It is known to everyone that dogs, like the vast majority of animals, are capable of presenting catastrophic phenomena that it is impossible for humans to detect despite our technology.

Dogs have untrained faculties, that is, totally natural, that exceed our understanding. No doubt his sense of smell, hearing and other senses can explain some incomprehensible things to the naked eye.

Are you wondering if dogs see spirits? Keep reading this Animal Expert article and find out:

Canine smell

It is known that by smell dogs detect the mood of people. The most obvious example is the typical situation in which a calm dog suddenly appears aggressive for no apparent reason against a person. When we try to know the cause of this reaction, it turns out that the person with whom the dog has been aggressive has a fear of dogs. Then we say that the dog has smelled fear.

Dogs detect danger

Another quality that dogs have is that detect latent threats around us

I had an Afghan greyhound, Naim, who could not stand for any drunk person to approach us. When he walked at night, if at 20 or 30 meters he detected a drunk guy, he immediately stood up on the two hind legs, while emitting a long, throaty and menacing growl. The drunken individuals immediately noticed Naim's imposing presence, and muttering frightened procabilities, they gave a wide detour when crossing with us.

I never trained Naim to proceed in this way. Being a puppy already reacted instinctively in this way. This defensive attitude It is common among dogs, which react to the presence of people they consider conflicting and a potential threat for family members with whom they live.

Do dogs detect spirits?

I am not able to assert if dogs see spirits. Because I don't know if spirits exist, or not. However, I am convinced that there are places with good energies and energiesnegative. And these second types of energy are clearly captured by dogs.

A clear example occurs after earthquakes, when dogs are used by relief teams to locate survivors and dead bodies among the devastated ruins. Agree that these are trained dogs, but the way to "mark" the presence of an injured and a corpse differs totally.

When they detect a buried survivor, the dogs warn the firemen anxiously and effusively, barking joyfully. They point out the point where the ruins cover the wounded. However, when they detect a corpse, the hair of the spine is bristling, they groan, they spin on each other, and they often defecate in fear. It is clear that the type of vital energy that dogs perceive totally differs between life and death.


The psychologist Robert Morris, a researcher of paranormal phenomena, conducted during the 60s of the last century an experiment in a Kentucky house in which bloody deaths had occurred and it was rumored that it was populated with ghosts.

The experiment consisted of entering separately, in a room where crimes were committed with a dog, a cat, a rattlesnake and a rat. The experiment was filmed.

  • The dog entered with his caregiver and barely penetrated a meter, the dog bristled his hair, growled and ran away in terror from the room, refusing to enter it again.
  • The cat entered the arms of his caretaker. After a few seconds the cat perched on his caregiver's shoulders, wounding his back with his nails. The cat immediately jumped to the ground and took refuge under an empty chair. From this position he snorted hostilely towards another empty chair for several minutes, after which he was taken out of the room.
  • The rattlesnake took a defensive / aggressive stance, as if facing an imminent danger in that lonely room. His attention was directed to the chair that caused the cat's fear.
  • The rat did not react in any special way. However, it is known to all the fame that rats have in portending shipwrecks and disembarking from the ship the first to be saved.

Robert Morris's experiment was repeated in another room of the same house in which no fatal event had occurred. The four animals did not register any abnormal reactions.

What can we deduce?

What I can deduce, is that nature has endowed animals in general, and dogs in particular, with capabilities that are beyond our current knowledge.

What happens is that the sense of smell of the dog, and also his ear, are tremendously superior to the same senses that we humans have. Therefore, do they capture these strange events through their privileged senses. or they own some superior capacity that we still don't know and that allows them to see what we don’t see?

If any reader has observed that your pet has lived through some kind of experience related to this topic, we would appreciate it if you could tell us to publish it.

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A dog that hides under the bed, a dog that barks in empty rooms without noise or a dog that is agitated and nervous for no apparent reason are some of the signs that your dog might be perceiving a ghost.

What is this about? The dog is crazy? No, in many cases it is real phenomenon that the dog is perceiving and that it is external to him. That is, it is a real possibility that Dogs see ghosts, spirits or whatever we want to call it.


My one-year-old bitch used to bark at nothing, but now she just stays still in certain rooms watching nothing and with drooping ears (as if she was sad or something) I worry because she is the only one of my 4 dogs that acts like this , you may see something (I already took her to the vet and her health is very good) Also in my house before they scared (but not anymore)

Hello, I have come here for help because I really believe in these things and today I have to experience a super rare.
I was lying on TV watching and my dog ​​tied at my side playing with his toy, suddenly he went to the foot of the bed and stared as if someone was entering my room, then he looked at the floor and made sounds like when they ask for food or to go out to the patio. He looked up at the wall again and all the hair on his back was bristling like when they get bad. But I do not bark or anything, he just waved his hair and watched very carefully even with his ears raised as when they heard a noise and remain alert. Then he lay on the bed and looked at the floor as if he were following something. After that he got out of bed and left as if following someone moving his tail.
It was really a super weird experience, I take it as my baby's spirit, she passed away before you gave birth and this past February 22 they made two months of her “birth”

