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Sara, thanks for your reply.

My Bichón Mastés is 8 months old and weighs about 4 kilos, many people tell me that it is too much and that it will be huge when it is older (it is a breed and I have the pedigree).
He does not look fat, nor very fat, if he has a lot of hair which makes him look a little round.
At home we are delighted with him and we do not care about the size or weight, in fact when we bought my daughter and I (who knew nothing about dogs and much less Maltese) we chose the biggest and fat of all the bichones that had In the shop lol.
What worries me is to have problems later to cross it because in general people prefer smaller Maltese, although perhaps it is still a little early to know how it will be when they grow up.

Confused. Malts of 2 months 1kg 300?

Hello good Morning. You see, I have a 2-and-a-half-month-old maltese and its weight is very rare to me, 1kg 300. It is not that I no longer love him if he is too fat or that he will take it for being this way, but I am confused because I do not know if I give him too much food (I think Royal Canin 3 times a day) or if he is too fat. I don't know, I have read and I have seen 3-month-old Maltese who weigh a little less than 1 kg. How much will your weight be greater approx?
Thank you

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It is gorgeous. Very cute What else gives weight? The important thing is to be well and be well.

I think that most of them are usually small, obviously the k are more tragoncillos and are more stuffed weigh a little more k the k are to eat very little and are thinner. but better k eat well and be well fed and k weigh a few gramitos, k k a little but be poorly fed.

Definition and Origin

The Maltese Bichon or «Maltese Terrier» It is a dog breed that emerged in the Central Mediterranean. Although its origin is not very clear, Italy He has been the welcoming and guardian of these little dogs. Its name, although it seems so because of its similarity, does not come from the Malta Island It really refers to the Adriatic island of «Meleda» or «Mljet». This is located in the city of Sicily and comes from Latin «melita ».

Although it is difficult to determine its origin, if we can say that its name comes from the word "Malat."This translation is originally from the ancient languages ​​of the East and Northeast of Africa. Its meaning refers to shelter, shelter or port.

History of the Maltese Bichon

The first dogs of this breed lived in the Mediterranean coasts in cities where there was a port. Survived mainly hunting rodents (rats, mice, ...) that were in the stores of the ports. They also hunted them in the cellars of the ships that docked as there were numerous rodents that lived there. For many years they went from port to port and achieved great popularity. Hence they spread throughout the Mediterranean very quickly and easily.

Where did the Maltese dog come from?

This breed of Maltese dogs is one of the oldest that still lingers in time. Its great resemblance to the Tibetan Terrier suggests that they could originate in the area of ​​Tibet (Asia). From there, it is believed, they moved to ancient Egypt. Later, the Phoenicians introduced them to Europe about 2,500 years ago. There are indications to believe that the ancestors of these Maltese were millenary by discoveries such as:

  • Images in amphorae in several Etruscan cities as in Vulci (1500 BC).
  • Animal stone replicas: these figures are very similar to the current Maltese. They have been found in different famous Egyptian tombs like the one in Ramses II (1330 BC).
  • Engravings of these in glasses with the inscription next to «Melitae» (500 BC).
  • Aristotle was the first to refer to them by naming them as «Melitaei catelli» (370 BC).

During the Greco Roman era they were known as «Melitenses dogs»("Harbor dog" In latin). It was common to use them for the entertainment of the nobility and as companions of the midwives. His upbringing was pure fun and a magnificent hobby entertaining all the nobles. They were also known as a dog of the Roman Ladies, lion dog of Malta and ancient dog of Malta.

In the seventeenth century, breeders of the time wanted to reduce their size so much that they almost extinguished them. We had to cross the remaining specimens with other small breeds such as the Poodle and the small Spaniel. Although they managed to get a size smaller than a squirrel.

Later, in the 19th century, up to 9 different types of Maltese with many varieties of color could be found. Although only the official declared White color as we know it. The FCI officially recognized in 1954 as a breed of dogs.


Bichon Maltese with 12 weeks. 1.1kg

To answer the question asked many times by future or new owners of Maltese bichon puppy How much will it be in spite of an adult or how big will it be, the approximation of: The puppy will weigh about twice the weight of an adult at 3 months of age.

