Is it normal for my cat to drink a lot of water?


Water is an indispensable food for life. We may think that the more we drink, the better, but the reality is that the extremes are very harmful to our health, and also to our friends' cats. There are months during which it will take longer, but if you start drinking a lot for no apparent reason, then we will have to start worrying. But, How do I know if my cat drinks a lot of water?

A healthy domestic cat needs 100ml of the precious liquid per kilo of weight If you eat dry feed, this means that if you weigh 4kg, you will need 400ml, no more. In the event that the cat spends the day drinking, we must take it to the veterinarian. Let us know why.

How to know if my cat drinks a lot of water

In addition to the above, there are some signs that will indicate that there is something wrong. They are the following:

    Take advantage of any opportunity> Diseases you may be hiding

Cats are animals that will only let us know that they are wrong when it is impossible for them to bear it anymore. Hence it is so important to observe it daily, to detect any changes in your routine. In the event that you have begun to drink more water than normal, there are a number of diseases that present the mentioned symptom. The most commons are:

Kidney failure

It is the most serious cause. The kidneys are failing him, but an early diagnosis can avoid dislikes.

Diabetes appears when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, which is responsible for introducing glucose into the cells. There are two kinds:

  • Type I: That is when cells cannot use glucose for energy.
  • Type II: when the body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin. This is the one that most affects cats.


Hyperthyroidism is a hormonal disease, whose most frequent symptoms are weightloss (even though the animal has a normal appetite), hyperactivity, nervousness or vomiting, Besides of increased water consumption

If your cat drinks more water than normal, you must take it to the vet. In no case should you restrict access to water, as it could be fatal.

How much water does a cat drink a day?

First of all, it is important to consider the amount of normal water a cat should drink a day. For this, it is necessary to know the cat's routine and its personality, since polydipsia (when the cat drinks more water than normal) and the resulting polyuria (when the cat urinates more than the bill) are symptoms that can go unnoticed and Therefore, tutors may take some time to realize that something is wrong.

How much water should a cat drink a day?

The water intake considered normal in a domestic cat is of 45 ml / kg / day, an increase in this amount will also produce an increase in excreted urine, so if a cat urinates too much, water consumption has probably also increased. As this sign is often the first symptom that the animal's guardian perceives, the veterinarian may choose to perform a series of laboratory tests to examine the cat's urine and calculate the difference between water consumption and the amount excreted with The objective of reaching a better diagnosis and prescribing the correct treatment. Some procedures sometimes require sedation and the passage of a tube through the urethral canal, so only a specialist is able to perform them.

However, there is a method you can do at home to check if your cat is drinking more water than normal. This technique is none other than use a drinking fountain with measures, or measure yourself with a separate meter the amount you place in the bowl at the beginning of the day, and the amount you drank at the end of it. Once the amount taken is obtained, you simply divide this value by the weight of your cat. If the final result is greater than 45 ml per kilo, go to the veterinarian. Of course, for this method to work you should check that your cat only consumes water from its bowl, and it is not one that prefers to drink water from other sources, such as glasses, plants, faucets, etc. Also, if you live with more than one cat and everyone uses the same bowl of water, the result will not be reliable.

Why does my cat drink a lot of water and urinate a lot?

As we have noted previously, polydipsia and polyuria are symptoms, not diseases. So, if your cat drinks a lot of water and urinates a lot, these are common signs of the following problems of health:

  • Diabetes.
  • Kidney or urinary infections.
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Liver failure.
  • Hyper or hypoadrenocorticism.

In addition, the use of certain medications like steroids and some anti-inflammatory medications, they also cause an increase in the amount of urine in the animal, which tries to compensate for an increase in water intake.

On the other hand, if your cat is an adult, suffers from obesity and you have noticed that he drinks a lot of water and urine more than the bill, do not hesitate to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible, since if the cause of the problem is not treated in time, the suffered pathology could become fatal.

My kitty drinks a lot of water, is it normal?

If you have just adopted a kitten and have noticed that it drinks a lot of water and, in addition, urinates too much, consultation with the veterinarian the possibility of suffering some dysfunction mentioned above, as well as the presence of urinary tract infections. If the problem is detected in time, the animal will better carry out the entire treatment process. Likewise, if, for example, he is diagnosed with diabetes or a thyroid-related disease, the sooner the new changes regarding his daily feeding and care routine are put in place, the better for him, since there is no cure for these problems.

