How to Take Care of a Shar Pei's Wrinkles


Regardless of race, Keep in mind that the dog is a carnivorous animal that must be fed with a good meat-based meal. Today we find feed that says that they are for a particular breed, but when reading the ingredients it is easy to find these that are of no use to the animal: cereals (oats, wheat, corn, rice and derivatives) and by-products (which are the legs, the spikes, etc.).

Do not be fooled. A dog is a dog. To grow and stay strong and healthy you have to eat meat, and not cereals or parts of animals that nobody would eat. Therefore, if we are going to give our Shar Pei my thoughts, we have to opt for those who take care of his health, such as Acana, Orijen, Taste of the Wild, True Instinct High Meat, among others, although it will always be better to give him food Homemade or Yum or Summum diet.

Bathe it once a month

If we thought we had to do a thousand and one things to take care of our friend's skin ... we were wrong 🙂. Just you have to bathe it once a month with a special dog shampoo that we will find for sale in animal stores, as well as in online stores.

In the event that it has become very dirty, we can choose to bathe it with a dry shampoo or with wet wipes specific to dogs.

What to do with demodectic mange?

This type of scabies is caused by a mite called Demodex which causes canine demodicosis. It can be located when it affects only a specific part of the body (usually the snout or a leg), or generalized. Early diagnosis is very important, since it will depend on how quickly the dog can heal. Therefore, If we see that you have patches or lesions on the face, trunk or legs, alopecia and erythema (redness of the skin) we should take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

It is usually transmitted from mothers to children, but they may never show symptoms unless they have low defenses. Hence, it is so important to give you high quality food.

With these tips, our dear friend will be very well taken care of.

Demodectic mange

Many specimens Shar Pei suffer from demodectic mange that is a type of pathology caused by a mite that can especially affect that breed that usually appears in weak pets or with lower defenses. The diagnosis of the disease must be made by a veterinarian. The milder cases can be solved by using an external antiparasitic, but in many cases you have to resort to baths with special insecticides of great power. Shar Pei are very easy-to-care dogs and their wrinkles can be kept in perfect condition as long as the animal's defenses have been enhanced with a series of special nutritional supplements.

Sharpei wrinkles

We must always keep your wrinkles clean and dry. We all have their wrinkles in love but there are times when things get complicated and we should avoid getting wet, so they always have to be dry.

Depending on whether it is a short hair or long hair sharpei the task will be easier (with the shar pei with long hair or bear hair we will have a little more patience). The point is that there are a number of bacteria that attack wetlands and can cause infection, which we should avoid.

In case you perceive a strong smell you should go to the veterinarian to check your pei to avoid skin problems and give him his proper treatment.

The Shar pei they have a considerable amount of hyaluronic acid Among the skin cells that is one of the most important components of the mucin, which is a fairly jelly-like substance and the main factor in producing wrinkles that, as you know, and all of us who love our pei, is the shar pei feature more known

What is not commented much is that this causes a problem, and that weakens the rigidity of the tarsus and this leads to a drooping of the eyelids. You have to be very careful with the fall of them. your Shar Pei dog You may have this problem if you notice it more decayed and your mood is not the same.

The problem is that the eyelashes get inward curving and irritate the eyes of our little one with which they suffer their corneas to the point of, if it is not operated they can cause permanent problems so DO NOT LEAVE!

This problem is also due to an over exploitation of the breed, but well you know just as I do this ... Please, look carefully at the eyes of your sharpei To see if you have problems. You will also notice it if you have very irritated or red eyes. My little girl did not stop giving her front legs in the eyes of the constant suffering caused by the rubbing of the eyelids in the corneas so stay tuned!

As I said on another occasion, at the minimum go to your veterinarian because it can be solved with a surgery that has no risk and your little one will give you life again! 😀

I think hypoallergenic

This part is a classic of shar pei and you know. Our little one is delicate with food and we must give him his hypoallergenic feed (in this link I leave you the ones that I recommend from your own experience) so that he is healthy as an oak.

If I tell you the problems my Shira has for allergies, I think you would say "this guy knows what he is talking about." If you want to know a little about my experience with my little girl and thus clarify many of the doubts that you surely have, I leave you here the link to the Shar pei dog home for you to read

Give to your sharpei a hypoallergenic food It is hypernecessary. They bring a lot of problems because of their genetics since they are «allergic dogs«But don't panic! With this I don't want you to put your hands to your head because that's why I'm here, friend.

I recommend that you give a good feed without cereals as a puppy as I recommend you to be very rich in protein, but the moment you see that your skin scratches do not hesitate and so without anesthesia I would tell you that your I think since puppy is hypoallergenic. This while you wait for the corresponding analysis because you should know what your dog is allergic to because… you don't want it to happen to you as I don't?

Oh excuse me, maybe you don't know about my little girl so just tell you that I was giving Shira 3 kinds of hypoallergenic feed and every time it was getting worse, I was desperate so a friend recommended that I do an analytics, and ... tachán! The results were that it was ALLERGY WHITE AND BLUE FISH! And you will tell me, but Manuel, what happens? Well, 90% of hypoallergenic feeds are based on fish so you can imagine ... Currently (for years) it takes Acana Grass-Fed Lamb and both her hair and her condition in general is SPECTACULAR 🙂.