Characteristics of the Maltese Bichon

The main feature that these little pets have is their elegant appearance that shows throughout their lives. They are ideal as pets and adapt perfectly to any limited space such as very small floors. Although they will adapt better to clean and tidy homes than to those that are messy and tangled.

Their mini size and low weight make them perfect for people who can't get much weight. Also, for this same reason, they are very comfortable to take from one side to another. They can be transported in arms or in some type of bag. They will always go in front of us and behind us to get pampering and affection towards him.

A disadvantage is its weakness being very fragile before all kinds of blows and falls. That is why they are not very suitable for very young children but for a little bigger. They have little capacity to endure activities for a long period of time.

They are classified as follows:

  • General ranking: They are classified as a breed of Minis Dogs or Toys.
  • AKC: Group 5. Companion and toy dogs.
  • FCI: Group 9: Companion dogs. Section 1: Bichon and similar breeds.

The length of its head is equal to one sixth of its height and is of an intermediate size. The front It is very small and the skull area is spherical. They have the neck almost as long as the height. He is tall giving the impression that the head is thrown back. He stop or naso-frontal depression It is very marked and forms an angle of 90 degrees.

The ears They are flat, triangular in shape and hang down against the head. They are covered with hair and are high insertion. Its width is about a third its length.

He snout It is a third of its entire head and narrows towards the nose. The nasal cane is parallel to the top of the skull. Its large nose is black and gives the feeling of being upright if we look at it sideways.

The eyes They are very large, oval, dark ocher and not very sunken. They are well defined and open giving the feeling of always being attentive. The eyelids are black and well attached to the eyeball.

The teeth He has the scissor bite.

its body It is longer than tall which makes it seem very long and narrow. The skin It is attached to the body and without wrinkles.

He loin It is compact and very muscular. They have a slightly collected belly. He chest It is wide to the elbows and ribs They are a bit arched. They are broad rump and strong and muscular thighs.

The legs They are thin, short and strong with feet rounded and compact.

The tail It is aligned with the rump and is fat at the base and thin at the tip. It is curved by touching the rump between the hips or to the side of the back. It is covered with enough hair and is very attractive for its elegance.

It is shiny, thick, heavy, very long with a silky touch. It has a length of about 22 cm that makes it reach the ground born from its back. They have no inner layer. That is why it is common to see them with some kind of bun picking up their very long hair with ties. In this way they seduce with all their splendor fascinating all those who are present. One quality is that it does not release any hair.

The mantle should be white, also admitting a soft ivory white. Well groomed and neat hair is so bright that its dark ocher eyes and black nose stand out. They also highlight your pads, lips, eyelid border and nails, these areas being black. The specimens that have yellow tones will be considered as missing. Although small soft yellowish spots will be admitted.

In the exhibitions the judges will observe the mantle and under it. This way they will decide which is the copy of the year. They will also have to check very carefully that their constitution is the most perfect.

How tall is a Maltese Bichon?

A male specimen can grow from 21 to 25 cm. The height of the female specimens ranges between 20 and 23 cm. In some specimens they can reach 1 cm more height. They can weigh both males and females between 3 and 4 kg.

Which is the smallest?Is the American Maltese Bichon also called «Toy» whose weight ranges between 1.2 and 2.8 kg.

Bichon Maltese Temperament

The character of a Maltese Bichon is usually basically charming. They will always be in a good mood, cheerful, playful and very friendly. They are greatly affected by a high tone of voice and bad words due to their sensitive nature. Don't confuse sensitivity with weakness since they were considered dogs of breed Terrier (Maltese Terrier). They were also true predators in rodent hunting, including other animals such as badgers.

It is a very intelligent miniature breed and eager to learn new things constantly. They are easily trainable since they usually learn the first most orders we give them. They are very calm and it is rare to see them nervous about something. They ranked 59th in Stanley Coren's ranking of the intelligence level of dogs.

They love the family unit whose objective is to be next to his master and his family. They do not like to be alone, although, as we have said, they are easy to take anywhere. They could not live under any circumstances in a kennel. They are able to adapt to any site, space or circumstance with great skill without causing any discomfort.

