How to clean a dog's stomach with home remedies


Like people, Dogs may experience constipation that can make them feel uncomfortable and even cause pain.. The condition can usually be attributed to lack of fiber in your diet or not drinking enough water during the day. There are many options for the treatment of constipation, in this article we share some home remedies to avoid it.

Causes of constipation

Most dogs have constipation at some point in their life. Usually, if it is treated on time, it is nothing to worry about. That's why you always have to be aware of our pet's behavior and check their feces, in order to prevent future illnesses in time.

Constipation is the inability to empty the intestines by normal means. If your dog seems to be struggling or if the stool is exceptionally hard, he is probably constipated.

Some of the causes of constipation in dogs are related to the excessive licking that many animals make on their skin. By practicing this habit frequently, animals swallow large amounts of hairs that turns into small balls that can block their colon.

Besides the food and sedentary lifestyle, another cause of constipation can be attributed to consumption of foreign objects such as stones, gravel, tissues, bones, dirt, toys or plant material.

In the adult dogs, constipation can occur due to kidney disease or for a prostate that exceeds its usual size.

It is very important to highlight that Before starting any type of treatment or changing your pet's diet, consult your veterinarian to be sure that you are not showing symptoms of a more serious disorder or disease.

Some home remedies

Pumpkin: including some pumpkin in your food in your dog's diet is a good way to prevent and cure constipation. Pumpkin has a high water content and is a rich source of fiber. For your dog to consume this type of vegetable, you can try mashing it.

Supplements: In the market there are natural supplements that can help cure your dog's constipation. As usual, contain additives such as acidophilus, folic acid, and plant enzymes. Check with your pet's veterinarian which one is the most convenient.

Laxatives: if your dog's veterinarian advises it, a mild laxative can help. Of course, the amount will depend on the size and weight of your dog.

Enema: it is an option that perhaps your dog's veterinarian can propose.

Milk of Magnesia: a small amount of milk of magnesia can be all that your dog needs, but remember to always consult your veterinarian first.

Wheat and oatmeal: can be added regularly to your dog's food and, like pumpkin, it works to prevent. Ask your pet's veterinarian for further advice.

Aloe Ferox: this type of aloe, has a beneficial effect on digestive functioning and acts as a natural cleanser of the system.

Exercise and clean, fresh water: to keep the digestive system going, you have to keep your dog moving. Regular exercise will help you push bowel movements through the colon. On top of that, make sure your pet has plenty of fresh, clean water to drink. Both factors can help prevent and remedy constipation of the animal.

Switch to canned food: If your dog usually eats dried croquettes, switching to a food includes some days of canned food. This type of food, having more moisture, makes your pet's intestines move more easily.

Ginger and chicken broth: this home remedy It is prepared by mixing ¼ teaspoon of ginger with ½ cup of chicken or meat broth.

Olive or vegetable oil: this is a remedy that cannot be given too often, as it can cause diarrhea. In times of constipation of your pet, add a tablespoon of oil in your food.

Finally If after these home remedies the problem persists for several days, there is blood in the stool, your dog vomits or becomes apathetic, this constipation problem could become serious for your health. In those cases, immediately contact your veterinarian.

How to know if my dog ​​is sick to the stomach

The first thing, before you start asking yourself how to deflate a dog's stomach or if you can give chamomile, is to be able to detect by his gestures if his stomach hurts. The most common symptoms of discomfort or illness are usually: lack of desire to eat, moodiness or sadness. If your colleague has these three signs, he has a problem.

You will suspect that it is the belly if you hear noises in it, if it makes very smelly farts or belches. If you do this or are constipated, you may consider it a mild stomach ache. However, if this is added to excessive drooling, vomiting or diarrhea, take it running to the veterinarian. The problem with diarrhea and vomiting is that they can cause severe dehydration., which will endanger your health.

The presence of both symptoms can also mean parvovirus. If your stools have blood and are very black, the problem is really serious. If the clues that your dog gives you indicate that he is sick to the stomach for a mild issue, contact our online veterinarians to confirm it. Once you know for sure that it is not parvovirus, parasites, gastric torsion, cancer or stomach ulcers, you can pamper it at home.

What to give a dog when his stomach hurts

What you have to do is clean your stomach so that it rests, purges and heals gradually. We always tell you never to apply the same remedies that you use for humans in your colleague, but in this case we will skip that rule. We say this because what your dog needs is a fasting process, a very similar one like the one you go through after gastroenteritis. Just don't give him rice, at least for now.

We recommend that you cut the food for a whole day. That way you will let your digestive system heal and that any irritation you may have is relieved. Allow him to rest what he needs and be very close to him throughout the process. The idea of ​​this home remedy is not that you starve it, it is that you regulate what you eat. Of course, if you see that he is hungry, give him something even in small quantities.

As the main cause of your stomach hurts is that the feed with which you feed it is bad, decide to change it for a quality one. However, our recommendation is that you leave a little advice to our canine nutritionists will advise you without obligation, so ask them until you have no doubt.

Home remedies for colic in dogs

What you do have to allow him to drink is water, but be careful, that it is not tied with it. Ideally, it will be given in small quantities so that it does not thirst. Take advantage of this process to see how you behave when you put something in your mouth. Another of the most common causes for a dog to get soaked and his stomach hurts is because he eats too fast, swallows a lot of air and ends up with too much gas in his stomach. If in addition to swallowing the food as if there were no tomorrow, he goes for a run without resting it, I may end up suffering from gastric torsion, so be very careful.

Once these 24 hours have passed, it is time to start feeding him again, little by little. Depending on the case for which you wanted to clean your stomach, give it one food or another. Do not give him his regulera food again, choose the best one for him. In it, add some cooked pumpkin if it was constipated, as it will help expel the feces that remain inside.

Can I give my dog ​​chamomile?

The carrot is also a fabulous food, so you can also use it, but one of the best home remedies is and always will be chamomile, you can put half a glass in the drinking fountain and repeat at the next hour.

By following these tips you will help your dog clean his stomach. However, what you have just read in this article you should never put into practice without first confirming with your veterinarian that you do not have a serious stomach disease.

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