Mandarin Diamond Breeding


Mandarin diamond looks different according to sex. Mandarin diamond males have spots on the cheeks and the barred of the chest, the female does not. In addition, the male's beak is reddish, while that of the females is more orange. The young mandarin diamonds have the color of the female but with the black beak. Adult coloring appears at 90 days of life.

Mandarin Diamond Behavior

This little bird is a diurnal and very sociable animal, which lives in very large flocks. Therefore, it is better to buy a diamond pairs than a copy alone.

The Mandarin diamond is a bird of peaceful temperament that likes to share the aviary with other birds of the same species. It is an active animal, ideal for community aviaries.

Each copy of Mandarin diamond has a different song formed by the repetition of small "beeps". Only the males sing. Males also produce a whistling warning sound to protect their territory or their partner.

Mandarin diamond, ideal pet for inexperienced

This bird tolerates extreme environments and is very resistant to diseases and parasites. You can live with minimal food and poor quality waters and require minimal space. For all this, the Mandarin diamond is an excellent pet for amateurs. In addition, it has the advantage that it relates well to other specimens of its species, because it is a very sociable bird and adapts to small cages.

Mandarin Diamond Feeding

The Mandarin diamond is a granivorous bird that feeds on various types of seeds in the wild. However, it also eats fruits, vegetables and insects.

A varied diet is important to ensure good animal health. During reproduction, it is important to consume insects to ensure the health of the chicks. However, we can raise Mandarin diamonds by giving them only seeds, although it implies greater wear for the parents and the chicks will surely grow weaker than those fed with foods rich in animal proteins such as the egg-based brood paste.

The Mandarin diamond is a little demanding bird in terms of food. Your diet should be made up of birdseed, panizo, nabina, millet, etc. We can give a commercial mixture for parakeets, to which we can add 30% of birdseed to improve ingestion.

Vegetables, such as spinach, chard, cucumber or cabbage, should be included in less quantity in the feeding of this bird, at a rate of 1 or 2 times per week is sufficient. Lettuce is not very good for Mandarin diamond.

Mandarin diamond can be supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Although it is best to provide a source of natural calcium, such as a cuttlefish bone. You can also use grit. Giving vitamins is not necessary if the animal is well fed and healthy.

How is the maintenance of the Mandarin diamond?

The Mandarin diamond can be kept both inside and outside the house because it is a bird that resists a very large range of temperatures. However, during winter and when the animal incubates the eggs, the use of heating is advised. If you are staying outside, you have to have a coat that protects you from cold and rain and be out of the air currents.

The cage must allow the bird to fly.

Mandarin Diamond Reproduction

Mandarin diamond is a very adaptable species that can reproduce even in the most adverse conditions. It turns out that it is easier for them to breed than to prevent their reproduction. For the nest, anything they fit fits. However, it is preferable to use the typical wooden or plastic nest.

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Mandarin Diamond Health

The Mandarin diamond can be parasitized by the bird louse (Dermanyssus gallinae), by feather mites and by chewing parasites (Anoplura).

However, it is an animal very resistant to diseases.

More information on Mandarin diamond and other birds.

The perfect couple

Before starting with Mandarin diamond breeding, it will be essential to choose "the perfect match" that must meet certain requirements. Remember that today more and more people decide to have a diamond as a pet, for that reason it is not strange that there are more situations of abandonment. We encourage you to look at exotic animal centers mandarin diamonds for adoption.

Choose two adult copies that have no relationship between them and, if you want varied offspring, you can select a common gray one and another one for example. It is also ideal to look for two specimens that have somewhat different physical characteristics to compensate each other. In principle they will not have problems living together once together. The breeding season is during spring although diamonds breed all year.

Mandarin Diamond breeding cage

To control and observe the entire process we recommend using a breeding cage, that is, a small cage. Look for a 130 x 80 cm. for example.

