Why does my dog ​​cry so much lately? Causes and solutions


If your puppy cries a lot at night or every time you are absent, you are in the right place! In Wakyma we tell you the possible causes of this behavior and the tips so you can help your little friend.

If the puppy you are going to adopt is very small, remember that it is quite common to separate them from their mother when they are 2-3 months old (at the earliest) although sometimes, unfortunately, they are separated before. At that time our new little friend stops breastfeeding, and starts eating alone.

Why does my puppy cry a lot at night?

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If your new friend has just been separated from your mother, it is normal for the first few days to cry. And it will feel insecure and anxious, Wouldn't you feel that way? All this It usually causes your little friend to cry at night, complain and even bark. Normally in a week (more or less), your puppy will have adapted to the new environment, and will be much quieter at night.

My puppy cries a lot at night, just for this reason? Do not! There are other reasons why your puppy may cry. And it is essential that as a companion of that little one, you discover the cause that makes him cry and try to give him relief, so that he can adapt to live with you.

If your puppy spends the nights crying, the most basic thing is that you check that he doesn't cry for physical pain. If it were, don't hesitate to take you to the vet as soon as possible, I could be suffering from a health problem!

My puppy cries a lot, I'm desperate!

Another cause that can make your little new friend cry a lot is ... Where your bed is located! And if the place where you sleep is very cold, hot or noise, you will not be comfortable! The best thing is that you try to make sure that the place where you put your bed, is right for your dog friend.

If the problem is that there is too much noise, You can try to solve it by lowering the blinds and closing the windows. If this does not work, you can always change the location of the bed!

Although normally The most common causes for puppies to cry a lot at night are those already mentioned. They can also cry for excess food. This has an easy solution! And in this case you must give him dinner an hour before he goes to sleep, and ... Not much!

Another cause of your puppy's crying is… Lack of exercise! If your puppy has enough energy, he won't want to sleep!

Other causes why your puppy cries at night

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If at this point you have made sure that your puppy's crying is not due to:

  • Health problems
  • Temperature
  • Noise
  • Too much food
  • Little exercise

Then, The most logical thing is that it is not yet accustomed to his new life.

What can you do if your puppy cries a lot due to his life change? The best thing is that you try to understand that you are not going to harm him, giving him affection and affection. Remember! Normally puppies usually take at least a week to adapt to their new home.

If you want your puppy to make the change of environment easier, read on!

Tips for my puppy to stop crying

If you want your puppy to adapt to his new home as soon as possible, One of the basic things is that you arrive at your new home in the morning. Thus, You will have much more time to discover your surroundings and get used to it! If you bring it directly at night, you will hardly have time to explore your new home!

Another of the basic tips is that…Don't comfort him every time he cries!If you did, your mind will automatically relate the cries to caresses, Crying even more than before! It's very complicated, we know it! And you'll want to comfort him all the time. However, it is best that you let me cry for a few moments. This way you will see that really ... Nothing happens!

If you cry, do not climb on the couch or bedIf you do it later, he will want to do it with and without your permission.

What more tips can you try to stop your puppy from crying

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Have you bought him a bed or a booth? Make sure it's right for him, and that he has toys nearby that he can play with until he falls asleep.

Is your puppy too small? If it is very puppy, you can try to leave a shirt of yours, this way, you can get used to your smell.

If you have the possibility, the ideal thing would be to use a garment that has the smell of your mother, although if it is adopted, it can be very complicated to get it!

Another option is to warm your bed a bit with a dryer. This will surely calm you down. Do not forget that you may be used to sleeping with your mother and siblings.

A clock can also help you. The puppy will think it is his mother's heartbeat, reassuring him.

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It has been more than a week and my puppy does not stop crying

Has a prudential time passed and your puppy does not stop crying? Have you tried everything and nothing works? You no longer know what to do to stop crying? Then, Do not hesitate and talk to your trusted veterinarian. He can prescribe a pheromone medication, which will remind his mother and calm him down.

And you, how about the first weeks with your new partner and friend? Have you made your puppy feel more comfortable?

Does my dog ​​cry to get attention?

The first thing you have to understand is that the causes for which your dog cries are not the same for which a human does, at least not all. Your colleague is an intelligent animal, receive stimuli from you and learn what techniques he has to use to keep getting them. People are programmed to attend to the one who is sad and cries, is what we do with babies. Your furry knows it, so if you raise him as a badly raised baby, he will act as such.

If you give him many pampering day after day and suddenly stop, your dog will approach you by rubbing his body with yours and sobbing next. If you fall surrendered to his manipulation and continue to caress him, you will be sending him the wrong message: that some tears will give him affection, so he will do it again and again.

