How to take fleas off a pregnant dog


If your pregnant dog has fleas, you cannot treat her with medications that may endanger the puppies. However, there are some things you can do for your pet. Using completely natural methods you can make sure that both your dog and her puppies will be fine and that the fleas will disappear.

Fill a bathtub with warm water to the height of your dog's belly and place it inside. If your pet is large, ask for help to lift it. Pour some Dawn or Ivory dishwashing detergent into a small bowl and add three drops of citrus extract. Mix them well and use them as a shampoo to bathe your dog. Fleas do not survive in soapy water, so lather your pet well and keep it wet for 5 full minutes. Empty the tub to remove water and dead fleas and rinse your dog.

Use a flea comb, which you can get at all veterinarians. You should use it when the dog is in the bathtub or after. To use it, immerse it in a container with soapy water (detergent and water mixed). Slide the comb through the dog's hair and dip it back into the bowl. The comb will drag fleas and their eggs and they will die in soapy water. You can do this twice a day until you eliminate all fleas.

Get an empty spray bottle to prepare a homemade flea spray. Fill 95% of the bottle with warm water. Then add four drops of cedar oil (fleas hate the smell of this oil) and finish the mixture by adding four drops of lavender oil. Close the lid and shake the bottle. Spray your dog's entire body with this liquid in the morning, in the afternoon and at night for 7 days.

Take care of the dog's environment. You can do this by sprinkling salt on the floors when your dog goes to sleep at night. Leave the carpet in your bedroom as it is and take your dog to sleep there at night. In the morning, vacuum all the salt and then sprinkle a little again on the floor of your room and vacuum it before going to bed at night. Fleas will not be able to survive on the floor if it is covered with salt. Be sure to remove the vacuum bag as soon as you finish vacuuming. Place it in a tightly closed bag and throw it out in the trash can.

Make your own flea traps or buy some at the store. All you need is a pair of night lamps and a pair of soapy water bowls. Plug one of the lights and place some bowls underneath. Fleas will see the light and jump towards it and then fall into soapy water and drown.

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Fleas in pregnant bitch!

by wilmet »Fri Dec 07, 2007 8:19 pm

by biololoco »Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:17 am

First you must leave in one place (it could be a room as empty as you have) to the mother with the puppies, then in a bucket dissolve detergent and with that water taking care that it does not form much foam mops your whole house, try to leave a film of water on the floor and let it dry, then repeat with clean water and detergent but try to squeeze to not let the film let dry. This is in order to break the flea's biological cycle a bit since she lays eggs on the ground, from these larvae sprout that feed on the feces of their potatoes that are in dogs, the flea only takes advantage of a limited percentage of the blood that you ingest through what passes the blood almost as is but dried.

then super clean the room where they are the puppies use the detergent in water of those that are biodegradable, these products are not harmful to your puppies.

I have been told by a friend who makes a repellent, that the essence of citronella increases the mosquitoes, find out where to get it, do not apply it to the puppies or the breast, impregnate a piece of cloth with the essence and place it dry but avoiding that come into contact with the puppies' skin

by Luis Herrera »Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:06 am

Try to get a medicine called Duogard Contact from Virbac. It is a powerful ectoparasiticide that gives your dog security for about 4 months even if it bathes, wet, dust. I recommend it because you don't have to apply additional treatments and it doesn't matter how often you bathe it (even with an x ​​soap).
The medicine is a liqu>

By the way, it brings perfectly explained instructions

by Moon »Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:08 am

Luis, are you sure that this product can be used in pregnant dogs?
According to the indications it cannot be used in puppies of less than 3 months, that is, it seems very safe for a pregnant female dog. Especially since they are products that are absorbed and go to the blood, that's why fleas die when they bite the dog again, do I understand correctly? imagine if they are safe for puppies, what if they are born and start breastfeeding?

By the way I mention that I have never understood

wilmet, as a 100% safe remedy I would recommend using apple cider vinegar, diluted in water, rinses or combs with a comb of those called "lice comb" that have archicerrated teeth, holy remedy!

