What does a cat cry for you?


The truth is that animals, in this case dogs, share physiological reactions similar to those of human beings, however, it is not so clear if they do so to express feelings like people.

If you have adopted a dog for the first time, you may have noticed that his eyes are crying And don't know why or what to do to fix it. Sometimes things happen to our pets that do not matter, but it is normal for you to worry if you do not have the necessary information, so we tell you why dogs cry their eyes.

Do dogs cry or tear?

Surely you have seen that what happens to your dog is no exception. All dogs have marks under their eyes as a sign that their tears are there most of the time. A question that arises is whether dogs have the ability to cry or is simply a tear.

Well, although animal lovers claim that dogs, like all other species, have feelings, They do not have the ability to show them through crying. Only the human being is the only species that uses tears to denote sadness.

It is true that if we think about what the concept "cry" means, it is just the simple act of shedding tears. And it is true that Dogs cry their eyes, but after that no feelings hide, so we can not say that a dog cries, but tears.


One of the most common causes of tearing of dogs is conjunctivitis, although this is easy to recognize, since the animal will have another aspect. That is, when the animal tears as part of the cycle of its life and its organism, it will be well, happy and looking good, while If your eyes cry for conjunctivitis, you will have them red, closed and your mood will be low.

Another reason why dogs cry their eyes is the joys, whether they are food or otherwise. This is one reaction that the body makes as a defense mechanism against what it does not tolerate.

As is the case with conjunctivitis, The eyes may appear red and swollen, accompanied by sneezing and other symptoms. The best thing in these cases is to go to the vet to be the one who determines the cause.

What to do if your dog's eyes cry

The first thing you should do is wash the animal's eyes with clean water. Once this is done, make sure there is nothing inside the eye That could cause tears. If this is not the case, an infusion of cold chamomile or physiological serum will be the ideal complement for a deeper cleaning and to relieve your pet.

Always remember to be aware of changes in your pet, because acting quickly can benefit you a lot. Taking care of them and making their lives easier is our duty, but we also want to do it, right?

When a cat cries with real tears, are we facing a problem?

First of all we must clarify that cats do not cry as we humans do, that is, they do not shed tears, their crying is vocal and they externalize it with the meows, but when you see tears in your cat's eyes you should worry, since without Crystalline sure is something temporary, however they have color and the eye does not look good, you should go to a veterinarian.

We will explain 3 cases of tears in cats.

1.- Clear tears.

If you notice that your cat is tearing, but its tears are clear, and its eye does not look sick, it may in this case have a particle of dust, which is bothering it, as they cannot use their hands as we humans do it they expel any foreign object of the eye through tears. This pathology so to speak does not need treatment.

However you want to help him, it is advisable to pass a soft absorbent paper through the affected eye, if the problem persists for more than a day turn to a veterinarian.

2.- Tear blocked.

The tear tube is a tube located in the corner of the eye which directs tears to the nose, preventing its expulsion through the eye. But when the excess tears are clogged down the eye wetting the fur of the cat's face, making it a focus of infections and skin irritations. It can be accompanied by scabs and redness of the skin.

The most common causes of these cases may be the following:

  • Result of an infectious condition such as conjunctivitis, which leaves the eye weakened.
  • Her> Flat-faced cats like the Persians are very susceptible to this problem, so it is recommended to pay the necessary attention to the case.

Its treatment will depend on the cause of the blockage, it is usually not treated unless it presents a problem for the vision of the cat, if an infection and / or inflammation occurs the veterinarian will decide the appropriate treatment to solve the situation. If it is an eyelash that grows inside and hurts the eye, surgery is the most recommended in this case.

1.- I am upset.

Although it is not a common cry of a domestic cat, if it is present in stray cats, and they are quite loud meows, and that is a warning sign for the invading cat, remember as we have said before that cats are very territorial animals , so a stranger in his area is synonymous with violation of his space.

6.- Where am I?

If you moved to a new home, your cat will meow because it is a new place for him, and he also does not understand why he is there, what you should do is find a safe place, put his things there, his bed, toys, these They have their scent and you can be a little calmer while getting used to your new home.


If your cat cries it can be for many reasons as we exposed in this post, however it is worth hurting to leave you with these pertinent recommendations.

  • Never feed your cat after a tantrum, since he will know that every time he cries you will do what he wants.
  • Do not give rewards under any circumstances while you meow, it is better to wait for him to calm down and serve his food.
  • Keep an eye on your pet's changes, since when a cat cries it may be due to some discomfort so you should visit the veterinarian to rule out any disease.

Remember that pets are part of our family, we must take care of them and love them, respect them and above all have them under a lot of responsibility, since they depend on us for many things, responsible ownership is extremely important. Adopt don't buy!

If you liked this article, do not hesitate to leave your comment and / or suggestion below and they will gladly be taken into account, we do not read until a next post!

SYMPTOMS OF Tearing in the eye

One thing you should know is that the only people who cry to express emotions are human beings. So do not worry because if your dog's eye tears, it is not a sign of emotion.

The dogs eye has two glands calls orbital and nictitant. Its function is to protect the eyes and keep them hydrated. They secrete a transparent liquid formed mainly by water but also by substances that help oxygenation, lubrication and nutrition of the cornea.

This type of symptom is usually more noticeable when there is climatic variations or if a small strange element It has gotten into it. If this manifests itself, it is not indicative of an oatology, but that the protective functions of your eye work well.

When to go to the vet?

When the tearing is excessive and the liquid is not transparent alone, it is when you should visit the doctor.

This may be due to:

  • Allergy: They are usually accompanied by inflammation, redness and presence of blemishes in the eye. There may also be continuous coughing and sneezing.
  • Conjunctivitis: deb> What to do in case of pathology?

If your dog has an excess of tearing and is accompanied by any of the symptoms described above, you should go immediately to your veterinarian. The specialist will review and determine the origin of the problem and the treatment to follow.

If at that time you can not take him, to help support your dog better you can:

  • Wash eyes with warm water, without rubbing.
  • If you do not have an obvious wound on the cornea or eyelid, apply physiological serum or an infusion of cold chamomile.

If you clean the tear in my dog's eye, use a sterile gauze and wash your hands before touching the eye or you could cause an infection even stick it.