They love have fun outdoors and they are very active running, jumping and going around a lot. When you notice the presence of a stranger it will bark loudly but without stirring. Apart from being a perfect companion it also does its small function of guardian.

Most of the qualities of these Maltese dogs will keep them until adulthood.

Relationship with children

Your relationship with children will basically depend on their treatment of our pet. We must educate our youngest children to avoid future bad behavior of our Maltese Bichon.

They have to learn to catch them well without them falling out and without squeezing them as if they were stuffed animals. They are very weak and most likely hurt them. Also not to make them bark since they will catch is bad habit and they will be too barking when they are adults.

Another important thing is that they understand the limitations of these little ones in terms of exercise. Despite their great activity and energy and their desire to play, they cannot be subjected to overexertion. Both children and they like the game and are tireless. But they must be aware that great physical wear can be harmful.

They can spend hours playing with children that will not show signs of tiredness or boredom.

Comments (23)

I have a Maltese bichon, it is not completely white, it is a very very light gray, almost white, you think it will become totally white.

The standard contemplates that although it has to be completely white, some gray and beige spots are accepted. You can do some bleaching treatment with shampoos for this purpose. 1 time every two / three baths use the bleaching shampoo and see if it improves. I recommend Chris Christensen's White on White.

If labyrinth spor its growth because I have an equal. Note worry just wait beras

thank you very much José already and started putting it on

Hi, I have an eight-month-old Maltese dog, weighing 5,700 grams, I would like to know if it can grow even more. Greetings

I have a four-month-old Maltese bichon and a month ago he was almost without hair with only a few gnats and a couple of weeks ago he has started dating again, he will grow at the same rate as when he was born or go faster. Is but answer

November 22, 2014, 04:30 PM

Hello, my dog ​​weighs 2.8kg, has been the mother of two puppies and with 16 days weigh 400gr.Is it normal? Dad weighs 1.7 kg. I'm worried that big boys can come out

23 February, 2015, 9:37

I have a 4 month old Maltese jester and it weighs 2,200. Is it okay?

My dog ​​weighs 2kilos and is only 4 months old. I am also a little worried about her weight. The veteran tells me that she is fine but has risen 200 hr per week this last month ... We have not changed her diet, what can it be?

24 February, 2015, 18:54

Hello, I have a dog of almost 2 months. She works hard to make the bath so much that her anus is dilated, is it normal in this prayer? I feel ugly because I think he suffers or makes more effort than usual. I give it semi-solid food combined with puppy croquettes, I want the best for Mini and that is good. Thanks in advance

My bichon Maltese three months ago this Tuesday and weighs 1,850 when I bought it, they told me that it was one of the mini ones and it would not exceed 2kg but I see that since it has come home it has grown quite a lot and it is already at almost 2kg that they told me that no I would like to know how old they will grow if they are going to grow much more.

23 February, 2016, 19:39

Hello, when they sell you um Bichon Maltes they cannot give you a maximum weight so the potatoes are small that depends on the genetics, the appropriate weight in this breed is approximately 3 to 4 Kg so yours is good they say that normal is that adults double the weight they have at 3 months.

September 15, 2015, 09:59 pm

Hi, I have a Maltese bichon, it is very small, it has about 1 month.

I have a two month and a half Maltese bichon .q will weigh as an adult

15 February, 2016, 16:39

Hi. On Saturday, our Bichon Maltes arrived home. They told us that he had 2 months, but for the papers we calculated 4. That night he did not want to eat, just drink and spent the night well. During the day we saw that it was weakening and at 5 in the afternoon I no longer held the head. We took him urgently and at 8.30 he died after having hydrated and given cortisone. He lacked the third vaccine according to the papers. We wonder if that happens or if there has been any negligence. For the photos I see the appearance was one month. It weighed 656grs

Sorry. You said "he came home", from what I understand they sent it to you by mail. The truth is that anyone knows what the little animal will have been through. They are living and very delicate beings, with which, from now on it is better not to resort to these shipments to avoid being unprepared by mistreating them and also avoiding dislikes to your family.