My cat drinks a lot of water and throws up

As we have said, often the symptoms that cats present are not perceived by the tutors in time, a fact that complicates the clinical picture and contributes to organism imbalance as a whole, leading the animal to worsen the initial signs and present related ones, such as vomiting, apathy, loss of appetite, etc. Thus, if your cat drinks a lot of water and does not eat, or eats little, it may be because the underlying cause is advanced.

For all the above, at the first symptom you detect in your cat, whether it is an increase in water consumption, an increase in urine, vomiting, lack of appetite, weight loss. go to the veterinarian immediately, since the pathologies mentioned in previous sections should be treated as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we recommend you consult the following article to know "What to do if your cat vomits" and apply first aid.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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Normal situations

There are times that your cat simply needs more water. It will increase your intake for any of these causes.

  • Temperature: On high temperature days it is normal for your cat to drink more water than normal.
  • Exercise: An increase in physical activity will lead to drinking more water.
  • Dry food: The higher the percentage of dry food in your food, the more water you will have to drink.
  • Mood: Sometimes cats drink water when they are happy or relaxed.


If you suspect that none of the above factors have been given for you to drink more water than usual you should go to the veterinarian. Excess water intake, or also called polydipsia, can be the cause of any of the following diseases.

  • Kidney failure
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism

As you can see, they are diseases that you must take seriously. If you see that your cat urinates or drinks a lot, pay attention.

How do I know if my cat drinks a lot of water and urine more than usual?

Take any time to drink.

Cats, gradually, are increasingly thirsty, for example before drinking a drinking room and now half or more of it, they go drinking more times, meow asking for more fresh water ...

A logical consequence is that they urinate more and more, the owners are forced to change the sand more often, the cat goes more times to the tray or even urinates out of it.

But beware, these changes usually occur very gradually, very little by little, so that we get used to it and don't realize that something is wrong, until it is too late.

How much should my cat drink?

The amount of water a cat drinks a day depends a lot on its diet. If you only eat feed, you need much more water than if you eat canned wet food. As an orientation, we can consider that if you drink more than 100ml per kilo of weight, eating only feed, or more than 50ml, eating only from a can, you are drinking too much. Something is wrong.

It must be taken into account that factors such as heat, exercise or lactation can significantly increase water intake needs.
One of the most frequent and serious causes of polyuria-polydipsia is renal failure, our cat's kidneys are failing and it is important to diagnose it in time.

In most diseases, polyuria and polydipsia is the first symptom that appears, long before the disease ends up producing more severe symptoms, so it is so important to pay attention.

Drinking more than normal and urinating more than normal are a symptom of illness.

If you notice that your cat begins to drink and stain the sand more than normal, do not delay in bringing it to the clinic, an early diagnosis greatly improves the success in the treatment.

  • In order to detect changes in the future, it is important to know the customs and habits of our cat.
  • Although our cat goes out to the street, it is better to accustom him since childhood to realize his needs in a tray. In this way we can easily check any changes in your urinary routines. If we let him urinate in planters, gardens ... we will never perceive the changes.
  • You should never limit water consumption to a cat that loses liquids, could become dehydrated and be fatal.

If we consider that two thirds of what a cat weighs are made up of water, we will understand that it is the most important of the nutrients.

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My cat is about nine years old, she is adopted from the street, and when we do her analytics, we discover that she is immune, although she was negative in leukemia, it would be good for her to take colloidal silver in the water, and in what quantity? Thank you

Sorry I have no idea, you have gone to ask one who thinks that homeopathy is a scam.

Good Morning,
My 3-year-old cat has itching all over his body and has injured his back.
I'm watching you drink something more than before. The vet, which is very good, prescribed antibiotics, feliway and calmex but still has itching. I have changed the sand and the feeders to rule out allergies. I do not know what else to do. Any recommendations please?

My cat drinks more water than eating. What about that?

I think you should read the article.

It's good to know more about cats

Hello, good afternoon, my 9 month old kitten is starting to drink more water than usual and I see her very chubby. What can I do?

Check the amount of water you drink per day and if you drink more than 100cc of water per kg of cat and day, take it to the vet.

My cat is very down today, even I feel it weak. Today he has not eaten anything, he only drinks a lot of water and then urinates, this morning he drank and immediately vomited.

The symptoms you indicate are serious, my advice is to take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

It is very likely, with the antibiotic should improve.