In the cage you can not miss the food in Mandarin diamond seeds, fresh and clean water and cuttlefish bone. Do not use too many toys to avoid excessively reducing their movement inside the cage. You can add Tabernil in the water (vitamins) and offer in one of the feeders breeding paste (cereals and insectivora), all this predisposes the health of the diamond and promotes reproduction. Remember also the importance of offering fruits and vegetables recommended for mandarin diamonds.

Add a closed nest, which are his favorites, at the top of the cage and leaves goat hair within reach on the floor that you will find in stores. You will notice that one of the two (or both) begins to pick it up and place it inside the nest.

Copulation and setting

Once the couple is in the cage with the nest courtship begins. The male flutters and sings to the female to conquer it, it may not be copulation at first, be patient. You will see the male flutter just above the female while she emits very particular noises, the intercourse is taking place.

Once the female is fertilized it will not take long to lay the eggs in the nest already mounted. Do not touch anything. It is very important that you leave them space and that you observe them with distance and caution, but they could leave the nest. Keep offering varied food so that everything is in the best conditions.

Putting, incubation and birth

The female will begin to lay eggs, it is important that you be cautious if you hear her make some weak and sad sounds. If you see that during a day it does not lay any eggs and is very swollen and thick it can be a stuck egg. That happens in young specimens. Take it carefully and caress the belly to facilitate expulsion. If this is not the case and your condition worsens, take it quickly to the veterinarian.

Once the 5th egg is laid, the diamond pair takes turns incubating them. It is a very special moment because both parents participate in this process together. During the day they usually take turns, and at night they will both sleep in the nest.

In the period of about 13 - 15 days the first chicks will begin to be born. You will hear how they make sounds asking their parents for food. It is important that the breeding paste is not lacking at this point of breeding and that you still do not touch them, it is normal that there are feces in the nest, do not try to clean them.

Mandarin Diamond Growth

At 6 days it is recommended to ring them although many breeders prefer not to do so in case it could cause damage to the legs of the birds. Subtract your choice. Iran will go by and you will see that Mandarin diamond chicks they start to grow: the feathers will come out, more time will be spent on each shot and so on.

If one of the pigeons is expelled from the nest it may be because it is a weak or sick specimen that parents do not want to feed. You can start doing it yourself with a syringe.


If you are looking feed yourself a mandarin diamond, so that he becomes your faithful friend, you must separate him from his parents at 20 or 25 days. This is a papillero yet and for that reason for at least 15 or 20 more days you must feed him as his parents would do:

  • Sylba and he will answer you when he is hungry
  • Introduce the food little by little into your throat using a small syringe
  • Touch your throat and you will see that it is full

If you don't do it properly, your little chicks could die, be constant.

If this is not your option, leave him with his parents until 35 or 40 days of age. At that time the Mandarin diamond should already show the orange peak and be practically developed. If you notice that the male tries to breed again while the youngsters have not yet developed, separate it and leave only the mother and the youngsters in the cage.

Once these 35 or 40 days have elapsed, you must separate all the diamonds by sex on different fliers, if you do not, the male will start chasing his own daughters with the aim of raising or the sons to his own mother, which means the aforementioned risks to the health of future offspring.

Location of the new birds

We recommend you separate mandarin diamonds by sex since you will avoid conflicts, jealousy and consanguinity (they can try to reproduce among relatives). You can find a cage 1 meter long x 70 wide so that each group of birds is comfortable and has space to fly. If on the contrary you want them to be all together you should look for a flyer.

Remember the core items for the mandarin diamond cage:

  • Greed / sand shells on the ground
  • Branches and wooden sticks
  • Fresh and clean water
  • Seeds, fruit, vegetables and alfalfa
  • Cuttlefish or calcium bone

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Mandarin diamond care:

Index of contents:

I will explain things about him mandarin diamond, as plain as I can explain them, talking about you to you, because this website is designed for people like you, who are starting on this type of exotic bird and want to learn all about these birds and logically in a quick and simple way.

This website is not intended for people who are already in the world, since I want to focus it on people who are starting in this world with 2 copies or with those who are, but who are starting with the mandarin diamond.