Relationship with other pets

It is quite rare that a small Maltese Bichon does not adapt without problems to any pet in a home. It will be immediately related to cats, other dogs and any other pets we have. They will seek play with them and continue to be happy and happy.

This attitude is a point in favor when it comes to acquiring one of the many miniature pets there are. There are others that have more temperament and their adaptation and coexistence is more complicated. These will try to mark their territory by drawing the continuous attention of their master.

How many races or classes are there?

There is really only one type of Bichon Maltese breed, although we can distinguish two lines. Basically the difference, removing small details, is usually in dimensions and weight.

    American or American Maltese Bichon Line: It has slightly shorter legs and a shorter and more compact trunk. It also has more hair, is softer and can fold in dens>American Maltese Bichon

  • European or Bichon Maltese English line: The legs are a little longer. The body, unlike the American, is as more elongated or "assaulted." Hair rougher than the American and snout with a large and elongated trumpet-shaped truffle. The weight they can reach is up to 6 kg. The price of a puppy is between 300 and 500 euros or so.

How many puppies does a Maltese Bichon have?

The litter of the American Maltese It is more scarce. As we have said, its small size prevents many puppies. They can only have between 1 and 3 offspring. When these pups are born, they look like little mice of how tiny they are. They will need special care during their first weeks by specialists to survive. As they grow they will become stronger and will need the normal care of any Maltese mini.

In the European Maltese the puppies they can have is between 4 and 6 puppies.

What are your main diseases?

This breed of dogs usually have good health and enjoy being healthy most of their life. But like all races of small size they can have diseases such as:

  • Ball joint dislocation: They often suffer from knee and ankle problems. To prevent it, it is convenient to keep regular checks and avoid being overweight.
  • Conjunctivitis: It is easy for them to catch small infections in the eyes due to the hair. That is why it is recommended to tie them to avoid it. We will know that you have conjunctivitis due to the reddish tone that forms around the eyes.

They are also prone to other diseases such as: Cancer, renal insufficiency, heart problems, stroke, etc…

There are other complications that in principle do not involve risk to them as problems of:

  • Lto bladder:When these symptoms appear, it is most often controlled with a special diet. This diet will be supervised and controlled by a veterinarian. It will have to be operated urgently if the problem is not remedied in this way.
  • Ears: It becomes inflamed by adopting a brown color throughout the ear and emits a bad smell.

How to care for a Maltese Bichon?

As we have said the most significant characteristics is its white fur which requires daily care. Thanks to not having this maintenance sub-hair, if we do it frequently, it is not complicated to perform.

Another special care is your teeth, since It is common the appearance of tartar in them. As with all the small size it is important to monitor your teeth to avoid infections. We will detect the bad state of your mouth by the bad smell they will give off. For more comfort and less effort you will have to get used to them from puppies.

We must strictly follow the vaccine schedule that the veterinarian deems appropriate. Also prevent parasites such as lice and ticks with products and special straps for it.


The daily feeding of a Maltese Bichon is to give them a dry feed of good quality. You have to provide the necessary calories as meat as the main ingredient, protein and fat. They are pure energy and need these nutritional values ​​to cover all that wear they suffer.

How many times do you eat? Being small and active they will eat several times a day but with the right and necessary amount. In puppies of 2 or 3 months the daily ration can be put in their feeder. They themselves will be administered during the day although they will have to be monitored very closely.

Hygiene is something fundamental in this type of pet since they are a very delicate dog breed. They love to go perfectly neat and clean since otherwise they would get sad. Remember that they like to be pampered and caressed. Therefore, with clean and pompous hair we would like to take it and touch it more than if it is dirty.

Bath and drying

To do this we will use the special products for dogs. its pH It is different from ours and applying our shampoo could give you allergic reactions. You can also apply some shampoo to enhance the whiteness of your coat. However we will not use bleach since they dry the mantle a lot and also do not clean. These are usually blue or lilac. These little ones what they need is a radiant hair and to get it they will have to be hydrated.

First we will wet them with hot water but without burning much. We will apply your shampoo throughout your body until covered with foam. You have to be very careful with the head especially in the eyes, ears and nose. After about 3 or 4 minutes, letting the shampoo work well, we will rinse it off completely. Also pay attention to the head area to prevent water from entering them.

