How long does a land turtle live?


How long does the turtle live? - This reptile belongs to the order of the sauropsida, we can find it both on land, as fresh or salt water, it is known for its short and wide body which is covered by a shell which serves as protection before its predators, this shell with only two elongated holes through which its four extremities leave the head and tail.

There are approximately 230 different species grouped into 13 or 14 different families of this reptile. The oldest fossil found in this animal dates back more than 200 million years. These like the rest of the reptiles change their skin, only that you do it at a much lower speed, in addition they tend to detach individual shields from the shell, but let's see in this article about how long does a turtle live.

What are we gonna see?

How old is a turtle?

The average life expectancy of a turtle It usually varies without having an exact number, since the life time of a turtle that lives in the wild will not be the same as those found in captivity. These that are raised as pets, as pets, have a longer life than those that live in the wild facing the adversities of nature.

Studies show that turtles that are free have an average life span of 60 to 90 years, while those in captivity can live up to 100 years. They have heard of cases of turtles that reached 300 years, something that today has no scientific weight.

What does a turtle eat?

In general this animal is from herbivorous nature, but it is known that some species can also eat insects or meat. Their diet is usually based on vegetables such as lettuce or tomatoes, although they can also eat leaves and flowers of various plants, rice or corn, among other things. They get to enjoy ripe fruits such as bananas, cherries or pears, among several.

All this variety of vegetable food can be left aside when some species prefer to eat meat and choose their preferential which are: snails, beetles or worms. All this for the large amount of nutrients and vitamins that have all this diet that together with vegetables and others yield good digestion and extend the life of the animal. I hope the information is to your liking.

How old is a land turtle?

The average life expectancy of a land turtle It can be extended for many years, considering it as one of the longest-lived animals that exist. But its life time can vary considerably according to its species, as it will also vary with its diet and its state, since as almost every animal lives longer in captivity than in the wild.

Clarified these points can say that the life of a land turtle can extend approximately to 150 years in captivity, this receiving good food and proper health care and cleaning. While a wild turtle can live approximately between 70 and 80 years. It depends on the species can live up to 100 years.

Turtles, on average, live much longer than other animals

We already know that they are "famous" for this characteristic, and some of them can reach ages over 100 years. It will depend a lot on habitat and of the territory, but remember that we always talk about average estimates. There will be some who live longer and others less.

Of course, it is indifferent that they are water turtles or of Earth, these calm and calm animals are very long-lived. They could accompany us for a lifetime ... ours!

The life expectancy of these reptiles is very high. Both turtles that live in captivity, as domestic or wild.

Actually, it is very difficult to prove the age of real life, since there are species such as Galapagos turtles, who have always been living in isolation, therefore one could easily estimate an age that exceed 300 years. There are no official certificates, they are only studies of estimates, of scientists and veterinarians.

Remember that every animal should be treated with love and respect. In the case of turtles, you must be very careful, so that I can accompany you for a long time.

Saltwater Turtles

Sea turtles, those large and majestic that are seen on television, can reach spectacular ages. The one that has lived the most, is in India, and has reached 250 years old. There is also no real evidence, we always talk about expert estimates. The time they survive in nature will depend a lot on the area and on the predators. Luckily, turtles do not have many "enemies" apart from the human being.

These peaceful animals could swim for a long time, if not for problems they might encounter facing unscrupulous hunters.

Freshwater turtles

The little turtles we have at home, those little ones that jump from the edge of the pool at night, can reach 20 years old. They tend to exceed 15 years if they take good care of themselves, a clean and tidy environment is maintained. Be careful with food, temperature and cleanliness, for the rest there will be no big problems. We do not face ships or sharks, so we can rest assured that he will have a serene life, without much worry.

How the aquarium should be for your discus fish

Turtles are a true symbol of longevity. If you share your life with a land turtle, You are in luck. You will spend many years enjoying your wonderful company.

It is one of those species that can live as long or longer than humans. If you provide him with the care he needs, he will accompany you practically at all stages of your existence.

In this sense, it is very important that you be responsible and advise you well on all the needs of these exotic animals.

Do not make the mistake of having a pet and not preserve its quality of life.

Life expectancy of the land turtle

Turtles can live a long life, but as we have said this will depend on the proper care and the type of animal that is.

The Terrestrial turtles can live between 50 and 60 years , and in certain species it can even double.

The box turtle (Terrapene california) can live up to 100 years. Giant land turtles can reach 150 years.

The longest tortoise in the world was a giant who died at 255 in the Cairo zoo.

Not all turtles get to live so much in the wild, since health problems, predators, the threat of human beings and captivity do not offer the best conditions.

If you give the necessary care to your pet, rest assured that you will share many years together. One of the most important is the feeding of the turtles.

Do you know why turtles live so many years?

It is mainly due to its reptile status. Unlike birds or mammals, your vital organs do not degenerate over time. This ensures a healthier and more lasting life.

