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Bull terrier education is important, among other things, because sometimesThey are a bit stubborn. To get them to be balanced and calm when they are older, castration is recommended.

This breedShe is very attached to her owners, since she suffers a lot with loneliness. If we don't have much time to take care of it, it is preferable to select another breed that is not the bull terrier.

They are animalsvery affectionate, playful and patient, despite his physical corpulence and large jaw. It is not an aggressive dog if it is properly educated, but at certain times it can hurt, unintentionally, by playing too excitedly.

The relationship with other dogs

When it comes to contact with other dogs, This type of dog can have unexpected and unwanted reactions if he has not had a good education or if he is excited for aggression. The great bond they assume within the family tends to be overprotective, so good training is essential.

Her hair is easy to care for, she only needs occasional brushing. Of course, in winter you have to shelter it, because the fur is short.

Further, isfundamental take it out for a walk, It is a dynamic and very active animal.

By last, These dogsthey tend to eat too much, So you have to control the correct dosage.

Has this race convinced you? If so, you surely do not regret it.

Characteristics of the English Bull Terrier dog

The most prominent feature of this dog is its great strength, it also has very well defined large muscles, they are very robust dogs.

The head of these dogs, is different from the rest of the breeds, has an oval shape and It has no frontal naso depression.

They have a kind of curvature and their nose is very marked nostrils, their ears are triangular and erect.

They have a large and extremely strong jaw and the eyes are dark and quite small and closed.

Its fur is short and somewhat rough, although most dogs of this breed are white, there are also specimens that can be bicolor, and have brown or black spots.

They are large dogs, they can reach measure up to 55 cm and the weight ranges between 30 and 45 kilograms.

An English Bull Terrier dog can reach Live up to 14 years.

Character and temperament

It is very true that they are not as loving as other dog breeds, but if they become very affectionate and affectionate with their masters.

It is convenient to educate and train them, with more reason if they want to be raised at home and if they have small children.

Despite being educated, it is always essential to monitor the interaction with children.

To train them you will have to be very patient, since they are very stubborn dogs, but on the other hand very intelligent.

However, the English Bull Terrier develop a lot loyalty and loyalty to their owners.

English bull terriers love to enjoy the company of their relatives.

Although in the past they were used for fighting, it must be said that They are not aggressive.

On the contrary they are calm and balanced, however it is included in the list of those considered dangerous dogs.

They have great courage, are faithful by nature, and have a great protective instinct.

They do not usually get along very well with other dogs, so before them, they can show a hostile character.

Many times they are used as guard dogs.

Food and diet

Although they are dogs that have a voracious appetite It is necessary to give them adequate and balanced quantities.

Overfeeding may cause obesity.

It is necessary to go to their controls with the veterinarian, and place the relevant vaccines in the indicated time.

On the other hand, you have to brush your hair very well, which is simple, since it is short.

It is also good to take them out and play with them so they can do some exercises,

Going for a walk will strengthen your muscles.

History of the English Bull Terrier

The origins of the Bull Terrier can undoubtedly relate to James Hinks, who, after several years of experience introduced the breed in the decade of 1850. Hinks spent several years crossing the now extinct English White Terrier with Bull and terrier dogs, in an attempt to create a dog that not only was trained for the fight, but looked beautiful.

After a while and possibly by crossing with the Perdiguero de Burgos (Spanish Pointer), a beautiful and imposing fighter was obtained. The fighting spirit until the death of the Bull Terrier, made him a champion of the fighting tracks, beating even dogs larger in size.


He is a strong, muscular and short-haired dog. Accepted colors are white (head spots are allowed only, in other parts of the body they are penalized in a dog show). Tabby black, red, fawn and tricolor colors are accepted. Skin pigmentation marks are not taken into account, as long as they do not involve hair.

Typical features are the oval shape of its head, whose profile curves downward from the top of the skull to the end of the snout. The forehead is flat from ear to ear, head to head has the shape of an egg. And triangular eyes. There are no weight or height limits, but the specimen should give an impression of maximum strength in relation to its distinctive features and sex, but can reach 35 kg.


The breed standard describes them as: Balanced, you must learn to obey orders. Although stubborn must be gentle with people. With an expression of determination and intelligence, full of courage but in turn must be sweet.

They have also been described as extremely brave and combative, very loyal, active and attached to their owners. Your physical strength is comparable to your intelligence, and both your body and your mind must remain active. They need time to run and do exercise. They are not suitable dogs for beginners, since they require a lot of time to be trained.

They are dogs that like the company, so it is not a good idea to leave them alone for a long time, since with their powerful jaws along with the stress and depression that they have in solitude they can lead them to cause a lot of damage in the house. It is an excellent companion dog.

It is enormously strong, so it should not be left unattended with children under 8 years of age, since they tend to jump, play and because of their muscle mass they can knock down children without intention, so it is advisable to make a gradual introduction between the child and the dog, so that in this way, the animal understands the limits and the child learns to interact with the dog.

The high testosterone levels Bull Terrier males are not necessarily a health problem, but they can be a problem of coexistence, since they increase the territoriality of these dogs. If you do not intend to raise, it is advisable to castrate the males. Similarly, it is advisable to sterilize females that will not reproduce.

Where to buy them

If you are thinking of acquiring a copy of English Bull Terrier, you better not buy it at any store selling animals, since apart from not knowing the origin of the animal, we can not know if its genealogy or pedigree is true, apart from these Animals endure a lot of stress from being permanently locked in a cage without being able to rest properly.

The best thing you can do is to contact several certified breeders of this breed, and if you have the possibility, travel to England in search of your puppy, since there are the best breeders of this breed, although you will have to develop with English fluently so that Your trip does not become a nightmare.

Just don't get obsessed with this, if you want to know how to learn English at home at your own pace, tranuilamente, in the fan page of tricks they tell you how.