Greetings to you both

Lilia and her band

Maya, Lola, Güero, Prieto, Lobita, Kyran, Goldie and Bongo

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by shane »Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:03 am

Yes, I would also recommend apple cider vinegar, it is safer than any other substance or product for veterinary use for both mom and puppies, I have verified that vinegar works 100%, I used it with a puppy A month rescued full of fleas and lice and in a few days I had nothing at all.

by biololoco »Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:10 am

by Xochitl »Mon Dec 10, 2007 4:26 pm

Maybe you can use apple cider vinegar instead of bath, right? Of course, it is also diluted in water as mentioned before here in the forum.

Fleas only in summer?

As I said before, fleas are supposed to survive in hot and humid areas, but the belief that from the end of the summer its presence is over, they have a much longer life cycle throughout the year. In the United States and in many parts of Europe they have a lot of presence throughout the year, therefore not only in summer They can be had at home or in the hair of dogs and cats.

Fleas live outside but seek the warmth of the home through the terraces and doors and that is something to take into account, and they are not very visible because of their tiny size.

Also, being in areas of dry branches and herbs, when it comes to taking the dog out of its walk, there can always be a risk if the preventive means have not been used to prevent your dog from wearing them to your house, that is a problem that concerns all those who They live at home.

If you live in a villa, you will probably find them under the porch or terrace, on woods and dried leaves.

Ticks: another common enemy of dogs and cats

Ticks have a life cycle of two years and fall is the most favorable season for their itching, hence there are now many advertisements on television about products that are preventive for the rest of the bug.

In areas with temperate climates they are usually very active from October to March and in areas with four seasons from spring to the end of autumn.

This animal is quite dangerous because it feeds on hot blood and infections and other diseases can occur by this means.

Although you always have a veterinarian on hand who can tell you what natural products you can find in specialized stores that are not harmful to your pet, these home remedies for fleas and ticks can also help you with all the guarantees and, in addition you can save yourself something of money.

- The "anti flea" brush: with lemon it is very effective

The brush becomes an essential tool to be able to perform a good hygiene in the hair of your pet and it is very convenient to use it especially in the times of change of fur in many dog ​​breeds, that will prevent you from having a lot of hair at home ,).

If you have run out of flea brush or you don't have it and you need it soon, one comes to your home for a reasonable price:

If in addition to the brush, you take lemon, cut it into slices and boil it with water, letting it sit overnight (better, although it can also be done faster by boiling the mixture and letting it cool before dipping the brush ) so that the lemon juice is integrated well into the water, you just need to wet the brush with the already cold mixture and brush your pet.

Fleas do not like the smell of lemon, this will make them run away.:)

- Scarf as a homemade flea collar

Some anti-flea or tick collars can be harmful to the dog or catApart from that, many people don't like it because of several inconveniences and in some cases they end up hurting themselves from scratching and removing them.

We have found how to make a type of necklace yourself without much complication.

A bandana or cotton scarf (there are models that are cool for dogs) is something that can be used and is also cool.

You need to 3 to 5 drops of cedar or lavender oil, mix them in three tablespoons of water (if some more of the chosen oil is used, proportional part of water, depending on the size of the dog to put a handkerchief or bandana) with a dropper or other similar means, apply 5-10 drops of the mixture to the bandana and rub the sides of the fabric and then tie it around the dog's neck.

It is important reapply the mixture of this oil to the collar once a week. In this regard, 1 or 2 drops of diluted oil with at least 1 tablespoon of olive oil can be placed at the base of your dog's tail for added protection and prevention.

