Tips to take care of a dachshund


Its physical characteristics convert to salsicha dog In a unique and fun dog. Also called Dachshund, Dachshund or Dackel, this breed is native to Germany, where it was used to hunt. The dachshunds are also one of the races preferred by European monarchies and that is why they have gained a lot of popularity.

its extremely long body and short limbs They make it one of the most beloved dogs in the world, but at the same time, it is one of the most special and most cared for breeds.

The salsicha dog is a very intelligent breed.

Curiosities of the salsicha dog:

- Its peculiar appearance is due to a genetic mutation known as ‘bassetism’, Which provides this breed with short limbs in relation to body size.

- They are characterized by having a strong personality and being stubborn.

- There are three types of salsicha dog: Those with short hair, long hair and hard hair.

- His snout is long and narrow and his ears drooping.

- Its weight is around 9 kilos.

- They are loyal, funny, easy to train and excellent vigilantes.

- Like other dogs, he wants to be the leader.

- It has an excellent nose.

- He Dachshund It does not require complicated care, although it can present problems related to your spine for being so long. Therefore, it is very important avoid overweight, and have a balanced diet low in fat and high in protein.

- Need to exercise. This dog needs to make at least one walk a day to feel happy.

- To prevent damage to the spine, it is important prevent the dog from jumping or going up / down stairs. Try, whenever you can, catch him if he wants to climb to a high place, such as a sofa or bed as well as when going up or down stairs.

- Be careful when holding it. When catching the animal, it holds its limbs and back at the same time. Although it may seem complicated, in the end you will get used to it and the dog will not bother you.

- The dachshunds of straight hair should be brushed weekly but those of long hair They should be brushed more regularly as they tend to have tangles in their fur.

The salsicha dog is very loyal and affectionate with his family, and gets along very well with children.

The origins of dachshunds

Although there are ancient references about dachshund dogs, it is known that the first group dedicated to the care and study of this dog breed, did not appear until 1888. It was then that this variety of dogs obtained their pedigree. Before long, dachshunds became very popular, mainly because of their curious appearance, which attracted the attention of members of European royalty.

We have commented that dachshunds have an elongated body and short legs. In addition, their snout is narrow and long and they have droopy ears. For this last detail, when cleaning our dachshund we have to take special care with the ears to make sure that there are no remnants of dirt, that eventually cause infections in our pet.

Characteristics of dachshunds

The average weight of dachshunds is 9 kilograms. As regards size, three different varieties can be found. First we have the standard size, with a body circumference of approximately 35 centimeters, then we have the miniature dachshund, with a body circumference close to 30 centimeters, and finally, the dachshund for rabbit hunting appears, with a smaller body circumference at 30 centimeters.

The types of sausage dog mentioned above can exhibit two kinds of fur. First we have the short-haired dachshund, which is smooth, shiny and thick, as well as appearing very attached to the body. For the latter, it is not necessary to comb it daily or apply special care. Short-haired dachshunds usually have a golden, black or chocolate color. As far as long-haired dachshund dogs are concerned, they do manage to have a mane of considerable size, which requires more care and constant brushing.

Dachshund or dachshund dogs behavior

Dachshund dogs are gentle, and although some consider it not so easy to educate them, this is not entirely accurate. The problem stems from overprotecting an animal of these characteristics, which often occurs with a dog as pleasant in its physique as the sausage. So, after having spoiled him in excess, when he wants to correct himself to a dachshund, there is a high probability that he does not want to attend to what he is told, or even that he is rebellious.

It may also be the case that you intend to become the leader of your “pack”, that is, the family that has hosted you, but as every good canine trainer knows, the dog owner must occupy that “position” and so you have to leave it in Of course from the moment the animal arrived at that new home.

Care for the back of the dachshund or dachshund

And while dachshunds do not require excessive care, they often present with body complications resulting from having such a long spine. So, to minimize the risks of any accident, we must prevent the dog from becoming overweight, as it is an accident-causing event for this kind of animals.

Therefore, ensure that your dachshund follows a diet rich in protein and moderate fat. It is also essential that your dachshund perform daily exercises, although its short legs mark limitations in this regard. Just take it for a walk a couple of times a day and not force the dachshund to do more than his physique allows.

Attention and care for a dachshund

As far as possible, prevent your dachshund from jumping between the chairs, since it is an activity that could force your back excessively. If possible, place a ramp near the furniture where you rest so that the animal can climb to your side and rest with you, without this involving excessive strain on your back.

In the same way, when necessary try to load your pet in the case of going up or down stairs, since, although Dachshund dogs can perform this activity, you must reduce any risk that may cause affectations to your back.

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Necessary care of the dachshund

It is not one of the dogs that you need more care, however, we leave you some very useful tips for take care of your dachshund perfectly

- Walks: Take your walk often dachshund, the exercise is very good for strengthening your back.

He dachshund It has no resistance to make great races, but long walks. Check what is best for you, collar or harness, the collar is recommended since childhood to get used to not pulling. Avoid taking your dachshund for a walk when it rains or immediately after eating.

- Education: It is important that from puppy you educate your dachshund and that this socialize, and it is also recommended that you have toys that can bite, better than any of your furniture ... The most recommended are latex, which are difficult to break and if swallowed are not toxic. The dachshund is a very stubborn dog, you need firmness in the treatment from the beginning, repetitively and always with the same words, so that you can train it with much patience

- Rest: Dog beds They are essential elements for your friend, since he spends about 12 hours on average. It is convenient to adapt a place for him and teach him that it is the place where he should be, so that the dog knows what his place in the family is. That place will become your resting area.

- Bathroom: As a rule, dogs do not like to be bathed and dachshunds less, so arm yourself with patience, the first thing you will need is a special dog shampoo and a tub or tub with warm water.

- Brushed: especially in the case of having a dachshund Long-haired in order to avoid getting tangled and remove leftover hairs, as well as dead skin.

- Feeding: Search the specialized stores for a good feed adapted to the needs of your dachshund, there are natural, ecological, vegan, holistic, there is also completely natural food that is sold frozen ... As you can see, there is a great variety in the market, consult with your veterinarian to advise you which can be the best for your dog. Always look for quality food.

- Health: Remember to make pertinent visits to the veterinarian, keep up to date the health card with the corresponding vaccines. If the dog is healthy with going twice a year is enough.

The breed is known for its spinal problems, due to its spineextremely long and at your short ribs. It is also prone to disc herniation and spinal injuries. When they become adults they can suffer from diabetes and heart disease. In addition, they tend to suffer from dental problems, and we must not forget that another of their weak points is obesity.

Have you had any problems taking care of your dachshund? Tell us below, we will be happy to read you.