It is a large, specialized website with a lot of information about this bird (and more that I will put) but you don't need to read it all today, right? ... go at your own pace and ask me any questions you have, about these birds. I am here to help you, and I will do it with pleasure.

Today's first lesson is that the east type of bird once he forms a couple, he stays by his side until one of the specimens dies. This does not mean that you can not have one, of course you can, but yours is to have the couple, just to be entertained.

They are some birds very sociable, they like to live in a group (if you plan to have these birds have at least one couple), and they are quite easy to take care of and take off young. Easy but easy, they are machines raising this type of bird.

Mandarin diamond female:

The singing of the diamondMandarin (or rather sound) you could say that it is a sound similar to if you squeeze the belly of a rubber doll. The male sings much more than the females, with great difference, but of course like any other type of »male» all in order to get the attention of mandarin diamond female. They are like this the relations of couple everywhere hehehe, that we are going to do to him.

And if I put a video on this pet and you see it yourself, what do you think?: (after the video read on, don't leave me hung up lol).

The video is a little bit of 6 minutes, but it is the best thing I found to illustrate about the song of this pet. This type of bird It makes different sounds and I think you can get a good idea of ​​what it sounds like »the song«, which as you see is not a song, are sounds that do not have to be ugly or uncomfortable.

Mandarin diamond as a pet:

How pet It is the best you can opt for, if you are looking for a pet. He mandarin diamond as a pet. These exotic birds have been breeding in the Asian continent for centuries, but for a few years ago they are beginning to be very popular in Spain and other countries, where their breeding is practiced in large numbers, because it is a bird That breeds very easily.

They are perfect little birds for those people who can not meet the responsibilities of another type of animal, apart from its very cheap price. They also need a series of cares and attentions that we must not fail to take into account. Do not think that this is blowing and making balloons ehhh xD. If you want to devote to the breeding of this type of bird you must learn and inform yourself a lot about the subject if you do not want to end up insane. (later we will talk about the breeding of this exotic bird).

There are approximately 130 diamond typesMandarin, logically I am not going to talk to you here about all typesIf not, this would be a real tostonazo, so don't be scared hehehe. We will talk about types most common that can be found to have as pet and start in the breeding ground of this little bird.

The place where they come from, even if it seems strange to you, is in the tropical and subtropical regions of both Africa and Australia, as well as South and Southeast Asia, (truth you thought they were South American hehehe), as well as New Guinea, Philippines and even in some Pacific islands.

This bird, like any other type they need to fly freely for a while. That is why the cage For our new friend you decide to buy, or the jaulon you want to make on the terrace with wood, etc ... (I will put a guide to make your own cheap home flyer).

They must have a place where they can exercise their wings. Ideally, you should look for a bigger or smaller cage (remember big donkey walk or don't go xD). There are about 1.80 tall that are beautiful and worth about 80 euros or so. If it is true it is a paste, but you will only spend it once, and your little birds will be in a super chalet to mandarin diamonds. And you will always have the option to sell it at a good price if you get bored.

On the other hand, another important thing is the place where the cage of our new friend. It must be a quiet place, without noise and without smoke, so if you thought about the kitchen, go forgetting it. Therefore, it is advisable that before acquiring them, look for the right place where the bird and his cage The living room of the house is a good place as long as your lounge xD does not seem like a bar.

Do you fancy another video about the mandarin diamond ? Come on, yes, let's enjoy these birds: (this cool much I assure you, do not miss it and stay with me, do not go xD).

Mandarin diamond features:

Mandarin Diamond Features: The most common is the zebra and, unlike the Canaries, they don't sing for a long time, it's more, you can't even say they sing. The song of this type of bird is not a song proper, rather they are noises, but the truth is nice.

In spite of everything they have managed to be seen as pets and not only because of the color of their plumage, but because they are very peaceful birds, easy to care for, to breed, and very cheerful.

One of the main attractions of these birds is their striking colors, but it is advisable that before acquiring this pet the decision is considered and we think about the cares What this bird needs We always have to think several times if we can take care of our pet accordingly.