My cat is 12 years old, she has always been very skinny and for a little less than a month, she asks me for tap water, she has her own that I change it daily, but that does not interest her and every time I go to the kitchen or To the bathroom comes behind me to open the tap, I do not know if it is a symptom of illness or whim, because if it really were thirst I would drink from his bowl, no. Obviously urinate more than normal.

Some cats prefer the water that runs and is fresh. However, you may have polyuria / polydipsia, that is, you drink and urinate more than usual. In this case it is important to know since there are several pathologies (renal failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism among others) that present with these symptoms. I recommend that you do an analysis of whole blood and urine.

Hi ... I tell you ...
We adopted a 3-month-old kitten that was delivered to us 5 days later as they had to deworm it, castrate, vaccinate and put a tracking chip on it, but the day after it was delivered it began with many sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose.
We took him to the vet and he only told us that he had an infection and gave him to take 0.2 ml of metronidazole every 12 hours but I do not see improvement since a week has passed and he still cannot breathe ... I think he does not eat because he does not breathe well or can sniff the food ... what can I do since I don't want to die? 🙁
Thanks for your time.

Watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing ... eye. Among the differential diagnoses are feline respiratory viruses such as herpesvirus, calicivirus ...

Hello Cristina very good, you will see. ..

I am very worried about my cat, she has been drinking more water than usual and it has been more or less a month, today I gave her her bowl with water and she drank it whole and then half when filling it again.

He is domestic, 6 years old and castrated and is not very active. I am worried that I have something and I would like a diagnosis before because my family will believe me hypochondriac and will not want to take it to the vet.

He makes strange noises after drinking and getting his guts up to bed, I touch him and I don't feel any discomfort and I don't see any changes in his attitude, I just drink more water and I think his urine is more yellow than normal, more concentrated I think and I don't know what else to do because I'm getting on my nerves and I'm very fond of my pet

Good Morning. That a cat drinks more than normal if it is a reason for consulting the veterinarian.
Between the amount of water you drink and the measurement of urine density if we can know if your cat is drinking more than normal. If this is so, there are three important pathologies that must be ruled out: DIABETES, RENAL FAILURE and HYPERTIROIDISM. Differential diagnoses are broader but with good examination and complementary tests, the diagnosis can be reached.

Hello, I have a kitten of two years and a little, it turns out that she vomited twice in less than 24 hours and searching the web I found that she drinks a lot of water, a few months ago I have to fight her or separate her from the water because she can throw 5 minutes Drinking and then vomiting, I had never been scared because I simply thought she was getting wet and that's why the vomiting occurred ... The vet saw her a few months ago and everything was perfect, but when she read all this and saw how often she vomits and baby I got scared ... Could it be something? He has no weight loss or noticed much change in the sand, but as I said a few months ago this happens to us ...

You have to conduct a more thorough study of your cat.

Hi ... my cat Niko is 16 years old ... he has been neutered for many years ... he has always been a very big cat but very energetic ... and he has always talked a lot to the point that he was talking all day ... now he has been 3 days very sad and sweet ... and sleeps a lot ... and eats little but drinks a lot of water ... eating a special feed because he has kidney problems and drinks solar water from goats ... I have noticed a small lump on the back like a pea more or less ... ..and sometimes it seems to me that it's gone ... the distant look ... what could be happening? Thank you

The symptoms you describe are: sad, sweet, sleepy, poor appetite, drink a lot of water, look away ... with that I can not make a diagnosis, hundreds of diseases produce that. Regarding the lump, cytology should be done to know what it is, it could be a tumor.

if you have a kitten and it may be wrong> how can you ask on the internet? Instead of writing here take it to a serious veterinarian!
How is it possible in which head it is possible to consult serious things about pets? go to the doctor go to the veterinarian …………

Hello, about 10 days ago I found some kittens in the street, they will have about two months, since they arrived they drink a lot of water, there if it would be normal? It is difficult for me to eat, they want only wet food and I think very hard they eat it. I already took them to dewind and as they are a little skinny they recommended me to give them pediasure, is it advisable? I found it weird since they are vitamins for children

We do not recommend…
As for nutrition, since they are strict carnivors and different from humans, we recommend special wet food for lactating cats and then we introduce wet feed also for infants ...

