Differences between Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever


Have you ever wondered what are the differences between a Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever? Both races have some common features and its morphology, although being different, from a distance can present certain similarities. Its constitution is quite similar in its structure and for this reason, and the appellation "retriever"that both are associated with his name, causes many people do not know exactly what differentiates one race from the other.

In this article of Animal Expert we will talk about two extraordinarily intelligent and affectionate dog breeds, which are undoubtedly considered the most suitable for children and proactive families. Do you want to know if a labrador or golden retriever for a floor is better? You don't know which one would fit you best? If you have trouble differentiating these two races or are thinking of adopting one of them, in this article you will find all the answers you are looking for. Discover the differences between labrador and golden!

Labrador Retriever Story

Many experts place the true origin of the Labrador Retriever in the Newfoundland coast, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It is there where specimens very similar to the labrador we know today were observed, performing functions of collecting dams in the water. Some theories state that the farmer was founded in the 16th century and that it is the result of the San Juan Spaniel and English, Portuguese and Irish working dogs. However, other theories include the Newfoundland in their ancestry.

The Labrador Retriever begins to stand out early in the 19th century in England, specifically in the field tests, when Col Peter Hawker and the Count of Malmesbury exhibit it for the first time. The specimen described by Lorna, Countess of Howe, was called "Malmesbury Tramp" and is considered one of the first styling dogs. It was founded in 1916 "The Labrador Retriever Club" and later in 1925 the "Yellow Labrador Club", so we could say that we are facing a relatively modern breed.

It is also known as "Labrador collector" and "Labrador retriever."

Golden Retriever History

The first baron Lord Tweedmouth, born in the middle of 19th century in Scotland, is considered the founder of the golden retriever breed. By crossing a flat-Coated Retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel (already extinct) he obtained four golden-haired puppies, which were the basis for the current goden. Later they crossed other races, such as the bloodhound, the Irish setter or the same Labrador Retriever.

At that time, the first golden retriever were considered dogs with excellent hunting skills, and that is that at that time the hunting days were frequent among the noble classes, where birds of all kinds were hunted. Like the Labrador Retriever, the golden showed good predisposition for the collection of pieces. In 1913 the golden retriever was officially recognized by the Kennel Club UK as a "yellow" or "golden" retriever, although it was not until 1920 when it was born"The Golden Retriever Club".

We currently find several race lines Golden Retriever: English, American and Canadian.

Labrador Retriever Appearance

The Labrador Retriever is a dog of medium-large size, harmonious and proportionate. It is considered to be of strong constitution and that it has a broad skull. To know the differences between labrador and golden it can be interesting to review these three characteristics that we show you:

  • Size: males measure between 56 and 57 cm. at the cross, the females measure between 54 and 46 cm. to the cross
  • Colors: Presents uniform colors either completely black, yellow or liver / chocolate.
  • Mantle: It is short, hard, dense and without ripples or fringes. It has a layer of waterproof sub-hair.

The hair of the labrador retriever, smooth and rough, differs radically from the golden fur, whose softness and length are absolutely different, this being one of the most pronounced differential strokes between both races with the naked eye. The color of its mantle can be only three uniform colors: black, chocolate and yellow. The latter being the color that is subject to the greatest variations in hue, ranging from very pale cream tones, almost white, to reddish tones.

Golden Retriever Appearance

Like the labrador, the golden is a dog of medium-large size, of harmonious and powerful aspect. They define their body as balanced, strong and muscular. To differentiate it from the labrador, take note of the three characteristics that we have analyzed previously:

  • Size: males measure between 56 and 61 cm. at the cross, females measure between 51 and 56 cm. to the cross
  • Colors: Gold or cream tones are accepted, but not red or mahogany.
  • Mantle: It can be smooth or wavy, but always with fringes. In addition, it presents dense and waterproof sub-hair.

The golden retriever dog is slightly taller and slender than the labrador, although the length of his hair creates an opposite optical illusion. This breed of dog wears a beautiful double cloak. The surface: silky, wavy, moderately long and water resistant. The inner fur is soft and short, isolating the dog from the heat during the summer and sheltering it in the winter period.

Its correct color is encompassed within the different shades of gold, excluding the excessively pale and reddish. The English Golden Retriever has diverged over the years in two more modalities: the American and the Canadian. Both varieties are larger than the English.

Labrador Retriever Temperament

The Labrador Retriever is considered a dog very intelligent, loyal, sociable and proactive. It also stands out for having an affable and even gentle treatment towards people. These are dogs of a balanced nature, which can take until they reach maturity. They love water, smell exercises and are tremendously agile.

Golden Retriever Temperament

The golden retriever is also a dog extremely intelligentIn fact, it stands above the Labrador Retriever. We could describe him as a dog of character docile, loyal, kind, reliable and friendly. It is probably one of the quintessential nanny dogs, in addition, it has a great predisposition for work.