Remember please, that this little animal So funny and friendly, it will depend on you at all times. You will be his caregiver for many years. For children I recommend this type of bird to start with its ease of care. Then we will have time to have another type of exotic birds.

They are usually birds, not as domesticable as a parakeet or lovebird can be. They are birds that like to live in a group and we have to be clear that they are animals to enjoy watching them, not to play with them. If you want to play with a bird, yours is a lovebird, a parrot or things like that.

These birds They are very independent and they like intimacy very much, you will see how they spend much of the day in the nest tucked in, together there intimately spending the afternoon hehehe. They are also suitable for those people who, for their work or whatever, spend most of the day away from home.

These pets They are not birds that need to be aware of them all day. Have food and water and go more than served. What else can I say ?…

Types of Mandarin Diamond:

There is an infinity of diamond typesMandarin as I told you before but we are not going to talk about everyone here the types or mutations of these birds, if we would not go crazy. The best known by all, for being the most common is the zebra and I put some images to not roll up, and later I will consider making a section that speaks more extensively about the mutations of this type of bird. We will see, the issue of mutations It is very wide:

Mandarin Diamond Features

Our friend the mandarin diamondhas the followingfeatures which can measure between 10 and 12 centimeters in length. Do you know how much it weighs ?, although it may seem more, it barely weighs 12 grams. It has a short beak, adapted to eat several seeds. With a characteristic peak of strong orange color. And more features but I'm not going to roll up that I bore you and you're leaving.

Due to the large number of breeders that currently exist in many varieties. Most of the animal's body is gray although the neck and tail show characteristic black stripes. At the end of the wings it shows a brown and mottled plumage, the whole belly of the bird is white.

Some birds also stand out for having black cheeks, with a white and brown plumage. The spots can be seen on the wings, or on the head, the tail can be brown and / or black. There are also completely white Mandarin diamonds, in the latter case it is very difficult to determine sex. But we always have the option that for just 5 euros they tell us with a DNA test (we'll talk about this xD).

Mandarin diamond character and curiosities:

The character or temperament of the diamondMandarin, they are birds considered parrots, especially the males have a softer character, they spend all day singing and interacting with their companions, companions and even with you »if you earn their trust«, the males are the meekest without a doubt, since , the female is more territorial (like all females xD).

However, these birds are also somewhat scary birds, however, over time they get used to those who feed them and take care of them. However, the female is much less noisy, but also makes its noises logically to communicate.

The female reproduces easily and regularly. The breeders of these birds can appreciate how they make the nest and jointly carry out the male and female. You will see that they help each other. It is considered as a species that is very faithful to its partner, always being together with each other.

Mandarin diamond feeding:

What do mandarin diamonds eat?. The feeding of mandarin diamonds It is simple and easy to get for anyone who wants to breed these birds. Normally its feeding like other birds of seeds.

To be a good mix and be considered as »Food« (it is called a mixture and they sell it in animal stores), that mixture of seeds to be good must contain a 60% of birdseed, a 30% millet and 10% among flax, rapeseed, hemp, etc. (Approximately, do not complicate yourself with this by looking at all the labels hehehe. Some will have some seeds, another brand will put others and so on. But in the variety is the taste not?, You will discover which one your favorite pet likes best. that feeding your new pet is not a problem.

It is recommended that you feed your egg yolk occasionally, as it will provide protein, which in turn will give you energy and a plumage more than perfect. They can also eat fruits, such as pears, apples, in short you give it varied that you will already realize that everyone is different and some like some fruits and others do not like anything, and hopefully others like some lol. Everything is to try, each bird is a world.

Do not go crazy with this because there is every nonsense of information about this type of birds circulating around the net about this and that ... Do you remember where these birds came from, right? (Surely you do not remember or you gave him fast forward hehehe) Do you think that in those areas there is tropical fruit ?? ... because it is already white and in the bottle. Complications ZERO !! ... (Surely there will be those who think engineers think, but this is going xD, you have to give them this and that, because it is worth your bird do what you want, is yours not?, I just give advice to anyone who wants to listen to me).