Hi, I have a kitten of almost 2 months.
For 3 days he drinks a lot of water, eats very little, just wants to sleep and his look is sad, I worry that he is too skinny and vomits white.
I don't know if it was just because he was going to finish his deworming and he didn't like it but I didn't give it to him anymore.
I don't know if she is sick or is depression because she doesn't play and just wants to sleep.
He waited and don't be late to take her to the vet.

You have all the symptoms of being quite sick. Take her to the vet because the puppies are very delicate.

Good morning, I have a cat about 15 years old, I am very worried because he has lost weight (he weighed 25 pounds at the moment he is at 17.
Drink lots of water, therefore urinate a lot and everywhere. We took him to the vet a week ago but he has not improved at all, we see him more skinny, drinking water, eat 3 to 4 meals a day, canned and mixed with dry food. It gives me a lot of pain but sometimes I plan to put it to sleep because the poor suffer a lot, it shows with his sad face. I get the impression that he has diabetes.
Please share with me your point of view in this case. Thank you.

Three important diseases should be ruled out: renal failure, diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

Hello, I read this post because I read the one about why my cat lost a lot of hair and agreed that he had fleas, a strand was formed on the spine and we decided to take him to the vet and they said that on the spine towards the tail he was full of feces of fleas and fleas and we had to remove the strand and buy pipette of flea venom, we did it and my cat is homemade and had never had fleas and always scratches a lot, he began to lose his hair (I think, because of his publication because of the itching of the bites) and now drink lots of water, will it also be because of stress? We didn't want to take him back to the vet because he always stressed in the car and in the doctor. 🙁

If you were given any medication and in particular corticosteroids to avoid itching could be the explanation, I see no other possibility apart from being another problem.

Hello, I have a cat of 20 years and about a month or so he starts to escape the pee and he is washing his genitals all day, he drinks a lot of water and has a swollen belly, he asks to eat every two for three. We thought that being so old these complaints and urine failures were normal. But searching for information online, it puts terrible things about chronic diseases. Honestly, my cat has only been to the veterinarian twice in her cat life, I think if she took him now, she would have a heart attack, she was terrified on the street, I don't know what to do ...

It is clear that lately you do not see your cat well, something worries you. The only way to know what happens to him is by doing some tests and for that you have to take him to a clinic. It is true that he is already many years old, you have to make the decision of whether to let what he has take its course or break your fear and take it to a clinic to know if something can be done for him. The choice is yours.

Hello, I have a cat a few months ago, now you must walk for the year and two months. Since they brought it to me, she drinks much more water than the other, and urinates along with what she drinks. So I don't know if he drinks water because he urinates and dehydrates or urinates because he drinks a lot of water.
As in humans drinking 2 to 3 liters of water per day is ideal, and at the same time when you do that you urinate a lot, I thought it would be the same, that as you drink so much water, you urinate a lot. On a couple of occasions I consulted veterinarians while buying sanitary pebbles (realizing that they don't last with her), none told me anything about it. And since she is "apparently" healthy, energetic, plays, runs, eats, sleeps and drinks, I never thought of something bad to remember during a consultation.
I am going to take it specifically for that, but there is no possibility that it is only a custom of it? (also plays with water, it seems an obsession). From already thank you very much! Regards!

You can take her to the vet to do a checkup. A tool that we use in a fairly reliable clinic is the measurement of urine density.
Depending on the scan of your cat, other diagnostic tests may be recommended to rule out some pathologies.
She is a young cat and I do not think she has a problem, but if it has caught your attention that she drinks more than normal it is good that you take her to a consultation!
One of the pathologies that must be ruled out is a Diabetes Mellitus. You will tell us.

My cat has been sick for days, she doesn't want to eat anymore, she walks slowly, she doesn't let herself get caught as if something hurt and now she drinks a lot of water, and urinates little

I don't know what your cat's age is but you should take her to the vet to explore her. A cat that stops eating, drinks a lot and urinates little can have serious diseases that must be ruled out, such as kidney failure.