Rosa i vizcarra says

Hello, there are two ovations that I enter my bathroom and my dog ​​runs away barking at someone and my skin cracks because I do not see anyone and in the same place and hides her tail and she barks at him without stopping she follows me everywhere is thrown on the bathroom mat is very rare

Well it is not easy to remember my mother's death because of how she left but I will try my mother died in the hospital at dawn I was at home and they told me, my sister and my father asked me to prepare some things of my mother in his room, I did it between and with me my dog ​​when doing it my dog ​​began to bark towards my mother's bed as if there was any threat he was going back and trying to bark he was very exalted I tried to calm him down and we left there at that moment I did not care What happened to the truth is that at that time my dog ​​saw, perceived, something or someone not lose not talk about that incident in months because the truth did not matter

Good morning ... ... I have a poodle! I think that since last year, he has problems ... He sleeps a few days in his bed ... and then he does not want to sleep anymore! He cries all night because he does not want to sleep there! Probe thousands of options of bed and the same thing happens and ends up sleeping on the cold floor shivering with cold ... I tried several places in the house and the same thing always happens ... I don't know what to think is like someone takes out his bed and is crying ... Step two take it to my room! Two nights he slept well, last night I felt like he runs away, the noise of his nails on the floor or he is revoked… .Nose is weird, not that he gets off his pillow and doesn't make any noise… I hear the noise I look at him and and is away looking at the floor .. I put a sheet next to my bed so I slept there, but I do not know what time I woke up and cried and did not want to sleep in the sheet or his pillow .. what's wrong.

Well, first of all it would be good to do some analysis, to see if he has any physiological problem that is causing him pain (have you noticed more strange things, such as walking weird, eat little, etc?)

antonela monrroy says

Today it has happened that my dog ​​has cried for no reason, but the third time I cry desperately he did it ahead of me for the part of the laundry did not pass or the door etc, as if someone saw and hurt him, I do not think the surrounding noise works etc, because if he didn't complain every day, and today it was something weird, the first time he behaves like this, but first if there have been suspicious events, I hope it's nothing serious: /

Hello! It has happened to me that when my dog ​​sleeps in my bed at night he shakes his head as if someone caresses him and he also licks the air as if he were licking someone when he loves him. What he sees doesn't let him rest, but it only happens sometimes. But when it happens it does not stop and moves from side to side as if following the ghost or something.

I live near a huaca, it could be that there is some soul hovering in my house or something ... I get angry because I do not want my dog ​​to listen Hahaha

The night before my grandmother died, her little dog fled under the bed, my grandmother was not sick, died of a strike the next day.
I have a dog that I have in the yard and spent the night barking I turned on the spotlight and calmed down, I got up at about 6 am and I was still restless, I saw him through the window and he stood watching me without any expression, then directed his look to my side and left scared

It happened yesterday at about 4 in the morning everyone was asleep I slept in the room with a pincher puppy until he started barking as crazy he went to the pieces and kept barking until my mother stood up and saw a shadow that goes by the corridor towards the kitchen at that moment the puppy came out from under the sofa bed in which I was and was still beating very hard after I turned on several lights and stopped all the dog calmed down but did not go back to sleep in the room always ran to my mother's piece

The same thing happened to me right now ... my cousin died a year ago and my dog ​​today for no reason has become very scared and now I didn't want to leave my room because something scared him, I turned on the light and there was nothing. but the light has suddenly turned off and on and my dog ​​has gone and calmed down

Ashley Castillo says

My dog ​​has been barking a lot lately whenever I put him on the bed or the same when they are on the floor he stops and starts to bark very angry but today he began to bark as usual and after an hour he shut up X completely went to the I was scared by the room, I told my boyfriend to look for him because he didn’t bother at all everything was still the same nothing calmed him now he's still hiding under the bed he's still very scared he's very scared and I love him so much but I don't know what to do X el

Your dogs are the ones that give you the motivation to live day to day

It is also said that the reactions of a dog can come from early trauma, such as being in the middle of a storm being a puppy.

  • They can hear things we can't

Dogs can hear noises louder than us and can also hear distances greater than us.

  • They can detect diseases in humans

According to Animal Planet, "the ability to detect some cancers in humans is attributed to the sense of smell so high in dogs." There are also service dogs that help people prone to seizures, these dogs are trained to receive alerts about small changes in the person's health, such as body odors and dilated pupils. These things warn dogs of an impending seizure.

  • They can see things that humans can't

A dog's sense of sight is also much sharper than ours, so, again, they might be perceiving things we don't notice.

  • Sometimes it seems that they can predict natural disasters

Wild and domestic animals, including dogs, seemed to feel the impending Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, showing their distress with behavioral changes and vocal warnings. Many ran to hide or refused to leave. Some experts believe that it could feel the vibratory changes in the earth before humans can do it.

  • They seem to have a sixth sense

Dogs can definitely feel things that we don't. Because they are more sensitive to emotions and changes in the atmosphere. More and more stories about dogs that see or feel something mysterious have been shared over the internet, and scientists have no explanation for these situations.