Try to see your birds without fear, this is very important boys and girls. By instinct you will be afraid, it is normal, you have to earn their trust. For example, do not shout when you are close, beware of sudden noises and stuff. I don't want to say what you do like when you were on your way to your mother's house at night, but logically they are animals and they get scared, so interact with your new pet to meet you and enjoy yourself.

Even if it sounds weird, talk to your pet, whistle, if I talk to him, don't tell him your life, hehe, but call him by his name, tell him something silly, hit him with a whistle with a song, and so you will enjoy your bird watching him every day, since these Small birds have a high energy level and great intelligence that is adorable for those who love birds and exotic birds in general.

Mandarin Diamond Diseases:

It is important that you notice the bird often to avoid having a health problem, among the diamond diseasesMandarin The most common are:

    Stuck Egg: Having it very, very clearly, this is a serious problem for our bird, since, the female can die, to solve it she must hold it carefully and do a small massage in the area of ​​the egg so that she can expel it. INSIST soft massage, barely touching him. Help yourself with gauze dipped in warm water to dilate or a little petroleum jelly. Do not go to the vet and crap ... If the egg does not come out with a mega soft massacre, run to the vet. Seriously this is a problem for females.

Stuffed eggs mandarin diamonds

  • Paw fracture: It is another thing that can happen to a bird of this type or any other bird, let's be realistic. Especially when you take him in his cage CARE not to hurt him. If the bird has a broken leg (not broken) you can try to immobilize it with two rods and a gauze, or a straw as seen in the image (you open the straw and then you put zeal or something to hold). Once the leg is completely immobilized, leave him alone and the leg in two weeks should heal without problem.
  • Anemia: If you see that the legs or the beak of your little bird have a looser color than usual, it is usually a symptom of anemia. Watch that he is eating what he owes (other birds may not let him eat and you may not have noticed)

  • Chloacitis: it is an inflammation of the sewer, this commonly occurs in thefemales layers, go to the vet for these things. They carry medications that you cannot buy on your own.

  • Acariosis: This happens when they catch mites or lice, to avoid it the best place a pool in the bird's cage to bathe often, with a few drops of apple cider vinegar (change the water often, get it dirty right away and more than sure they will drink from there xD), You can also apply it and that is what I do anti-parasite spray from time to time.

  • Abnormal peak growth: This problem can cause deficiencies in animal feed. Always consult a veterinarian, do not go smart to cut your beak. Do not believe it, I have read of many »engineers» who get into those messes without having a clueless idea.

Always but always, please do not hesitate to go to the vet if you have any doubts, remember that this animal is with you because you have wanted to. And besides, it depends entirely on you.

Mandarin diamond life expectancy

The great question. The life expectancy of the diamondMandarin, or how long you live It ranges from 3 to 4 years in its natural habitat.

Everyone calm !!, that is to say, a wild one raised in freedom in its natural environment and exposed to the elements, lack of food, droughts, floods, and finally everything that this little animal can be found out there.

However, good news! IN CAPTIVITY these little birds, you can live for 5 to 12 years if you are in captivity at home (logically we give you better food, vitamins, etc ...). So calm we have pet for a while if we take good care of it, which as I said is simple. Good food, water and hygiene, some vitamins if you do not like fruit and that's it, do not complicate yourself. There are no more secrets with this.

The mandarin diamond is an excellent option to have it as a pet for children At home for its striking colors, it is a small bird and does not require great care in terms of food and cleaning, which makes it ideal as a pet for children. Children will learn a lot taking care of an animal, learn to be responsible and take care of nature.

Mandarin diamond male or female:

Wow, a great question: how to know if it is male or female diamondMandarin ? Well, you're in luck because it is mega easy to know if a bird of this type is male or female.

This type of birds it is known if they are male and female because they differ perfectly by physical features. The males have a grayish or steel blue color on the head and neck, the wings of the males and the torso are brown.

How to know if it is male or female?