As they are cold blooded animals, warm your body thanks to the sun. Being reptiles and not needing a metabolism that is responsible for producing body heat, everything they eat instead of going to metabolic processes, is directed among other aspects to tissue growth(Cell regeneration).

For this reason, the Turtles usually grow throughout their lives. Because of their hard shell, it is very difficult for predators to attack and damage them.

This feature ensures a life less exposed to other animals in the environment.

Apart from the aforementioned features, land turtles (and in general all) have a huge capacity at different conditions and with a diversified diet.

What makes them can survive for many years with many guarantees of survival.

The land turtles They are extraordinary companion animals. In Japan it is considered a celestial animal: a symbol of wealth, prosperity, protection and long life.

But remember that in order for them to grow healthy, you must be very cautious and careful with their attention. It is not a conventional domestic pet.

Do not forget that you are responsible for their well-being, and if you do it right, you will have a friend for life. Do you agree to take care of it as it deserves?

Life expectancy of a turtle

As with the vast majority of animal species that we have analyzed in this blog, the life expectancy of the turtles varies depending on the species, climate, size, food, etc. The aquatic or semi-aquatic turtles that we have at home have a life expectancy between 10 and 20 years, the terrestrial wild between 50 and 80 years and the marine ones between 80 and 100 years. Although some species, such as the Galapagos turtles can exceed 100 years of life. The longest tortoise in history since they have records reached 152 years of age.

Something that very few people know is that turtles do not have teeth, but have a very similar beak that covers the jaws. Terrestrial turtles are mostly vegetarian, although there are some that complement their diet with insects or mollusks. Unfortunately, the diet that is usually given to most land turtles is usually based on the consumption of two products: lettuce and tomato. A diet that, as you can imagine, is far from what a turtle would eat in its natural habitat.

Like the eggs of the birds and the rest of reptiles, the eggs of the turtles are covered by a vitelline membrane, 3 layers of albumen and cuticle. The eggs of these reptiles are laid in the ground and incubated by solar irradiation. Therefore, they are fully exposed to weather conditions. The sex of the turtles is determined by the temperature at which the eggs have been incubated. If the incubation temperatures are high, we will obtain a higher percentage of females and, if they are lower, the percentage of males will be higher than that of females.

How long do land turtles live

Terrestrial turtles have a life span, superior to their water friends. These species can quietly reach 50, and its age varies between 55 and 60. We always talk about a good city, both in food and in environmental conditions.

Be careful that you do not cross while driving through the house, passing the mocho, for the rest we will be calm that it will not give us many problems. These pets are very calm and give little war.

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How long do land turtles live

Terrestrial turtles have a life span, superior to their water friends. These species can quietly reach 50, and its age varies between 55 and 60. We always talk about a good city, both in food and in environmental conditions.

Be careful that you do not cross while driving through the house, passing the mocho, for the rest we will be calm that it will not give us many problems. These pets are very calm and give little war.

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Why do turtles live so long

Have you ever wondered why they live so long? I do, and I have investigated it on my own. In the end I have reached these 5 conclusions:

  1. Unlike other animals such as mammals and amphibians, their organs do not grow degeneratively, therefore they continue to function almost perfectly throughout life.
  2. Its strong shell provides a good defense shield against almost any predator.
  3. They are cold-blooded animals, and their metabolism does not need to reproduce body heat. Everything they eat is intended for other functionalities, such as the continuous growth of the body.
  4. They adapt to any habitat And his diet is very varied. They are able to survive in many different environments.
  5. They are peaceful and quiet animals, do not assume any risk, and move in controlled areas.

In short, there are many reasons why turtles live all these years.

How to calculate the age of a turtle

Sorry to tell you that it is very difficult, to know exactly, what is the age of your turtle. I can give you some indications that you can take into account to determine your age but it will be quite approximate ... Follow these indications:

1. Identify the species

The first thing you should do is identify the species of turtle. Ask at the store where you bought it or search the internet. With a photo of Google you could discover it quickly. You already know that each species has an average number of years of life expectancy, and knowing its family, you will know what the limit of yours could be.

2. Look at the shields

The shell polygons, also known as "shields," are the components that create that characteristic shape of these reptiles. The turtle has more years, and more sections will have its shell. Therefore, you can deduce that a high number of shields is equivalent to the maximum age that the turtle can reach.

3. Weigh and measure your size

Neither millimeter accuracy is necessary. It is quite obvious that if the turtle has a small size, little weight and has few rings in its shell, we are talking about an animal that does not reach the year of age. Anyway, always compare with other members of the same species.

4. Analyze the shell

Finally you must analyze the state of the shell. High wear of the dome means seniority and old age. A newborn turtle will have an immaculate shell, with few stripes and bright colors. However, the older ones will have a more worn and consummate protective layer. Depending on the species, we may be talking about a turtle with more than 5 years of age.

This is all for today.

Have a good luck with your little turtle, and live many many many more years!