Is it better to adopt a golden or a labrador?

If you have found a labrador or a golden retriever for adoption and you are considering welcoming it, you are in luck, both are incredible races and with a big heart. However, how do you know which one will fit you best? Below we answer the most frequently asked questions:

  • Which is better to live in an apartment? Both races can adapt well to a floor if we make between three and four walks a day, which total a minimum of two hours, combining ride and games.
  • Which one gets along with children? The two can be excellent with the little ones, but the golden retriever is considered to be much more suitable in a home with small children.
  • Which one needs more training? Although both are very intelligent dogs, the golden requires more attention as far as training and mental stimulation is concerned.
  • Which one is quieter? Neither dog stands out for having a calm temperament until it reaches its adult stage, but the adult golden retriever could be considered calmer.
  • Which one is longer? Both dogs usually exceed 10 years of age, but there is evidence that the Labrador Retriever is longer than the Golden Retriever.
  • Which one is healthier? Both races have several common hereditary diseases, the golden retriever being the healthiest. This may vary depending on the care you receive and your genetic inheritance.

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Origins of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever has its origin in Scotland in the mid-19th century. He was raised for hunting and his role was to collect the dejected pieces that fell into the water over a long distance, and take them back to the hunter in perfect condition.

Lord Tweedmouth, considered the father of the breed, paired different types of retrievers to develop the first Golden Retriever. Thanks to this they have a great nose.

Golden Retriever Morphology

It is a medium-sized breed, its weight ranges between 25 and 35 kg and its height at the cross is between 51 and 61 cm. Males tend to be larger than females.

They have double mantle. The surface is long and water resistant, the inner one is short, insulating it from heat in summer and sheltering it from cold in winter. Its color usually varies between different shades of gold and cream. You can also find them white or brown, although they are not colors accepted by the official standard.

They have a "soft bite" thanks to their origin as collector dogs and are very agile. In addition, they love water, so they are usually excellent swimmers.

Golden Retriever Temperament

The Golden Retriever has a very sociable and confident temperament. His docility, intelligence and calm character make him a perfect companion for families, as well as being the ideal pet for the little ones in the house.

They are very calm dogs but also very playful. They will need a good dose of daily exercise. Also, they don't like to be alone, so they will enjoy spending time with their families and playing with them.

They occupy the fourth place on the intelligence scale of Stanley Coren. These capabilities and characteristics will make him a highly trainable and skilled dog. In addition to an excellent working dog.

Origins of the Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has its origins in the 16th century, in Canada. They are the result of selective mating between different hunting dogs, such as retrievers, setters, spaniels and San Juan water dogs. They are dogs with a great smell and also with an excellent disposition for work.

Labrador Retriever Morphology

The labrador has a medium size. It weighs between 25 and 38 kg, and its height to the cross is 53 to 61 cm, the females being smaller and less heavy.

His hair is short, straight, rough, compact and shiny. The color of your hair can be three different colors: black, chocolate and yellow. The latter color being the one that can vary the most in hue.

Labrador Retriever Temperament

The Labrador Retriever breed has a very sociable and affectionate temperament, both with people and with other animals, which makes it perfect for the family but not valid as a guard dog, since it tends to be too friendly with strangers.

They are the perfect companions for people with special needs, they are also a great help for children with autism.

Common features in both races

Having seen a basic description of these two races, we are going to comment on some of the main differences and common points between the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever.

The first thing to know is that both breeds are not for everyone, since they are dogs that by their origin have a lot of energy and need to move a lot and run. People who cannot spend time with their pet should choose another breed that requires less physical activity and less affection. Retriever dogs that can't vent and run regularly end up being hyperactive.

Both are very affectionate and social races. In addition, they are so intelligent that they are used as guide dogs, explosives detectors, drugs, police dogs or rescue dogs. They are extraordinary work and service dogs.

Because of their origin as water collector dogs, they are breeds that are passionate about swimming, and they both have an excellent nose.

Likewise, the most common diseases in both races are:

  • Eye diseases: The most common are hereditary cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. We always recommend periodic reviews at the veterinarian so that these problems can be detected on time.
  • Elbow and hip dysplasia: It is a disease that usually develops during the growth stage and consists of a malformation in the joints and cartilage wear. They produce pain and lameness and are usually hereditary.

Physical characteristics

As for the physical appearance, the Golden Reteriever is golden in all its varieties while the Labrador Retriever can be found in chocolate, yellow and black. The former has long hair and the latter has short hair, therefore, it will be less complicated to bathe and keep clean.