Hi, tell me what happens when it's the opposite?
My two-year-old male cat, three days ago, told me that he could have a kidney problem, maybe grit or stones because he could not walk from the waist down, his belly was swollen (bladder) because he did not urinate, when he put on a sedative he started to scream in pain, I noticed that he was dripping (urinating) and then a large stream of urine with a strong smell jumped, took advantage and made a test 'Urine test strip', the veterinarian castrated him right there because he said it could also be why since the males are always marking territory, well I had taken him to the vet because a day before he had escaped at night and had fought with another cat that has given him a beating that left him very badly, but the doctor there When checking it, he noticed about his bladder, in short, they prescribed me antibiotics CEFAVET 500 (cephalexin) and AVIDOG for 5 days and MELOXIVET 1 for two days (for the pain of castration) .. now he eats (only canned the vet told me po It seems that your liver is somewhat affected by the toxins resulting from the retention of urine) and defecates as it should be, also normal urine, two to three times a day, and walks and does not crawl, there everything is fine, but the problem is that I do not know how to urinate, if you do not touch the water at all? He does not want to drink water, I do not know what happened to him that he does not take it, I take the part of his neck to see if he is dehydrated and his skin takes time to become normal, apparently he has already become dehydrated although I have to give him the water with syringes every two hours at least .. what could it be ?? to castration? I fear that your kidney will get worse.
I would like your point of view, maybe not an accurate diagnosis but I do want to know your opinion.
I will appreciate your response.

It is likely that when you start giving moist food you do not need as much water as before. What is certain is that if you eat, you have to drink.

Hi. My cat normally changed the water because it was dirty and since three days ago that Bezoya made it clean the bowl. Drink much more but match the change. This water can be harmful to your health. Thank you

I do not see any inconvenience, the really damaging thing is that you cannot drink all the water you need. I understand otherwise that we are talking about a healthy cat. If it is an older cat and you have noticed an abnormal increase in the amount of water you drink, as well as the amount of urine it produces, it would always be important to rule out the diseases we discuss in the article. Regards.

I have noticed that my 15-year-old cat is drinking a lot of water and urine more, there was even a short time in which he did it outside his sandbox. We changed house and she never left the apartment in her life, she is a very nervous kitten, I tried to take her to the vet but on the way she was panting and drooling, I understand that it is because of the fear, I got scared and returned her home. I don't know how to do it for someone to check it out. Any advice? Is there a treatment in case she is sick or is it better to let her live what she has left comfortably as my mother says?

a week ago that a cat appeared in our house, (we live in the countryside), he is very nice and affectionate, he would surely come from another house since he is very «homemade», we have adopted him giving him water, food and home ..
He is male but not yet fully formed,
Anyway, we see that he drinks water every two times three, much more than food, and he sleeps a lot. At first glance he looks good, although he sleeps a lot, when he is awake he is active, he follows us, he takes his walks on the ground, etc ...
We notice the belly a little swollen and, from time to time, it throws pretty smelly farts ... we have given these days drops of colloidal silver, a very effective natural antibiotic without side effects ...
Seeing this post about water and its relationship with diseases, we have been alerted….
Do you think it can be a serious problem?
Thanks for your attention.

In a young cat it is rare that he has any of the diseases that we talked about in the article, however I recommend you to deworm him because he is very likely to have worms. I don't know what colloidal silver is. Regards.

Hello Goodnight.
My cat was bitten by a dog but she didn't hurt her on the outside, she was very down and I took her to the vet, she was hospitalized for two days and I was discharged.
They told me that it's okay, but he doesn't eat anything and only water he drinks, I've noticed that he makes a strange noise when sleeping looks like a bronchus, and looks for the cold places.
Obviously, I'm going to take her back to the doctor but I would like to know her opinion.

Well, I can't tell you much from here, the important thing is to do a good physical examination and from there determine if a complementary test is needed to determine if there is an affected organ. Regards.

My cat is almost 20 years old and has not eaten for 2 days but she drinks a lot of water and sleeps. I think she is dying.

I advise you to take it to the veterinarian, by means of an exploration and a few simple analytics it can be determined that it happens exactly to him and if it is possible to do something for her. Regards.

My diego kitten was diacnosticated with pif a month ago they give him treatments and he gets well but he inflates a lot of his belly, he eats a lot and I think that he is already well but I get very cold and I am desperate I do not want to sleep I want to continue fighting with what else can I do

I guess you know that PIF is a disease that today has no cure. It is also true that it is the most difficult disease to diagnose, I recommend that you put yourself in the hands of your veterinarian, we cannot do anything by this means. Regards.

Good day, two months ago I have adopted a kitten and Eate has fungi, it is in treatment with cutamicon, but when it is cured of one another appears, it also takes many water neighbors, and often goes to the bathroom, although it is very playful ... What can my cat have?