Causes and solutions why dogs cry

The remedy to this situation is to educate him well, teach him that it is not no. We know that many times it is difficult, he has huge eyes, you love him more than your own life and you love to give him affection, but you cannot overdo it. Your dog has to learn to be alone, not to depend on your attention and to understand that crying you get nothing.

To achieve this, what you have to do is just pay attention and give rewards when you ask for something with your dry eyes, in a non-emotional way.

Why do adult dogs cry at night?

Tears are a way to express your fear or stress. Sometimes, they also put the tail between the legs, especially if this dread is caused by the noise of firecrackers, screams in your home or in your neighbors. In case you do it when you are not at home or sleeping, what happens to you is that you have separation anxiety. In addition to crying you can also bark if you understand that your sobs are not heard.

This not only happens to adults, but also to puppies. There are several tricks you can do to stop. The first is to leave on a podcast in which people are heard talking in a pleasant way, without loud music and without screaming. You can also use a watch on which the ticking is heard. Some dogs calm down when they hear certain music groups. These noises will help you not feel alone.

To get him used to being independent, educate him to be alone leaving home for ever greater periods of time. That way, he will understand that you always come back.

How to know if my dog ​​has pain or a disease?

It is important that you accustom your hairy not to cry for feeling abandoned for no reason, for being hungry or thirsty, because crying is also a way that your friend has to show that his stomach hurts, that he has parasites or that he has contracted a disease serious.

The best solution to just use crying to warn you of this is to get him to discharge all the tension from his body through sports and games, because he will sleep better at night and protest less. You also have to have your diet well controlled, having measured how many servings of food you need per day and in what quantity. This also includes the water you drink. You should never give in to his emotional blackmail, showing him that affection is given spontaneously, not when he asks.

If your cries are heard at night, you will have to resort to the trick of putting something that emits human voices so that you do not feel so alone. Following our advice, your dog will only cry if something hurts. Depending on what other symptoms the tears appear with, you will have one disease or another that our veterinarians can determine online. Thank you very much for choosing us. For any questions, Leave your question to our ethologists.

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians:

Dogs cry for fear or anxiety

The fear or anxiety caused by the new or unknown can be reason for crying dogs, regardless of whether they are adults or puppies.

There are many situations or examples, but the most common are:

  • Travel to new places
  • Leave it at the home of friends or family
  • Go to the vet
  • Loud noises
  • Stay alone

In all these cases it is completely normal for the dog to cry, as it may feel distressed or be afraid of a situation to which it is not accustomed.

However, with the return of the owners of the dog, the groan disappears. In the same way it happens when the animal gets used to the new scenario because it stops being a novelty for him.

They cry because they are bad

Like humans, Dogs may cry because they feel bad or sick. If apart from crying, you detect that your furry friend is sad or somewhat depressed, it is recommended that you take him to the vet.

If your canine pet is one that almost never cries or complains, if there is no situation as explained in the previous point, or there have been no changes in its routine and yet your dog does not stop crying, you may be in poor health or injured.

The dogs cry for being hungry or thirsty

There is dogs that cry because they are thirsty or hungry. This does not happen with everyone, since, like people, every dog ​​is a world and its behavior can vary from one to another.

But if you are one of the masters who always worries that his faithful friend receives the necessary amount of water and food, this should never happen.

Remember that your dog must have water to drink and eat at the time you have established in his routine. Try to change the water with some frequency. Otherwise there are dogs that can moan thus. You may also be interested: why my dog ​​does not eat and is thin.

They cry because they miss their mother or siblings

When your house arrives a dog puppy, during the first days it is very common to find that the dog cries at night. Although it can also be during different times of the day.

This usually happens because the puppy longs for or misses the heat and the presence of his mother or siblings. Think that since he was born until he arrived at your home, generally, the puppy has always been with his mother and dog family. By the way, do you know how old a dog can live?

Dogs may cry to manipulate

This is one of the main reasons for why the dog cries, and we think it is without reason any. And it is that your pet could cry to manipulate or attract attention.

The dogs are very intelligent and know that through whining or sobbing, can make their owner pay attention to them. It can be to get food, pampering or just playing.

If since you are little your hairy friend cry for everything and it has become a bad habit just to claim your presence. You have to be patient and not access their wishes. You may also be interested in the origin of the dog.

It can be hard, but if you dog cries for anything, you must be constant and train it so that it does not. When he assimilates that as much as he cries he does not achieve his goal, he will leave this bad canine habit.

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