When newborn cats open their eyes


Like human beings, newborn cats They are totally dependent on their parent at birth, because they have not yet opened their eyes and their senses of smell, taste and touch are very limited, therefore, at this stage they are especially delicate and require special care to get ahead.

Among many of the doubts, caregivers tend to wonder at what age do cats open their eyes, as these remain closed for some time. If you want to know more about it, then you can not miss this article of Animal Expert in which we will explain many things about newborn cats. Keep reading!

The prenatal period in cats

The pregnancy of the cat is an especially important moment that will directly influence puppies, as stress, anxiety or poor diet can cause puppies to develop health and behavioral problems in its later stages.

It is essential that the cat in state can enjoy an intimate space, like a nest, in which you can be comfortable until weaning of the puppies cats. The ideal place is the one where the parent can feel calm and safe, far from annoying noises, constant traffic of people or elements that could jeopardize their well-being. This does not mean, however, isolating them from home life.

So that the pregnant cat does not have the need to travel excessively, we must make available the containers of water and food nearbyRemember that feeding the pregnant cat is crucial for the production of milk and the development of the little ones. In addition, the space should not be excessively warm or cold, as it can harm the health of the cat and the litter at birth.

Are cats blind when they are born?

The neonatal period in cats begins during birth and ends around nine days of life. At this moment the cats they have their eyes closed and its locomotor system (which includes muscles, bones, joints, ligaments.) is very limited. At this stage you should not separate the puppies from the mother, because they can hardly survive.

When do the kittens start to hear?

Unlike what many people believe, during the neonatal period puppies cats already have some slightly developed senses, such as taste, smell and touch. This allows their survival, because without them the kittens would not be able to find their mother and feel sufficiently stimulated when breastfeeding. But when do kittens really hear their mother? Although it does not occur on the same day they are born, they do begin to hear before nine days old.

When do cats first open their eyes?

During the first days, cats are somewhat clumsy, practically unable to move, because they still cannot move easily and it is common to hear their shrieks in search of their parent, especially when they are hungry. The cat spends a lot of time during this stage, so it is important to be attentive to the care of a cat and her young.

Unlike what happens with humans, cats do not open their eyes immediately after birth. But do not worry, this blindness is temporary, because when they start in the transition period the eyes are opened, usually between 9 and 15 days of life. In some cases it may even take longer. In addition, all puppy cats are born with blue eyes and, little by little, it appears what will be its definitive hue, which can take up to 12 weeks to show.

How do baby cats see?

When cats open their eyes, their vision is neither as sharp nor as sharp as that of an adult cat. Despite that, the view begins to develop rapidly, so that the kitten can already use this sense to explore the world and start his period of socialization.

The socialization period starts around the two weeks, approximately, because it varies according to the individual. Then, the kittens will recognize their mother and siblings and begin to identify objects and browse the world around them. At this stage, it is not strange that they try to achieve everything they see, providing a very funny show, because they still do not have enough agility to move correctly, so they will walk awkwardly and stumble.

When they have one month of life, little kittens have a vision developed enough to distinguish everything around them. It also improves their agility to walk, run and jump, so they become more playful, independent and adventurous. At this time, they will begin to explore outside that "nest" in which they have lived until that moment.

Your responsibility is to remain aware that basic needs are covered and anticipate any accident, removing objects that could cause an accident. The mother takes care of the litter most of the time, while each kitten gains greater independence.

When does it take a cat to eat alone?

Puppy cats develop especially quickly, compared to dogs, which open their eyes around 15 and 21 days of life. So when do cats wean? Weaning usually occurs between 4 and 10 weeks of life. It is a progressive process and varies according to the individual, the environment, etc. In any case, we must carry out the care of the puppy cats as much as possible, to ensure that their weaning occurs in a positive way.

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When the mininos open their eyes for the first time

When the cats that your cat was waiting for are born, you have to prepare both the mother and them, a place where they can rest peacefully and be warm and safe.

Newborn kittens>

It is essential that, in addition to protecting you and giving you warmth, while your cat is recovering from childbirth and is breastfeeding, you give her all the necessary food to produce enough milk so that the mininos grow healthy, strong and begin to properly develop all their capacities

Newborn cats open their eyes between 7 and 15 days after being born.

As far as puppies' vision is concerned, you will surely ask yourself:when newborn cats open their eyes? It's funny to see the days go by and they haven't opened their eyes yet, especially if you compare it to what human babies do. They open their eyes at the precise moment of birth or after a very short time.

The answer to your question about how long do cats open their eyes is that newborn cats open their eyes between the first and second week of life, we could say that about 10 days after birth. In short, the newborn catsopen your eyes between 7 and 15 days after being born.

When the kittens start to look good

The moment they start to visualize something, the pups' vision improves and is perfected with a lot of rap>

During these weeks they can also begin to identify the obstacles in order to surround them and avoid them, but they still move quite awkwardly. The kittens have a well developed vision at 12 weeks of life.

It must also be said that all the cats are born with blue eyes and it is during these 12 weeks, until they acquire a good vision, when they define the color of eyes they will have when they are adult cats.

When they have three weeks of life, or at most, three and a half weeks, the puppies already begin to have enough vision and enough mobility, which allows them to have more independence, that is when you will realize that they leave the place more frequently where they were refugees and inspect everything around them. At that stage of their life is when they can start eating solid foods.

Why baby kittens have their eyes closed

It is very important that you know the type of vision your puppy will have as he gets older and when he reaches adulthood. We have already commented previously that the mininos do not begin to have a perfect vision and to use all the capac>

It is essential to know that the visual field of cats is wider than ours, and that it reaches 200 degrees. The mininos have a part of eye tissue with cells that what they do is perceive a large amount of light, that part is known as tapetum lucidum and makes when it is daytime they see a little more blurry than humans, but instead at night the cats see perfectly.

Thanks to this and because their pupils have a vertical shape, which allows the light to penetrate more and make them exceptional night hunters. And you also have to know that, unlike humans, the mininos only see certain colors, such as yellow, blue or green.

Therefore it should not surprise you that in the first days of a cat's life they have their eyes closed always and most of the time they spend it sleeping. In this aspect we recommend our article how many hours does a cat sleep.

How to care for a cat with eyes closed

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Also, they need to be with their mother and their little brothers, in this way they maintain the heat they need to develop properly and can properly feed themselves to power. easily access breast milk.

You should know that a newborn kitten can not miss food or heat, that is why if the cat mother is not or does not produce enough milk to feed all the puppies, you will have to know how to feed a baby cat. To do so, you must use a baby bottle and milk powder specific for newborn mininos, which you can find in veterinary centers and in pet stores.

In the same way, the area where they are born and start to grow up has to be very clean, so you must clean it and change the blankets or towels once a day or at most every two days, hygiene in a newborn kitten It is essential for you to stay healthy.

By the way, it's very possible that if you have cats that have just been born at home do not know to differentiate kittens from kittens. To know the sex of the puppies you can see our article how to know if a cat is male or female.

You should not manipulate or touch them in excess while they depend exclusively on their mother, that is, up to at least 4 weeks of life, because they are very weak animals and their mother will take care of everything they need. Logically, if you detect that the cat or any of the puppies has any health problems, you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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