If you want something that is not homemade but very effective and natural, with the comfort of receiving it at your home we recommend these types of flea collars, anti ticks even against mosquitoes and lice, very useful, right ?:

Here we recommend others, this first has been our Wilson, very effective:

Fleas in dogs

Fleas are a kind of parasites that can "camp" in your dog's body. It is very important to take them off since they can transmit several diseases. For example:

  • If the dog has many fleas and is still very young, fleas can cause a strong anemia which, in extreme cases, can even cause the death of the puppy.
  • Dermatitis, eczema Y pruritus due to an allergic reaction to flea saliva.
  • In turn, they can also infect you with I had the dog (Dipylidium caninum) which can also cause serious illness to your pet.

Maybe, at the end of this post you are interested in reading: how to remove my dog's ticks. (you can click to open in another window). We continue ...

Fleas are normally installed in the body of dogs during the months with higher temperatures. But also during the colder months they can be spread, since fleas can stay in the warmest corners of your home. Such as carpets, mattresses, blankets, heating systems, carpets and sofas.

For this reason, you must be very careful with the cleanliness and hygiene of your home and your dog. These parasites are really small, so detecting them with the naked eye is very difficult. However, their droppings are easily recognizable.

You should know that favorite dog body areas for fleas are the head and the neck. Similarly, they love the tail base and the ears, since they are areas of higher temperature. You may also be interested in: How do dogs see

Comb the dog with a special flea comb

There is a special type of comb on the market that is very useful for removing fleas from your faithful furry companion. More information here.

Its main difference with the rest is that they are combs with spikes closer together than usual. In this way, catch and drag fleas so you can eliminate them.

You must comb your dog daily. Have soap and water nearby to be able to clean the occasional flea comb while you pass it for your pet.

Lavender oil to remove fleas in dogs

Lavender oil is one of the best home remedies to remove fleas in dogs. Its unpleasant smell to parasites and insects, so it is wonderful to prevent your pet from having or catching fleas.

Its use is very easy. You just have to pour a few drops of lavender oil in the water you are going to use to wash your dog. Be careful when you wash it! Do not get oil in your eyes. Once dry, mix water and a few drops of oil in a sprayer. Spray it all over the animal's body.

You can repeat this Home remedy each three days. In this way, undesirable fleas will gradually disappear from your warm friend. You may also want to know: how old can dogs live?

Apple vinager

Another homemade method against fleas in dogs that you can use is the Apple vinager. It is characterized by being a really effective and fast method to get these uncomfortable jumping parasites to die or abandon your pet at once.

    First you must bathe your dog, and with the hair drain> Vinegar in the water to kill the fleas of the dog

Other effective method to kill fleas that invade your dog is to add a little bit of vinegar in the water they drink every day. But watch out, you have to respect the indicated doses and not exceed them.

You have to put at most half a teaspoon of White wine vinegar or apple in the bowl where you have water all day. If your animal is large (more than 19 kilograms), you can increase the dose to a teaspoon a day.

If you see that your beloved pet dog stops drinking water, it is that the taste does not like it. You will have to choose another flea solution of which we are explaining to you. You may also be interested in knowing why a dog loses its appetite.

Eucalyptus oils to repel fleas

Fleas can't stand the scent of eucalyptus plant. It is scientifically proven that when these bugs perceive this smell they flee from the place from which it comes.

We want to inform you that eucalyptus oils they work best as flea repellent and not so much for them to leave or die.

You will have to pour some eucalyptus oil into the water with which you are going to bathe the dog. In this way your dog will be protected, since it will give off the characteristic smell of eucalyptus and these parasites will not approach.

Lemon for fleas in dog hair

This is an excellent home remedy, since it has been known for years that the smell that lemon gives off is very unpleasant for these parasites. Therefore, it is an excellent repellent for these tiny bugs.

It is very simple, you just have to boil a container with a liter of water, and when it comes to a boil introduce a good sized lemon cut into thin slices inside. Immediately, remove everything from the heat, cover it and let it rest overnight.

The next day in the morning, you must distribute this flea lotion throughout the dog's body, making sure to wet your hair and skin. Pay attention and do not get too close to the eyes and snout. Let it air dry, it is not necessary to rinse. If you find it more comfortable you can use a sprayer.

