Barcino cat, meet this cat breed


There are approximately 100 breeds of cats officially recognized by the competent bodies in this matter, however, all of them have the typical characteristics of felines: an independent character, a conservation of the natural hunting instinct, great concerns to explore their surroundings, a great sense of hygiene and amazing physical agility.

Generally, people who decide to host a cat in their home know that these are the main characteristics of these pets, but sometimes they look for a specific aesthetic that corresponds to a certain breed, which is a completely respectable decision, although in This time we will talk about other types of cats.

In this Animal Expert article we explain what are the advantages of having a mongrel cat.

What is a mongrel cat?

We can define the concept of a mongrel cat in different ways, perhaps the simplest is to say that a mongrel cat is a cat that does not correspond to a standard of a certain breedHowever, you should know that the mongrel cat has its own characteristics and history.

The mongrel cat is also known as the domestic cat or the common cat. It is a species that has developed from wild cats native to Africa, such as the African wildcat (Felix Libyca) and the African jungle cat (Felix Chaus).

These cats arrived from Egypt to Europe and it was on this continent that they crossed with the European wildcat (Felix Silvestri), giving rise to the cat that is currently known as a mongrel cat, a medium sized cat, a great diversity of colors and a character as affectionate as intelligent.

The mongrel cat is the most common in homes, and it is not surprising, since his company brings numerous advantages, then we will know which ones.

1. An affectionate cat like few

Cats have an independent and exploratory character, it is true, but this should not be confused with the fact that they are arisco, although in this sense each breed has specific characteristics.

The mongrel cat is one of the most affectionate cats and attached to his human family. It's about a cat with great communicative skills, They await the arrival of their owner at home anxiously, falling apart in purrs and displays of affection.

Obviously, it's a cat that He needs a lot of company and affection to enjoy a full state of well-being.

2. An iron health

A mongrel cat does not suffer degenerations by consanguinity, that is to say, they do not present all those diseases that have genetic origin and occur in certain races, as is the case of polycystic kidney disease.

The mongrel cat has been exposed to multiple crosses and this gives it a genetics and a very resistant organism. In fact, it has been observed that these cats have a increased immune response.

Obviously, this does not imply that you do not need care, as all pets need to be properly cared for.

3. A unique and unrepeatable cat

Mestizo cats are animals of extraordinary beauty and they are not comparable to any other cat Well, they have characteristics that make them unique and unrepeatable.

In this sense, a cat of a certain breed will present more similarities with another cat that is considered of that same breed, however, if we compare two mongrel cats, one can be completely different from the other.

4. A very long-lived partner

Due precisely to their physical resistance and the absence of genetic diseases, mongrel cats are very long-lived, since they can live for approximately 20 years.

The bond that is formed with a pet after so many years sharing the same home is truly amazing and it is very gratifying for the owner to be able to accompany his cat in each of its vital stages. Obviously, when a feline ages, it must be pampered and all necessary care must be provided for an elderly cat.

5. Mestizo cats encourage adoption

Some breeds of cats, such as exotic cats, are truly beautiful, however, it is not the typical breeds that can be found in an animal shelter, but those breeds that are bought by buying the animal.

Instead, mongrel cats are numerous times rejected for not having a pure breedTherefore, it is very common for these beautiful cats to remain waiting for some human family to welcome them.

Sharing your home with a mongrel cat will encourage the adoption of these incredible animals, affectionate, intelligent, resistant and of great beauty.

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Origin of the barcino cat

The origins of the barcino cat date back to Africa and Asia and from there they spread throughout Europe thanks to the Romans who had them for good companions and to hunt down the rodents of their houses, farms or farms.

The barcino cat also called Romano, tabby, or tabby is the common European or mestizo cat, it is not a breed of cats but rather a variety, it is the most common domestic cat that is found almost everywhere, it is an excellent affectionate pet , intelligent, playful and very healthy.

It is believed that they were taken to America by the European conquerors who took them to hunt the rats that also traveled on the ships.

These cats became so common throughout Europe that they became stray cats.

Cat features

  • The barcino cat or European common cat is a short-haired cat, with a great variety of colors and patterns such as tabby (tabby), marbled, monochromatic (white, black or orange), bicolor (with the white base and spots of another color) or three colors (calico).

