How to bathe a Coton de Tuléar dog


This type of dogs has a White fur of great extinction totally smooth, are those types of dogs that can only see their nose.

In addition, it has a peculiarity of being playful and sociable with everyone, always likes to be in wet places and for that reason it is always a headache to bathe it and leave it as a white cotton.

Starting from that you should know that it is a problem in people when performing their personal hygiene, it is complicated for the first time.

That is why it is necessary to try to bathe it, correctly and quickly. With that you will avoid having any type of disease or bacteria, for lack of cleanliness.

Do not pretend to have him tied up that would be a bad thing for him, because his behavior does not merit it. What you should do is start injecting discipline and having it in a completely clean place.

Explained all these details, I want to give you a series of steps that are effective when bathing.

Follow the steps!

Ways to bathe a Coton de Tuléar

Try that before bathing the fur is well unraveled, it is the initial step that will then save you a lot of work.

As you will know the hair is exorbitant and that is why you must have it well accommodated, then proceed to the next steps.

After combing it and ensuring that the water is warm, it is your dose of soap.

Try to look for special products for dogs, that will save you many tasks especially in the long term. That is why it is best to go to a specialist who recommends a special chemical for the fur of that pet.

  1. Clean your special parts

When you put the soap clean your essential parts, where it mostly gets dirty.

The most normal thing is that the dirty is not noticed, but they have areas that have an excess dirty, which you must fundamentally clean.

One of those parts is the nails, they must be in good condition.

  1. Comb your fur

At the end it is always necessary to comb your fur again in a delicate way, applying a little cream to comb, so the process is easier.

Similarly, you should be aware that no knots are made in your body.

Last suggestions

As you saw the procedure is extremely easy, as they are not aggressive animals rather they are a good companion for the home.

What do I suggest you do next?

Try to brush it daily, so that the hair will not get tangled up or mistreated, do not abuse the baths in a row, apply this process you should in time.

Certainly when you cut your hair, it is better that you go to a specialist in the area, so it will look more radiant and spectacular. However, this is a dog that requires attention from the owner and you as responsible should give him that love.


Reject synthetic oils. Most pharmacy mink oils are synthetic. They do not work. Grease and yellow. If you observe carefully, when you bathe and degrease your hair, you will see that it is dry. The skin does not integrate synthetic mink oil.

After rinsing apply a good moisturizer. Dissolve the moisturizer in water and put the mixture in a good spray or in a mixing canister. It is very important that it is a product that respects the pH of your skin.

The best ones are the ones I recommend. They hydrate a lot, nourish, protect and help to repair damaged hair. They are products created with exquisite care. Avoid knots and get a blanket populated and loose, without altering your skin.


This is very important, do not dream that the bathroom will provide all the necessary hydration. Your skin and mantle cannot get all the nutrients they need from the blood, they are continuously dehydrated. It is imperative that you apply external moisturizers frequently. Otherwise the hair will become brittle, will break and become entangled.

Therefore, even if you do not "touch" bathing, spray plenty of moisturizing agent on your hair whenever you need it, so that it is absorbed through the skin and the mantle. Especially if it is windy, you will see that every two or three days the hair will ask you to spray your moisturizing product. Use one that does not require rinsing.

Brush it frequently, but do not forget to spray a little moisturizer before doing so, so that the card or brush does not break, or tear that precious hair. Brush carefully. Use a soft metal barbed brush without a ball on the tip. I recommend Ibáñez soft brushes or black soft brushes. For drying the mantle, you may find it more comfortable to help yourself with a soft card. I recommend soft cards and extra soft and flexible double cards Ibáñez.

If you are going to take packages in some part of your body: face or skirt, use a good spray oil, a good tissue paper, if possible white, and some special gummies that do not break the hair. The purpose of having the mantle collected with packages is to keep it protected to the maximum from external aggressions: heating, wind, urine, play with other dogs, etc.


As a final finish on the skirt, use a straight scissors of more than 18 cm. High precision Use a metal comb 15 to 19 cm. for the correct placement of the hair before giving the cut. That way the final result will be more accurate. To round the legs I recommend that you use a scissor to sculpt rather closed teeth.

Trim the hair from the pads of the hands and feet. If you find it easier, use a smaller scissor.


A good mantle has a genetic base, but above all it is the prize for good maintenance. The time we have before an exhibition is essential.

When the exhibition is arrived with an inflated mantle, caused by the trip, the exhibitors turn to finished products that provide a sensation of a full-bodied, vaporous mantle.

Do not neglect the color. Objectively compare the color of your dog with that of the winners. Do not present a dog with faded color, no shine. The color "is also made and maintained." It is very practical to carry white chalk spray, bar or powder in your briefcase. You can always correct the pinkish areas of the lachrymal with the chalk or the tear pencil. Use the Kw Antilagrimeo. as prevention

If it becomes stained during the trip, spray the stained areas with a specific dry shampoo on the exhibition, or with your usual enhancement shampoo very diluted in water (a part of shampoo in twenty of water). Rub and then dry with an absorbent cloth. It will leave all the dirt in it. Then lightly spray your usual moisturizer and dry with a dryer, stretching the mantle very well, using a soft barbed brush.

Once our work is finished, five minutes before entering the ring, spray an antistatic spray and brightener, so that the dog enters with the brightness and the ideal curtain effect.

A discolored truffle has a very bad effect. Even if you have become accustomed to seeing her like this, the judge will call your attention especially. If necessary, do not hesitate, use that product called "Black and Bright Truffle". Apply it the day before.

If you have red eyes due to the tiredness of the trip or for any other reason, put a drop of eye drops in each eye. Get it at a pharmacy.