The bluish gray appears in the area of ​​the animal's crop and the upper part of its chest, in addition to a black barred. The rest of the chest and abdomen of our bird is dirty white, in the thighs and the anal opening appears a certain golden hue, the feathers of the tail of these birds are white with a black barred and the flanks are brown and profusely mottled white.

An understandable scroll that I have told you, right? I had to put it in case someone wants to get information for a job or something, but look at the picture I put you and do not complicate, they differ more than perfectly the male from the female.

Birds mating

On the other hand, the colors of the female It is very different from that of male (differs in the shortage of color basically ) for having few spots and black barred of the chest. Neither in the females does the coloration appear on the flanks, nor the mottling, and the beak is somewhat less colored, although the latter is hardly distinguishable unless you are a super skilled breeder. For once males are more handsome than females hehehe.

Cage for a Mandarin diamond:

For our pet it is advisable to use a cage approximately 60x30x30cm in size, for example, a cage of good dimensions so that they are comfortable, (those used to raise lovebirds are considered a good option). Logically if you can and your pocket allows you to remember the big donkey saying go or not ... so buy the largest you can. You will see that you start with few mandarin diamonds, but you will want more and more.

In the cage of our new bird should not miss food (seeds or fruits), clean water (change it daily do not be piggy, and put bottle that the expense is minimal). Don't forget the cuttlefish bone either. Don't go crazy putting too many toys, because they reduce their movement inside the cage. In short, don't complicate yourself and be happy.

You can add a closed nest to the cage if you want. You put it on top of the cage (they will feel more secure) and leave goat hair within reach on the ground that you can find in animal stores, or anything else that these specialized sites offer you. You will notice that one of the little birds or both begin to pick it up and place it inside the nest.

So that these little birds have young, you must provide them with abundant food, water, some vitamins will not go wrong, I recommend those of drops for water, so they drink them if or if. But remember that with vitamins it is obligatory to change the water daily, if it does not smell bad and the mixture is spoiled. Also very important, the lack of vitamins is as bad as the excess, so read the instructions, although as a general rule they are given a week and go. How are you seeing these birds are easy to care for.

Mandarin diamond breeding:

To the young more or less to the 6 days it is recommended to ring them although this could cause damages in the legs of the birds even young. Be very careful with this, and you can buy the rings at any pet store. It is very important to rinse them to avoid deception in the sale of exotic animals (basically old deception). That would be a decision of the breeder, the days will pass and you will see that the young begin to grow, appreciate their feathers, and the breeding in general, will grow and be strengthened little by little.


Ahora bien, si se trata de una cría débil o enfermo de este tipo de aves pueda que el pichón sea expulsado del nido, cría que los padres no querrán alimentar, allí es cuando debe actuar como criador, puedes comenzar a alimentarlo tu con una jeringa. Échale valor, no es tan complicado. Al menos le darás una oportunidad al animalito. Mas adelante te explicare como con mas detalle, pero ahora estoy un poco hablado por el aire sobre todos los temas.

Diamante mandarín precio:

¿ cuanto cuesta un pájaro diamante mandarín ?. ¿ diamante mandarín precio ?. Pues no podría darte una cifra exacta porque el price de este tipo de pájaros, así como de cualquier otra ave exótica, varia dependiendo de que país vivas, que comunidad, etc… Pero bueno para que te hagas una idea de el price en tiendas suelen rondar los 30 euros.

Insisto esto del price de estas aves dependerá en gran medida de donde vivas y la oferta que exista. A mas criadores mas competencia y el precio disminuye. Si estas en una zona con pocos criadores el price aumenta.

Como consejo, nunca te fíes de las compras por Internet donde el vendedor del pájaro no te quiere recibir en su casa. Algo oculta amigos míos, seguramente que tiene todo hecho una porquería en plan granjero o algo similar. Así que olvidarse de quedar en parkings, gasolineras, etc… Si el criador es legal y honesto no debería tener problema en recibirte en su casa o donde tenga el criadero.

Pues nada, Seguiremos introduciendo contenido… ten paciencia y vuelve a visitarme dentro de unos días, seguiré llenando esta web de contenido para que aprendas todo sobre este tipo de aves.