Both dogs are medium in size with small differences, the Golden Retriever has a height at the cross of between 51 - 61 cm and its weight ranges between 25 and 35 kg, while the Labrador Retriever has a height at the cross between 53 - 61 cm and can weigh between 25 and 38 kg. The physique of the former is more elegant, while the latter is more stocky and muscular. The Golden Retriever's feather-shaped tail is characteristic, unlike the short-haired tail that the Labrador Retriever has.

As for the face, the Golden Retriever facial features are softer than those of the Labrador Retriever. Despite that, both have a loving and adorable facial expression. The hue of the Labrador Retriever's eyes may vary between brown or hazelnut, but not in the Golden Retriever, whose eyes are always dark brown.

Character and temperament

In general, Labradores Retriever tend to be somewhat more energetic than Golden Retriever, but both are very active dogs that would like to spend long periods playing with their families.

The two are highly sociable and affectionate dogs, so you will have to always be aware of them, because they will want to greet everyone and that can sometimes play a trick on you.

In addition, both races possess exceptional intelligence. Both one and the other are among the 10 smartest races in the world. The Golden Retriever is in 4th position and the Labrador Retriever in 7th position.

Both races will need physical exercises frequently, such as daily walks where they can also run freely and discharge all their energy. If we combine this with a beach session we will make you the happiest dogs in the world, because as we said they love water.

Health and food

As we have already mentioned, both races are predisposed to suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia, they also have a tendency to suffer eye disorders such as cataracts or retinal atrophy. In addition, the Golden Retriever breed is especially sensitive to suffer from skin allergies such as atopic dermatitis or ichthyosis, which is a specific genetic disease in this breed and of which we have an article talking about it in depth.

As for food, both races are very greedy and tend to be obese. We must closely monitor the amount of food they eat daily and not give them leftovers or too many snacks.

Which is better Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever?

There are many people who want to share life with one of these dogs. When in doubt of which one is the most suitable for us, we will take into account everything mentioned above, and analyze our personal situation and lifestyle.

One of the questions people ask most is: is a Labrador Retriever or a Golden Retriever for a floor better? Both are dogs that need a lot of daily exercise, if you meet this requirement, you will not have any problem in having either of them, as they will arrive tired and spend most of the day sleeping. Even so, the Retriever Labradors are somewhat more energetic and active than the Golden Retriever, so it will be an important factor to consider.

Both release a lot of hair, but if it is true that the Golden Retriever is more annoying, because being long, you will find hairballs at home, and you should vacuum every day if you want to keep your house minimally clean.

Both are extremely affectionate and sociable dog breeds, but perhaps the Golden Retriever is somewhat more dependent on their owners, so you should be aware that you will always have the dog attached to you when you are at home.

In conclusion we can say that both breeds of dogs are extraordinary, and that they will delight any family.

Different origins

The farmer is originally from Canada and receives his name by the hunting workr I had in these northeastern lands during the sixteenth century. After several years of crossing with other English, Irish and Portuguese breeds, the San Juan Spaniel among them, emerged the dog we know today.

The golden retriever, meanwhile, has its origin in the United Kingdom, specifically in Scotland. In the mid-nineteenth century, as was the case with the farmer, he began to breed for hunting purposes. Everything indicates that this companion animal arises as a result of a cross between different types of retrievers and other dogs of this European zone, among which are the flat-floated retriever, the tweed water spaniel, the Bloodhound and the setter spaniel.

The fur, the big difference

As for the physical differences, the labradors, with a medium-large size, have a broad skull, a strong musculature and a weight that ranges between 25-40 kg. In addition, its fur is resistant, hard, short, smooth and dense. They are always of a single color - in black, golden or chocolate brown tones - and, normally, they do not have spots of any kind.

In size and weight, both races almost coincided>

Qualities and character

The labrador is a considered pet cunning, intelligent, attentive and affectionate. Consequence of his facility to socialize is also tame. Experts recommend it at the domestic level for being a perfect animal for all types of families, not only for its balanced personality but for being agile beings, who love water and train their smell. Precisely because of this affable face, they are not the most appropriate when it comes to finding a home keeper.

On the other hand, golden retrievers are characterized by their character loyal, kind, insightful and kind, which>

Of course, both races have similarities that go beyond the appearance of each of them. These pets require at least two hours of walking a day, a great mental and sports stimulation and, in addition, they can end up living for an approximate period of ten years.

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Differences between the golden and the labrador

The golden retriever and the labrador are two very similar races that we sometimes confuse. In this video we give you the keys so that this does not happen. These are the main differences between the golden and the labrador. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: DO YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT?

Although the golden and the labrador may seem very similar breeds, it is important to know their differences and specific needs well before deciding to adopt or buy one or the other.

Labrador Retriever Features

The labrador is an intelligent and tremendously dog affectionate, both with people and with other animals, which makes it perfect for the family but not valid as a guard dog, since it tends to be too friendly, even with strangers.

His great willingness to work together with his good smell make the labrador a good dog to work in tasks such as location of drugs and explosives, and also as a dog guide.

