How to choose the best pet for your child


The choice of a pet is one of the key moments in family life. And, of course, it deserves thorough reflection. But, when we have already made the decision that we want to have a pet at home, we must consider what kind of animal is ideal for us. Today, the options are not limited only to dogs and cats and, in recent years, families that prefer to have other 'less common' animals have increased.

How to choose the perfect pet for the child

Whenever there are doubts until the last moment when choosing the pet, there is also the option of combine two or more species, although you will have to inform yourself previously about the compatibility between the two to avoid scares and unwanted situations.

To succeed with the choice of our ideal pet, just follow a few simple steps that are based on the discard system. First of all: Do you want a faithful companion or do you want a pet that goes more to yours? The answer for the first option is the dog, without any doubt, although you should keep in mind that it is the pet that needs more care and attention.

If you opt for the second, you must ask yourself the following question: Do you mind having to clean hairs? If the answer is yes, you should consider having a bird - but instead of hairs, you will have to clean feathers - a snake, a fish, a turtle, a reptile or a small mammal, such as a hedgehog, a hamster, a Gerbil, a degú, a mouse or a rat.

From this list, you must choose between an animal with a certain capacity for interaction or with one that has more limited. It is logical that you will not be able to interact with both a fish and a gerbil, for example.

If on the contrary, you like to pet the animals with hair You also have several options, apart from the cat, logically. We refer to the ferret - very fashionable in the United States and with increasing demand in our country -, the rabbit, the guinea pig or the chinchilla. All of them are quite sociable - the ferret usually behaves like a small kitten - although, ultimately, it will depend on the character of the animal.

Obviously all pets need their care and we must always integrate the animal into our family as if it were one more member, whatever. Too we will have to take into account the age of the children in the house, because there are more suitable pets than others so that the little ones establish their first contact with an animal.

Thus, it is logical that, if we have small children - under 5, for example - it is not advisable to have a snake at home. Conversely, a hamster It will be the ideal pet for families who want to start their children - after five years or so - in the care of a pet.

Aspects to consider

Your child may want to have a cat or dog, but when it comes to choosing the best pets for children, but not all animal breeds are friendly.

Some are too energetic or perhaps aggressive, while others can be scary. There are also animals that can tolerate rough play with younger children and others that are more likely to bite or scratch.

Some animals may even be carriers of diseases or bacteria that are harmful to the health of younger children.

Also, if your child is allergic to animals or has other health problems, it is more than enough reason to really consider whether it is appropriate to have a pet or if it is better to choose it wisely.

You need to ask yourself a question: As a family, are you capable and willing to provide the attention, space and respect that the pet will need?

Pets, especially when they are puppies, will need a delicate and special treatment, and it takes patience and energy to be able to care for an animal correctly. Although an adult and well behaved dog or cat may be a good option.

What are the best pets for children

If as a family you have the decision to introduce a pet as a new family member, then it is time to choose the best animal. If you grew up with a dog, you may want a dog, if you live in a small apartment, perhaps a cat is the best option, if you prefer that you do not have to deal with their care, then perhaps a fish before having another type of pet. You have to reflect very well before deciding.


A dog is a loyal pet, but you should know which pet is best for your children. Larger races may be more tolerant of children's games, but smaller races tend to bark and bite more easily. But each dog is different and has its own personality, so you should know the puppy before adopting it to know if it is really suitable for your lifestyle. You can also get information from your breeder or animal shelter.

A cat is an ideal pet for quieter children because cats may be less tolerant of abrupt children's play. But there are certain races of them that are considered more suitable for children than others, you must know the cat to know.

Fish may seem like an ideal pet because maintenance can be relatively easy, but you can only look. Although it is in the water, you can also teach children responsibility for food and care.

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs can be in a cage and can be a good bet because they are tender and rarely bite, especially when they feel protected and safe. But they are small and very delicate so they are not a good idea for children under 6 years. Although it is necessary to always supervise children when they are playing with their pet.

Do you think there may be another pet that is suitable for children?

Take the step: take the ideal pet for a child home

Either because adults want it, or because the little ones in the house ask for it, it is usual to face the dilemma of taking a pet home or not. And, above all, define which is the ideal pet for a child.

You have to know that each reality is different, and for each there is an animal that adapts better. Always, of course, thinking that it will be a responsibility of time, money and love.

Therefore, before taking the step, The integration of an animal into the home is a decision that must be shared. Another living being is incorporated into the family that will require special care for many years.

In search of the ideal pet for a child

Generally, the first option presented is the dog.

This animal is ideal for active children, who demand interaction and are affectionate. It will surely generate very strong ties if you learn to interact as a child and will be an unconditional company.

The advantage of this pet is that it helps develop empathy, sociability and self-esteem of the child, in addition to maintaining a considerable level of physical activity.

The child can take care of some dog responsibilities, Once a certain age is reached. But the usual thing is that the load remains in the hands of the elderly. Therefore, time, space and budget are needed.

The best breeds for children are the Labradors and Golden Retriever. And if the boy is small, large dogs are more suitable.

It is a good option if you are looking for a pet with whom to interact, who is affectionate but more independent. It is the ideal pet for an affectionate and mischievous child, but who enjoys his personal spaces.

The advantage of this animal is that it has the habit of cleaning itself and doesn't demand as much as a dog.

Attention should be paid, however, to the possible occurrence of allergies if you arrive home when the child is older. And the deal should always be careful.


It is the third most sought after pet after the dog and cat. It does not demand much care or budget. And with some time, it integrates into family life and even interacts.

The parakeet is ideal for observant, curious but calm children. With care and supervision of an elder, the child can take care of some care and become a great companion.

Guinea pig

It is an excellent option in homes with young children, and even better if it is the first experience with animals. It is characterized by being active, curious and once it acquires confidence, it is able to interact.

As an advantage, it does not require much space, since most of the time goes by in its cage and requires simple care.

Something to keep in mind is your hygiene and nutrition, since it is prone to overweight.

It is an ideal pet for a somewhat larger child. As long as he is careful in the treatment, since the rabbit is a rather delicate animal. He is very affectionate once he gains confidence, which takes a while.

The advantage is that you don't need a space that is too large. Although he enjoys walking free at some times of the day.

At first it is somewhat distrustful, so the child's personality must adapt to it.

Tips when choosing

Finally, some premises to keep in mind:

  • Evaluate according to the child's age: If it is very small and it is the first pet, it may be convenient to start with a parakeet. And in this way teach him what the care of an animal means.
  • Psychomotor development: until the child does not develop their coordination, it is better not to take home animals too small and delicate, because it will hurt them when they want to interact.
  • The dog is always an ideal company. Pay attention in this case to the child's age and temperament, and based on that, decide. Informing about the characteristics of different races is a good way.

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