, he loves to browse and you can spend hours playing with his toys. His docile and friendly character makes him live well with other felines.


Affectionate and calm, it is ideal for families who like a quiet environment in their home. Distinguished, it usually gets along very well with its owners.


Intelligent, playful and sociable, he likes to attract attention so that they play with him. He likes to be with the family.


3. Maine coon

This breed It comes from the United States and is very popular in that country and in the rest of the world. He is a giant cat, but his heart is just as big: the Maine Coon is a very familiar cat and he loves children. He also gets along with other pets.

The Maine Coon breed has two very special peculiarities: the first is that within the family nucleus always usually choose a favorite, a leader who shows special admiration. The other is that ... He loves water! How do you read it?

4. Exotic cat

Perhaps the exotic cat is, among all the most affectionate cat breeds, the one that is the most. She is adorable and loves to live as a family. In fact, he needs it. This breed endures loneliness so badly that it can even make you sick if you spend too much time without company.

It is very rare that this cat is isolated to another room, it is always with the family, the more the better! In addition, it also tolerates well to live with other pets.

5. Burmese cat

The Burmese cat, also known as the Burmese cat, is a feline of Very elegant and spectacular appearance. But it's much more than that! Yes, it is also a very affectionate breed.

On the other hand, he is not as naughty and "restless ass" as other cats. In fact, it is especially calm, very quiet.

6. Bombay cat

Not many know this breed, but those who are lucky enough to live with a Bombay cat know that they are privileged. The Bombay breed is one of the most affectionate known.

In addition to being kind, affectionate and faithful, the Bombay cat is very peaceful and very calm, it hardly makes any noise.

7. Cat Havana

Affectionate as it is, Havana becomes even heavy at times. But it's not his fault, it's that He wants mimitos all the time! He is intelligent, kind, tender and loves his family, but he is also affable with strangers. Anyone is worth it to receive some caresses!

In addition, he is very active and loves to play with his family all day.

8. Persian cat

The Persian cat is one of the most famous in the world, and yes, also the most affectionate. It is also very quiet and flirtatious. He loves to be showered by his beautiful hair!

If you like to groom your pets, the Persian cat is perfect for you. The more you take care of him, the more affectionate and close he will be with you.

9. Scottish fold

This adorable kitten with folded ears is all love. His appearance is adorable, but in addition his character is also very sweet. It has body and soul of peluchito.

He is friendly, affectionate, faithful, calm and homely, and loves to interact with children. He is a perfect playmate!

10. Common cat

As we said at the beginning, the kind and affectionate character does not reside only in genetics. That is why we have decided to close this list with common cats, or if you prefer to call it that, mestizos. Why kindness is not a matter of races!

If you are responsible with your cat, you give him everything he needs, you play with him and take care of him, he will be very affectionate to you regardless of his genes. There is nothing more affectionate than a grateful pet, a happy pet!