7 DEFINITIVE signs that indicate your dog loves you


If you love your pet unconditionally, you probably assume that she loves you too. Although maybe you have ever wondered: How can I know if my dog ​​really loves me?

Therefore, we tell you some signs that show the affection your hairy feels for you.

He gets very happy when you get home

One of the most beautiful things about having a canine companion is to get home and be received with the best signs of affection. If your dog did not love you or did not trust you, do not hesitate for a second that you would not be received in this way. Even if your dog is afraid of you, it could hide when you arrive. If when you get home you are greeted with the best compliments, you must be clear that it is good to see you and you are very important to him

Pay close attention to what you do

There is no doubt, if your dog really loves you, you will be a reference for him. This will make you notice everything you do at all times, and on many occasions it will tend to mimic some of your behaviors. This, whenever you do it occasionally is good, but if it becomes obsessive and your dog begins to follow you everywhere you should start worrying. Dogs that care for their owners tend to look at what they do for a matter of interest, affection and respect for their owner.

It doesn't get too far from you…

If you have ever tried to let your dog loose away from home you will notice that it does not go far, and that when it does and realizes it it will quickly turn its head to look for you. This is also a way of not breaking the group, it is another example of affection and respect towards its owner. There are exceptions, such as when your dog finds something too interesting for him, and in this case the distraction is so great that his mind is simply set on something else.

... and come back when you call him

Dogs that care for their owners tend to pay close attention to them, and they like to please them whenever they can. So when dogs learn to answer the call they do not hesitate to return when they are called. Again, as in the previous signal there are some exceptions, and if our dog learns that every time we call him in the park it means that it is time to go home, it is very likely that he will ignore the call to stay a little longer.

Seek to give and receive affection

One of the signs that indicates that our dog feels love towards us is that he seeks to make us feel good with his presence, giving us company and affection when we are at his side. It is a way to reward ourselves for everything we do for him, and another sign that shows us that our dog feels affection for us. In addition to giving us his affection it is normal that he wants to receive it, since we all love to receive affection from a person for whom we feel affection.

One of the signs that indicates that our dog feels love towards us is that it seeks to make us feel good

He wants to spend the most time by your side

As is the case with us, dogs like to spend time with those people they feel good with. If your dog feels great affection for you, he will seek to spend the most time with you, whether at home or abroad. Whenever it is not an obsessive behavior it is a very good thing, and it shows that our dog feels good and happy with us.

Move your tail to the right

We already know that when our dog is happy it will move its tail happily with a smooth and constant movement. It's his way of saying: - Hey, I'm having a good time with you! Apparently the direction of the movement is also important, and according to a recent study we can know that when our dog moves its tail to the right it means that it is emotionally well and relaxed. If you behave in this way being by our side, you can tell us that you feel good about us. If on the contrary the movement is to the left…. mmmm, your canine friend may have some other concern in his mind or he doesn't feel well being with you.

How do I know if my dog ​​loves me?

At this point, we will expose the different points that will give you precise information about whether your dog loves you:

  • You arrive home and receive you with joy: it is one of the most clamorous signs that your dog loves you, since he gets excited on your arrival to spend some time with you with love and play together.
  • It follows you everywhere: once you are together, if your dog does not separate from you, walking by your side wherever you go, it is a sign that your dog has put all the confidence in you and that he wants to spend the greatest Possible time by your side.
  • He licks you for all parts of the body: this is another point that can make you think that your dog is very fond of you. The licks of dogs are the equivalent of kisses among humans, so you can assume that the more you try to lick it, it will be that your kissing character wants to show it with you.
  • He accompanies you when he sees you sad: it has been shown in various studies that little friends are able to notice the different sensations that their owner can experience. Thus, one way of knowing if my dog ​​loves me is to see that in the moments when you are sad, come to accompany you to improve your mood.
  • Move the tail: this is one of the samples that the owners most associate with the affection and happiness of a dog. You may even notice that he is extremely happy to see you if, in addition to the tail, he moves the hip excessively.

These are the main points on how to know if my dog ​​loves me. Now is the time to check if you meet any of these circumstances, if not, try to improve your relationship.

My dog ​​doesn't love me anymore: How to make my dog ​​love me?

It is possible that your dog, seeing that you do not dedicate the attention and affection he needs, has lost some confidence and affection - never completely. But if you realize and want to remedy it, you need to know how to make my dog ​​love me.

If at some point it occurs to you that my dog ​​doesn't love me anymore, it is convenient that you know some med>

Loves dogs

Whether your dog loves you and shows you in different ways will depend a lot on you and the way you interact with him. Remember to love also in know how to set limits and teach to respect each other's spaces.