It is important to keep in mind that they are dogs that need to exercise daily so as not to become lazy since they tend to overweight. In addition, we must control their diet because they love food.

There are three varieties of labrador according to their color: black, sand (or yellow) and chocolate. All three share the same type of hair: short, straight and somewhat rough. It is important to brush every day as they release a lot of hair.

Golden Retriever Features

The golden retriever is a docile dog and sociable, the ideal companion for the smallest of the house. This breed became very famous in the 90s thanks to the ads of the brand of toilet paper Scottex, starring a naughty golden puppy.

It is considered a calm dog but very playful. They don't like loneliness and need to go out and take long walks routinely, if they don't pay much attention, they tend to become restless and anxious.

According to the classification of Stanley Coren is the 4th most race smart. They have a great capacity to carry and bring objects thanks to their "soft mouth" and are very agile, so, for example, playing "frisbee" can be a good activity to keep them in shape. They also love water and are very good. swimmers.

The golden has long, wavy and silky hair. The name of the breed comes precisely from its characteristic color, a gold that can range from the palest to the most reddish tones.

Common diseases in the labrador and the golden

There are a number of diseases that affect both races equally:

- Eye diseases:The most common are hereditary cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy, problems that, if not treated in time, can lead to total blindness to our pet. However, currently, there are effective treatments that can reduce the risk of vision loss, so we recommend that you do a review a year because, this type of disease can appear at any age.

- Elbow and hip dysplasia: Large dogs often inherit these types of problems. It is a bone disease that develops during the growth of the puppy and that consist of a malformation in the joints, the wear of the cartilage and therefore its dysfunction. Sometimes it is not easy to find obvious symptoms but they usually produce pain and lameness. It is essential to have control over the type of exercise and feeding we offer our dog to try to minimize the chances of suffering from dysplasia.

The labrador and the retriever are very affectionate and friendly dogs but with some characteristics, both physical and character, that differentiate them and make each breed unique.

Main differences between Labrador and Golden

Although both the Labrador dog As the Golden Retriever are very similar on a physical level, there are a number of details that make the difference between one and the other. The main ones are:

The Golden can reach a larger size to the Labradors: 61 cm to the cross in front of 57 cm in males, and 56 cm to the cross in front of 46 in females. This makes the Golden tend to be, therefore, a little taller and more slender.

The Labrador has a uniform color coat , which can be black, yellow or chocolate colored. The Golden, on the other hand, can have golden or cream-colored tones.

Labrador's hair , smooth and rough, it is very different from that of the Golden, which is softer and with a different length. This is, in fact, one of the most obvious differential strokes at a glance.

It is, in general, a medium-large dog, well proportioned and with a strong constitution. Both the Golden and the Labradors also have a waterproof sub-hair.

Labrador and Golden Retriever character

Both races are very intelligent, being above average. The Labrador is a very loyal, sociable dog and is usually friendly with people. He loves water and games in which he must use his nose. In addition, it stands out for its agility.

On the other hand, the Golden retriever It can become even smarter than the Labrador. He likes to perform tasks and is also a docile and reliable dog, very friendly with humans and especially with children.

What is the origin of Labrador Retirever and Golden Retriever?

The Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever were developed in England, where they showed good hunting skills. In the case of Labrador, many experts consider that they are dogs originating in the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, in Canada, where they helped in the collection of prey in the water.

The first Labrador described was Malmesbury Tramp at the beginning of the 19th century. Shortly after, The Labrador Retriever Club was founded, which is why it is considered to be a relatively modern breed.

On the other hand, the history of the Golden Retriever takes us to 19th-century Scotland, where the first baron Lord Tweedmouth is considered the founder of this breed. It is said that the first crossing was between a straight hair collector and a Tweed Water Spaniel.

Subsequently, the original Golden crossed other races. Today, in fact, there are three Golden Retriever lines: the English, the American and the Canadian.

Conclusion: Golden or Retriever, which one to choose?

As you can see, when deciding on one or the other, both are excellent options. However, depending on how your family is, you may fit more with the Labrador or with the Golden Retriever.

If there are small children in the house, the Golden is considered something more suitable. However, the Labrador also usually adapts well to families with children, so you should not have problems either.

Both races can live in a flat. Of course, they need to go for a walk three to four times a day. Keep in mind that the Golden and the Labradors are two very playful dog types and only in adulthood do the former tend to be a little quieter than the latter.

As for health, care and inheritance will be decisive, although the Golden Retriever tends to get a little less sick. On the other hand, the Labrador usually lives longer, although both have one life expectancy greater than 10 years.

And good. After looking closely at the characteristics of both the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever, which of these two dog breeds do you think would best match you and your family? Do you know any hairy that belongs to any of these races? As always, we will be happy to read your experiences and opinions.