Thank you very much for your help

You have to understand that a diagnosis cannot be made from 4 lines. I don't know what cutamicon is, it's not commercialized in Spain. I'm sorry. Greetings and luck.

Hi. A month ago they gave me the sad news that my kitten has chronic renal failure and unfortunately she has no cure ... I am very sad because she is a wonderful and very good cat. I know that it sounds selfish on my part, but I would like to know if I could have young before the inevitable happens ...

Many people believe that the offspring of their favorite pet will be an extension of it, however, like people, children do not have to resemble their parents. I do not advise you to allow your cat to become pregnant if she has a renal failure, it would certainly be selfish of you.

Hello, my cat was operated on in February of a malignant breast tumor, which had not produced metastases and was completely cleaned, and we noticed that from before operating it until now her water consumption has increased. It weighs five and a half kilos and consumes about 200ml a day and is doing its normal needs (although we have noticed its increase). He is nine years old and I don't know if it's something bad. If you could tell me if it is a vain concern or if it could really be something serious, I would appreciate it. The last March analytics came out all in order.

If you've done analytics recently and everything is ok, I wouldn't worry. The consumption you indicate is not exaggerated for that weight. Regards.

Good afternoon, I have a 4 month old Russian blue kitten, I live in a hot area, when we brought the cat a month ago I consumed water in normal quantities, but gradually it has been increasing consumption up to 800 ml day that it currently takes for a weight of 1.4kg I see him happy and calm but it doesn't seem normal to me to drink so much water. He eats only dry food. Apart from the sand I have to change it every two days because it urinates a lot. What can be done?

I advise you a complete blood tests that determine the cause. Regards.

Today I changed my cat's food at the veterinarian's recommendation to gain weight. Today he ate pure croquette proplan which is the one that I recommend but as a result I started eating it, I started drinking a lot more water because every one who eats it goes and drinks water. This is normal, what happens is that I have to take care that I do not eat more water and urinate because it came out high in the albumins or something like that in the urine study.

Sorry I do not understand what you mean.

I have a kitten of approximately 13 years, about three months ago we had a change from house to apartment. The apartment is spacious but still hid or walked without appetite and very decayed. Llamamos al veterinario para que viniera y nos recetó feliwey y unos remedios (apeticat, nutrapet y herplex) por un mes. Con el tiempo paso y se lo deje de dar, y ella se acomodó pero ahora (dos semanas despues de que le dejé de dar los remedios) volvió a estar decaída, sin apetito, pero aumentando la ingesta de agua y tambien tiene movimientos de cabeza extraños con las pupilas muy dilatadas (como que se desorienta y despues vuelve a la normalidad) le cuesta dormir en la noche y se pone a arañar nuestros pies¿Sera parte del stress o alguna enfermedad? agradezco alguna respuesta, saludos

Deberías llevarla al veterinario. Lo que comentas parece que va más allá del simple estrés. Con una buena exploración y unas analíticas puede saberse el estado general de tu gata. Regards.

Hola tengo dos gatitas que encontre abandonadas hoy tienen un par de meses, cometi el error de hace una semanas invitarles dientes de choclo pero una se lo pasaba entero y hace tres dias vomito el cereal ricocat con algunos dientes del choclo q comio hace casi una semana y hoy volvio a vomitar el cereal ricocat co dos choclos mas , lo que me preocupa es que recien vomite los choclos, e incluso e notado que solo con el cereal ricocat vomita porque le e dado todo un dia filete de pescadito en agua y sal y no a vomitado, e incluso e notado que no toma mucha agua, la lleve al veterinario y me dijeron que quiza sea algo referente a la gastritis, estoy preocupada y arrepentida por haberle dado el choclo y temo por la otra gatita aunque ella esta bien pero aun no tienen su primera vacuna y me dijeron que tienen q estar sanas para aplicarselas. Agradezdo su respuesta , un abrazo jennifer.

Hola, lo siento pero sin ver a un animal es imposible hacer un diagnóstico correcto y mucho menos un tratamiento. Dar un tratamiento basado en meras especulaciones es muy arriesgado, lo siento. Regards.

Buenas tardes, Mi gato bebe demasiado y hace mucho pis, no me dura la arena más de dos días. Ha perdido un poco de apetito…..También se rasca el cuello y ha perdido parte de pelo.

Te aseguro que una cosa así no puedes arreglarla por internet. Llévalo a un veterinario. Regards.