An overwhelming and excessively dependent relationship will not be good for either of you. So, he walks a lot with him, lets him socialize with other dogs and stimulates his intelligence with different games.

Surely with much love and patience your hairy and you you will find the best ways to express mutual affection They profess.

He receives you with much joy

When you get home, if your puppy is waiting for you at the door, moving its tail quickly and walking from one side to the other in search of your petting, it is because without a doubt it loves you.

There are many different signs that show a dog's love for its owner, however this is the most common and obvious. Dogs do not have the same perception of time as humans and a couple of hours for them can be an eternity.

That is why when we leave home even if it is only a short time, for them it is a lot and when they see us, they explode with joy.

It sits on your feet

This gesture is very curious and many people do not quite understand why their dog sits on their feet or lies next to them. It is a form of canine communication that expresses its sentimental bond with you.

You may think that it is about possession just as some experts mistakenly suggest, suggesting that the dog shows others that you are his property. They are simply urban legends that we should not take seriously.

A dog that sits on your feet is a dog that feels emotionally linked to you and that is why it lies down or feels as close to you, it is its way of expressing that it wants to be with you.

He takes you his favorite toy

It is true that this behavior indicates that the dog wants to play, but if he always brings you his favorite toy to play with you, it is because he really feels very comfortable playing with you.

Trust you and that's why he asks you to play with him, it's definitely a sign that your dog enjoys your company very much and doing things with you, that he loves you.

Show indifference when you leave

A dog that is nervous and sad when you leave is a dog that suffers separation anxietystress These dogs have a really bad time but not because they love us very much, but because they have not been taught to be alone.

However, if a dog shows indifference when you leave, it is not because he is apathetic or does not value you, quite the opposite, it is because he knows you will return, trust you and of course he loves you.

Lick your hands and your face

Possibly one of the most affective gestures of a dog, lick its human as much as it can and without rest. It is a show of great affection that means that he loves you very much.

However, we must be careful with the licks on the face since if they touch our lips, which can be considered a kiss, we can contract various bacteria that are not beneficial for humans. More info at Is it bad that my dog ​​kisses me?

Chases you all over the house

If your dog follows you, wherever you go, it is because he considers you the leader of the pack and believes that he must do everything you say and of course follow you wherever you go. It is not a bad sign, much less, but quite the opposite.

Dogs that chase their human everywhere, although sometimes they are a bit heavy, it is because they love their human. For them it is respectful and exemplary behavior, so look at it.

He loves to sleep by your side

It is no secret that dogs love to sleep, but one thing is to sleep in their bed away from all human contact and another very different is to sleep with you.

When a dog sleeps with his human, it is because he loves him very much, because he feels very comfortable with him and in a certain way, because he can protect you and you can protect him, they are primary herd instincts.

Yawns next to you

Yawns are always contagious but are they also with dogs? The answer is yes. A dog yawning in front of you is clearly showing you that he is calm and confident, that he knows there is no danger.

When a dog yawns in your presence or becomes infected with your yawn, it is because he loves you and has full confidence in you. Do not disappoint, you are his family.

Looks you in the eye

Staring at a dog is not a good habit because in the canine language between dogs is a sign of challenge. But if your dog looks you in the eye if it's a good sign, since he's admiring you.

It is common for dogs to stare at their humans when they feel very comfortable with them, it is a way to admire them and show their affection for you.

It accompanies you when you are not well

Some say that dogs cannot have more senses than humans, but we firmly believe that the dogs have a sixth sense which allows them to understand our emotions.

That is why it is very common that when you feel bad, either emotionally or for health reasons, your dog curls up next to you waiting for you to get better or just keeping you company.

They know when you are not well, they can feel it the same way they can notice when you are nervous and put yourself in protective mode in front of other people or animals. They have a sixth sense, no doubt.

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1. Receives you with enthusiasm

Dogs are curious by nature and practically always go out to meet anyone who enters their home, a place they feel is theirs. However, yes receives you by wagging your tail, running around and playing It’s a sign that he’s glad for your return. Your dog probably loves you!

2. Move the tail whenever it sees you

If your dog move the tail from side to side and even move the hip when it does. You can be very satisfied! This is an unequivocal sign that your dog is happy, looking for play and is happy to see you. Exaggerated tail movements and game attitude convey confidence, friendship and joy.

3. Looking for you to play

The game is a behavior that dogs practically never lose, even in his adult stage. Except of course, those dogs that suffer from health or behavioral problems, as in the case of senile dementia or high levels of stress. May your dog look for you to play a clear signal of rapport and that he is a happy dog.

3. Pay attention to you

If your dog turns its head when you talk to it, move your eyebrows and Always be aware of everything you do, is that without a doubt you are a very special person in your life. The attention he provides is directly proportional to his love for you.

