The 5 largest dog breeds


The dog's great ability to adopt new morphological characteristics in a few generations he has surprised man, who has made all kinds of crosses, which have resulted in small races or giant races.

Do you wonder what are the biggest dogs in the world? How much do they measure and what characteristics do they have? In this new Animal Expert article we will show you all, you can not miss them! Surely you will be surprised:

1. German Bulldog

He german bulldog or Great Dane is the most popular and well-known giant dog. The males get to measure some 80 centimeters to the cross, females somewhat less. Its weight is around 62 kilograms and shows a firm and muscular body. It is an affable, calm and, without doubt, spectacular dog. Unfortunately, their life expectancy is very small, living between 6 and 8 years.

It stands out for having members in the Guinness World Records such as the late "Giant George". A giant and good dog that avoided dogs and feared water. It measured 110 centimeters and weighed 111 kilos.

2. San Bernardo

He Saint Bernard is one of the most famous giant dog breeds, known for the popular movie "Beethoven ". His face inspires kindness and is one of the favorite dogs of families from around the world. They can measure some 80 centimeters to the cross and weigh up 90 kilograms.

You will need a lot of space and an owner that perfectly understands the needs of this dog, as well as a good handling and basic knowledge of training in positive, because it has an excessive force.

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiffs older ones were taken from India to Greece at the request of Alexander the Great around 300 BC. It is a very old, heavy, stocky and especially loyal breed. They measure some 70 centimeters to the cross, weigh some 60 kg and they get to eat more than 1.5 kg of food a day.

You will need large doses of food and frequent baths. We must also have space for exercise and advanced training skills.

4. Leonberger

Of German origin, the leonberger It is a beautiful dog, with long brown hair. It is balanced, large and muscular, being able to measure up to 80 centimeters to the cross and reaching a weight of up to 75 kg. It has a calm temperament, but an imposing presence.

5. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff It is a British breed that is believed to come from the English mastiff and the English bulldog. Imposing and dark face is a very intelligent guard dog. Moderately active and very faithful obeys the rules of the whole family (even the smallest) is not a dog of a single master. They measure about 60 - 68 centimeters high and their weight is between 50 and 60 kg. It has a tendency to obesity so we must take care of their diet. Its hygiene is simple to take care of, with a wash a month and a brushing every two or three days will be enough.

6. Tosa Inu

Also know as Tosa Ken they can weigh up to 100 kilograms and measure a minimum of 60 centimeters to the cross. Although it is hard to imagine, it is reserved and quiet, a faithful dog that will endure the pranks of the little ones and will adapt to the game with other dogs as long as it has socialized correctly.

7. Newfoundland

He Newfoundland It is a large dog and easy to train. It is of Canadian origin. It is the most popular water rescue dog, for its infinite love of water and its dense fur. They weigh a maximum of 70 kg in male specimens and their height is usually around between 60 and 80 centimeters at the cross. They are known for their loyalty and affection.

8. Czechoslovakian wolf dog

The name itself indicates the origin of the Czechoslovakian wolf dog: It is a hybrid between the German shepherd and wolves, although its genetics are mainly perruna. They measure some 65 centimeters high at the cross and its weight is usually of 25 kg. They have strong hunter impulses and require an experienced owner who understands their behavior and attitude.

9. Brazilian row

The Brazilian Row It is a mixture between mastiff and bulldog, a dog with a good nose and incredible strength. In ancient times it was used to hunt slaves who escaped from the farms of the masters. The weight is above 55 kg and the size is around 70 centimeters to the cross.

10. Dogue de Bordeaux

Of French origin, the bulldog of Bordeaux It is a dog very attached to his family showing affection and fidelity versus neutrality with strangers. The height is about 65 centimeters to the cross next to some imposing 65 kilograms of weight. Incredibly meek and protective with children, he is the best friend of those who own it.

11. Bulldog of Tibet

Guard dog and defender of Chinese origin, the bulldog of Tibet or Tibetan mastiff, has a bark similar to that of a lion. Used by the ancient Assyrians as a war dog, it had a great diffusion with the conquests of the Romans throughout the Mediterranean.

Incredibly powerful, the Bulldog of Tibet measures up to 80 centimeters to the cross and weighs about 70 kilograms. Although it is a loyal and good dog even with children we must take precaution before people that the dog may consider strange for its tendency to territoriality.

12. Komondor

The komondor It is a dog that comes from Hungary. It has a unique appearance since its hair falls forming a kind of rasta. Independent and stable, this dog measures about 75 centimeters at the cross and weighs up to 60 kg. Knowledge of canine training or mental stimulation are essential for all those who want to adopt a dog of this breed.

13. Scottish Hound

He Scottish Hound, also known as "deerhound" is a race endemic to the United Kingdom and it is estimated that it was one of the predecessors of the greyhound, due to certain morphological similarities. In the Middle Ages this dog was used for deer hunting and was a very exclusive dog, belonging only to the upper classes.

Measure around 76 centimeters to the cross and can weigh around 45.5 kilograms. He is a calm, affectionate, sociable and very gentle dog.

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1. Great Dane

The so-called alemán German Bulldog ’is considered the‘ Apollo of all breeds ’, since it is the largest so far. With a clumsy walk and slow movements, it is a friendly dog ​​that requires a lot of care, especially when it comes to food.

The Great Dane - photo that opens this article - is of strong and muscular constitution, with long legs and a height of up to 90 centimeters. The fur can be fawn, brindle, harlequin - white with black spots - or black.

3. Newfoundland

This is another of the biggest dogs that exists, and is known for its kindness and calm. It is docile, loyal and perfect for hard work. His bark is deep and, therefore, he can be trained as a guardian. He gets along very well with children, but sometimes it can be a bit rough in his movements and knock them down during the game.

The males of this breed can measure between 72 and 90 centimeters, and it is characterized by its completely black and water resistant fur. It is prone to suffer hip dysplasia due to its weight and size.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

The mountain bernese is another large dog (about 70 centimeters to the cross) and weight (males can be around 50 kilos). It is a grazing dog of cattle, originally from Switzerland, which is known for its woolly fur of three colors: black, brown and white.

The Bernese mountain boy needs a lot of space to move around, so it is not recommended for a flat in the city. Every day you should exercise a lot. It is very easy to train, gets along great with children and is very protective of the family.

5. Tibetan Mastiff

All breeds of mastiffs are characterized by their great height, but the Tibetan is one of the most robust: it can measure about 68 centimeters at the cross. That is why we could not miss in our list of largest dogs in the world!

The Tibetan mastiff looks quite ‘fierce’, since It presents a kind of mane that makes it seem even taller. The fur is thick and mostly black or brown. In Tibet culture it is considered a symbol of social status and wealth. It was created to help the nomadic shepherds of the Himalayas and to care for the Buddhist monasteries.

Other large dogs that we can highlight are the Bordeaux bulldog, the Pirinero mastiff, the Argentine bulldog, the Spanish mastiff, the Yugoslav shepherd and the bobtail.

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