Hola.buenas. estamos desesperado por nuestro gato. Llevamos dos años llendo a veterinarios y haciendole pruebas de todo tipo a mi gato y nadie nos sabe decir k ke.ocurre. a lo largo de estos dos años nuestro gato vomita de tres a cinco veces al dia. Segun los veterinarios a los cuales hemos ido nos han echo cambiar de pienso,pero el soluciona solo un mes. Al mes de cambiarle el pienso vuelve a kas andadas,con vomitos cada dia de tres a cinco o incluso mas veces. Le hemos realizado toda clase de pruebas y ya estamos desesperado. Akguien nos puede ayudar. Tiene ocho años. Le hemos dado de todo,cerenia,cortisona((todo en inyevciones))pero eso le dura una seman como mucho. Decir k en ocasiones a tenido diarrea,pero escasas veces.
Porfavor alguien nos puede ayudar. estamos desesperados. Comentar tambien k pierde peso cuando esta chungo pero cuando esta esos dias «»bien»»k es cuando le damos o ke pinchan cortisona o cerenia vuelve a coguer peso.

Tienes que entender que lo que no han visto varios veterinarios teniendo el gato delante, no podemos verlo nosotros a través de un blog. Te remito a este artículo que puede darte algunas ideas sobre el asunto:
Saludos y suerte.

Hola mi gato no come hace 3 dias y esta muy decaido toma mucha agua y orina seguido

Tres días sin comer en un gato, siempre es grave, no puedo ayudarte por aquí, llévalo a un veterinario.

Hello! Tengo un gato de dos años, hace dias que se va de casa, al parecer tubo algunas peleas, vuelve con lastimaduras superficiales, pero hoy llego, comio alimento balanceado y esta tomando agua en exceso, no para… Y quiere derramar el agua del tacho. Que puede sucederle?

Es imposible saberlo sólo por lo que cuentas, lo siento. En cualquier caso te aconsejo que castres al gato, reducirás las peleas y tu gato vivirá muchos más tiempo. Regards.

Hi. Estoy muy asustada y preocupada, mi gata de 19 años come latitas porque le falta un colmillo, 80mg o 100mg al dia. Es muy mayor, hace sus necedidades pero bebe muchisima agua. Me temo lo peor, temo que mi veterinaria me diga que he de dormirla, pero no quiero que sufra por egoismo a no perderla. Estoy muy asustada y preocupada. Me puede decir algo? Gracias

No te alarmes antes de tiempo, empieza por saber que es exactamente lo que le pasa a la gata y así sabrás lo que tienes que hacer. Suerte.

hola,recogi una gatita que tenia una herida muy fea , tuvo 2 gatitos que murieron por los antibioticos , se recupero y se volvio a embarazar pero tuvo un susto grande y creo que por eso se le produjo un aborto de un gatito, con bolsa y todo lo encontreaun no se formaba,esto fue hace 3 días,desde entonces que anda muy sedienta y decaída, cuando la quiero tomar le duele su cuerpo, porque se queja mucho….porfa ayuda.

Mucho me temo que tu gata no ha abortado por un susto y que tiene un problema grave que no se puede solucionar a través de un blog, si de verdad te interesa, te recomiendo que la lleves urgentemente a un veterinario. Regards.

Porque mi gato le maulla al agua antes fe beber?

¿Que debemos hacer para saber si mi gato bebe más agua?

● Lo mejor es poner una cantidad de agua previamente medida , donde bebe habitualmente y calcular el consumo diario con más precisión.

● Debemos observar a nuestro gato y confirmar si va más al arenero, de lo habitual.

Para los gatos de más de 10 años, si se confirma que beben mucha agua y van más al arenero, te recomendamos que si no se trata de alguno de los puntos justificados arriba, como un cambio de alimentación a seco, o el efecto de temperaturas más altas en casa o en definitiva, cosas concretas que podrían justificarlo, te aconsejamos que acudas al veterinario lo antes posible y se lo consultes, ya que puede tratarse de una enfermedad peligrosa, como la diabetes, fallo renal o hepático y en estos casos, la detección precoz es muy importante.

Si te ha parecido interesante esté artículo, acerca de por qué un gato bebe mucha agua y sus razones, compártelo, para ayudar a otros gaticos y que estén informados. Si has tenido alguna experiencia sobre este tema y quieres contarla, no dudes en dejar un comentario más abajo, para la comunidad FeelCats.