4. Follows you everywhere

That your dog wants to be constantly with you is a clear sign that he trusts you and feels comfortable at your side. Although there are more lap dogs than others, the truth is that most they can't resist accompanying you Anywhere.

Of course, it is important to learn to differentiate this attitude of separation anxiety, when the dog is not able to manage its loneliness and begins to show destructive behaviors, exaggerated barking or urine and feces at home.

5. Fills you with kisses

Dogs love to lick! Although sometimes it may happen that they are attracted to the taste of your skin or that they try to put their tongue in your mouth after you have eaten something, the truth is that when a dog licks your face it is sending you a clear sign of friendship.

Sometimes it can mean "I'm fine" or "don't get too close" but in most cases, when a dog licks a person it means he loves it.

We humans have a tendency to reinforce this behavior, since most of us like it. Therefore, when the dog interprets that we like it, they do not stop doing it. It is a way to show how much they love us!

7. Protects you

It is not necessary to train a dog in defense and attack so that he defends us. In fact, in ExpertAnimal we do not recommend using this type of training, since it increases the levels of stress in the dog and can have serious consequences if carried out by non-experienced people.

However, it is common for a dog to show a hostile attitude to those who shout or try to attack us. Although it may be very comfortable, remember that it is not positive to reinforce this behavior., as it can lead to aggressive behavior.

8. It comforts you when you are sad

Dogs are able to feel the pain of people in very different ways. They recognize the cry, similar to its howl, as well as many behaviors that we carry out in moments of sadness.

Therefore, it is not strange that they try to comfort us by staying by our side or offering us little gestures of love, like soft licks.

9. Let you hug him and kiss him too much

Although it is hard to believe, most dogs they don't feel comfortable When we hug or kiss them excessively, that is because they feel imprisoned and somewhat stressed. It is normal for them to yawn and turn their heads as a sign of calm.

Still, your dog is able to understand that this is a behavior that you like, for what is left to do, with the intention that you understand that he loves you. Also, as with licking, dogs tend to tolerate behaviors that we reinforce. So it is not surprising that you let yourself do everything you want if you give them a "very good looking handsome" or a "I love you".

10. It never leaves you

The dog is undoubtedly the most faithful animal that exists. He has earned the best friend of man because of his loyalty and commitment. If you strive to take care of your dog, love him and offer him, as far as possible, the best quality of life, you will always have by your side A faithful friend who will never leave you.

Other signs that indicate that your dog loves you:

  • Lay belly up
  • Lower your ears when you stroke
  • Take refuge in you
  • Look for you
  • React to your emotions
  • Practice orders without asking
  • Obey you

Remember that each dog has a specific personality and that for that same reason not everyone will act the same way. Discover things you should know about dogs and understand canine psychology more here, in Animal Expert.

We recommend that you have patience and that offer a lot of love to your dog so that he trusts you and begins to love you as much as you. If you do not think I love you very much because you do not observe signs of affection on your part you can also visit how to make your dog love you.

How to make my dog ​​love me more?

If you have already discovered the signs that indicate that your dog loves you and you would love to strengthen that link even more, you should know that it is possible paying attention to the care you offer, to the attention you give and food. Also, if after reviewing the previous list you consider that the link is not strong enough, the advice we share in the following video will allow you to correct the possible errors and make your dog love you more.

In this video we explain how to make a dog happier, which translates into a reinforcement of that link. Also, if the animal is happy with you, healthy and feels safe, it will offer you all its love and loyalty!

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Can my dog ​​not be happy?
I ask this question every day, I'm really worried. I rescue the dog from the street, but I feel she is not happy living with me. Because although when I get home I see her happy, she occasionally plays another dog with me and also asks me to stroke her head touching my leg with her little leg. Most of the time EVERYTHING FEARS HIM, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, IT IS VERY INSECURE (peeing when someone who is not me touches or holds it), lives lying down, hides under the armchair, hides to eat, does not bark almost nothing, very rarely I have seen her move her tail and I don't even know her tongue directly (in comparison to me another dog that when she wants something licks my face). The truth is that his behavior worries me a lot, I would like him to be happy. Maybe you can tell me if that's what I think or not.

This is her, LOLI

Hi Celes, the behaviors you detail are typical of an insecure and fearful dog and, obviously, all this affects her well-being and happiness. You should know that traumatic experiences, lack of socialization and everything that causes a dog to be afraid is complicated to work and solve, but that does not mean that you can not provide the best care and that one day become more confident and positive. I would like you to read some articles that I have written and that I think could help you in handling:

Finally, it should be noted that the orientation of a professional could be convenient in your case, since a behavior modification specialist could carry out sessions in a work field, socialization exercises, etc. with your dog. that could greatly improve your emotional state.