With the excess amount you can spray your bed, blanket, the floor, slits, carpets, sofa and the places where it is usually. In this way too the fleas that may be in these places will disappear. You must be persevering and perform this operation twice a week until the problem with these insects is eliminated.

Attention: if for some reason, from the first time, you detect that your pet is very sensitive, does not like the smell of lemon or does not feel good, Do not use this system and use some of the other natural flea remedies that you we explain

Brewer's yeast for dog fleas

Another home remedy that works very well against fleas is the use of beer yeast. Dog fleas love the smell of their blood.

Vitamin B1 is added to the dog's blood with this homemade treatment. This substance modifies its smell making it annoying for some insects and bugs like fleas.

You just have to fill a medium-sized spoon with beer yeast and spread it and rub it all over your dog's hair. You will remove fleas from him, and similarly, yeast helps the rapid healing of wounds caused by flea bites.

Salt is a natural canine flea

Flea's favorite places to lay their eggs are carpets, beds, sofas, small cracks or floor holes. Eggs and especially flea larvae react very badly to lack of moisture. For that reason, if there is salt nearby, it absorbs the moisture they need larvae and flea eggs They end up dying.

To use this natural flea that works you must spread small handfuls of salt as thin as possible through the carpets and places that we have mentioned before and let it act as much as possible (at least 12 hours). Then you must vacuum to remove salt. You can repeat the process once a week for the necessary time until you are sure that there are no more fleas left in your home.

Natural flea: cedar shavings

The hateful fleas loathe the smell of cedar. Cedar is a beautiful tree belonging to the conifer family. So that a good method against fleas and keep them away is to distribute cedar shavings to those places where your dog spends more time. His bed, his blanket, that corner where he likes to stretch, etc.

Pay attention in those places where you don't normally look: through the corners of the home, under furniture or armchairs ... So that they do not disperse and dirty your house, good advice is insert these chips into small bags or sacks of fabric or muslin. In this way you can perspire and make your smell spread throughout the house.

Attention: There are few cases, but there are some dogs that are allergic to cedar. Observe and if you see that your hairy and canine pet does not react well, remove the chips immediately and opt for one of the others natural flea that we are explaining to you

Wormwood against dog fleas

The wormwood has a great feature, and it works very well against insects, parasites, and specifically, It is a very good home remedy against fleas. Is a medicinal plant of European origin, but it is not difficult to find it in almost all herbalists.

It can be used in two different ways: If you have a garden, pots or sherds, you can plant some wormwood plants so that its smell prevents the arrival of harmful insects. Another (simpler) system is to introduce dry wormwood into small tightly closed cloth bags. You distribute them to various places in the house, and especially near where your dog spends more hours and where you have detected the existence of fleas.

Essential oils that repel fleas

There are a number of Essential oils that are excellent natural remedies to fight fleas. They are easy to find, totally natural and very effective.

You must impregnate a handkerchief with 6 or 7 drops of an essential flea oil and then you tie it carefully to your dog's neck. If you wish, you can mix several oils, but never going beyond the amount of drops that we have indicated before (in total no more than six or seven droplets).

Every few days, when you notice that the fragrance is disappearing, you can apply new droplets. In this way, your dog will be beautiful wearing a neckerchief and you are also protecting it from the fearsome fleas. And all of it With an easy home remedy.

Some of the oils you can use are:

  • Cedar Oil
  • from Citronella
  • Basil oil
  • from Lavender
  • neem oil
  • of the Tea Tree (do not use in cats)
  • geranium oil
  • Thyme

Want to know more about dogs?

With these singles homemade tricks against fleas can you help the man's best friend Don't suffer so much with these hateful parasites.

We remind you that this article is only informative. In Curio Sfera .com We do not have the capacity to make any diagnosis or to prescribe veterinary treatments. We always recommend that you first go to a trusted veterinarian with your pet.

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