Finally, the conditioner throughout the body to hydrate, help drying and eliminate the knots. Special attention to the ears, neck and part where its tail begins as they are drier areas. We will pour a little water to seep and cover all your skin without rinsing. Instead, if we use mask because the mantle is quite damaged, if we rinse it thoroughly.

How many times do you have to bathe it? Well, the bath of a Maltese Bichon, in normal conditions, will be once a month. However, it can be done at the earliest every 3 weeks.

Puppy bath

A very frequent question is When can or should a Maltese puppy be bathed? It is advisable to bathe it for the first time when you have a minimum of 2 or 2 and a half months. Being so small they run the risk, if we bathe it before, that they can catch a cold and they will be in danger.

Can you bathe before 2 months? It could be done before in case of extreme need for some justified cause. What is the minimum age to bathe it? A puppy can never bathe before the year and a half. If you have to do it in an exceptional case, wipes or moistened sponges will be used.

After your first bath the frequency of the bath will be every 3 0 6 months. Although it will depend on whether you need it in the case of being very dirty. We will change this habit a year, which is when our Bichon Maltese puppy is an adult.

An important precaution is Do not bathe any puppy that has a cold, sick or contains the distemper.

You have to do it in a way exhaustive every day. We will manage to keep the long mantle and even the ground in perfect condition. If we take it to contests it will be more complicated and laborious that it is in good condition. It even requires applying special oils and keeping it aerated with paper curlers.

If you are only company, the shorter the better and faster your brushing will be done. With a good conditioner we will pass a specific brush in the direction in which it falls uniformly.

Sometimes hair grows on the edges of the eyes causing irritation. To avoid this we must eliminate it with scissors. Also exist special lotions to clean the tear stains. By not pulling hair since it stays in its mantle, we will remove it easily with brushing.

In short, both for our use and for exhibitions the beauty of these is his mantle and you have to take care of him.

Exercise and training

As for the exercise do not require long walks although they will gladly accompany us wherever we go. They will never lose sight of their master and will walk beside you quietly and as far as it takes. They will also take advantage of the walk to socialize with other people and dogs around smelling and interacting.

Training is not difficult because it only requires firmness and clarity at the time of giving the orders. You will always have to give them with a certain joy, never with a bad temper, and with a kind tone. To be effective and successful, they will have to be rewarded generously.

With these keys and starting at an early age we will achieve great effectiveness and speed. He basic training It will be positive so that they understand better and at first. This means that you have to reward them with something they like and please. Such as a toy that he loves to play with, caress it, tell him nice things, etc ... Anything that stimulates them to make training simple.


The legendary Elvis presley I had as a pet a Maltese Bichon called «Foxhugh». Another famous Maltese is «Maf», this little copy was a gift from Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Monroe.

Currently they are still the favorite pets of artists like Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, etc ...

How much the Maltese bichon should weigh

The Maltese bichon is a small and adorable dog that adapts to living in an apartment or even in an apartment. He is cheerful, sociable, and playful. And not to mention that he loves his family spending time with him.

However, being so small you have to be very careful with the amount of food given to you, since if we give it too much we could have problems in your joints. To avoid it, we are going to tell you how much the Maltese bichon should weigh.

The dog of the Maltese bichon breed is a small and very compact animal. According to the standard established by the International Canine Federation (FCI) the female must have a height at the cross between 20 and 23cm and the male between 21 and 25cm. The weight for both should be between 3 and 4kg.

Being such a small dog, you have to give only the amount of food you need, neither more nor less. So that at the end of the month it will be more profitable and so that your health and development are optimal, It is highly recommended to give you a quality diet, that does not have cereals or by-products, such as the feed of brands such as Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, True Instinct High Meat, among others, or Yum Diet, which is an even more natural meal.

But it’s not enough to control your diet, you also need to exercise. For this reason you have to take him for a walk every day for at least 30 minutes, and spend time at home to play with him. Only then can you keep fit and, incidentally, be happy by your side.

What do you think of the Maltese bichon? Do you think it's the hairy one you're looking for? If you need more information about this beautiful breed, click here.