The tabby cat has three types of fur patterns:

The tabby listing, which is the most common with vertical stripes like the stripes of a tiger and an M-shaped mark on the forehead.

The marbled tabby, with thicker swirling stripes and sometimes forking, also has an M-shaped mark on its forehead.

The spotted tabby, this instead of having stripes or stripes has spots like those of the Bengali cat, the Egyptian mau, the Australian mist cat or the ocicat.

Although it is said that the tabby is the most distinctive and characteristic fur, it is also believed to be the pattern most similar to that of wild cats, as it reminds of the stripes of a tiger.

Another characteristic of the tabby is an M-shaped mark that is on its forehead.

These cats are very affectionate and likes to be consented. He is very intelligent and a great hunter, that is why he likes freedom and is very independent.

They are very clean cats, they love grooming and spend a lot of time on it.

His body is elongated strong and muscular with short, straight hair and without a undercoat layer.

It has a wide and rounded head with the ears always straight and well separated.

The eyes are large and round very bright and expressive, of different colors such as yellow, green or blue.

The tail of the barcino cat is long, thin and straight with the rounded tip.

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Pros and cons of barcino cats


The barcino cat has no diseases associated with it and is also very strong and resistant to the common diseases of most cats.

They are cats that enjoy living in a house with outdoor space or have a garden because they have an adventurous and free spirit. This does not mean that they do not adapt to living in another place as an apartment since they can actually adapt very well.

These felines are of very good character.


The barcino cat reaches sexual maturity earlier than other cats, so it is advisable to sterilize them if you do not want to have a litter of kittens sooner rather than later.

Food Tips

These healthy, strong and very active cats like to eat. Give them a good quality feed combined with natural food they do very well, they love raw food such as fish (beware of thorns), chicken and meat.

They also like their fresh water preferably from the tap.

Another thing they really like is milk.

If you need an expert cat hunter in your home, the bacon is your best choice.

Why choose a mongrel cat

Is it in your plans to incorporate a meowing pet into your life? Congratulations. But, besides reminding you that you must be absolutely responsible for the animal and provide all the care and good treatment you deserve, we want to propose that you consider choosing a mongrel cat.

Breeds of domestic cats there are many, it is known. And man insists on creating more and more. These cats are particularly beautiful or call attention to certain characteristics (lack of hair, tail or short legs, curly fur, etc).

But having so much homeless cat, isn't it better to opt for a beautiful and original half-caste pussycat? There are many of these animals waiting for an opportunity in shelters or shelters, or living in the streets. We tell you, then, the reasons to prefer them. We assure you that you will not regret it.

Reasons to choose a mongrel cat there are many. We tell you ours with the hope that you decide to adopt one of these original, affectionate and intelligent mines.

-Unique and unrepeatable

Although it is well known that each cat is a world, the specimens of the same breed are similar to each other, both physically and behaviorally. Instead, mongrel cats tend not to look alike or have certain characteristics that make them unique.

If you look closely you will see that, although at first glance many are similar, they have details that make them original. It can be some particular spot or drawing on the fur, the way of walking, the meowing, etc. Pay attention and you will discover wonders.

-Healthy and long-lived

Being animals that were not selectively bred, usually do not suffer from diseases of genetic origin like those with some races. For this same reason, your immune system is stronger.

The multiple natural crossings make them resistant and enjoying good health. And if they have a good quality of life, they can be long-lived animals, and some specimens can exceed two decades.

-Loving and grateful

If you decide to give home, affection and care to a mongrel cat, you will see how much he thanks you. With a little patience, the pussy will easily adapt to your new home. And soon it will become the spoiled family.

On the other hand, the common domestic felines are usually also calmer and have great intelligence. In addition, they are usually very attached to their owners and give them permanent signs of affection.

-It is better to adopt than to buy

From My Animals we do not miss the opportunity to recommend the adoption of pets. It is more than good if you want to spend good money buying a copy of a particular cat breed, which you are unlikely to find in a shelter.

But it should be clear that animals are not trophies or display objects. And much less a fashion attraction that can be discarded in the next season. The love that a pet can give you, of course, is not measured by its pedigree.

-You discourage illegal breeding

By choosing a mongrel cat, in addition to seeking a new opportunity for an abandoned animal, you are contributing to discourage illegal hatcheries. It is well known that the pet business leads to all kinds of stumbling. If you still choose to buy a racecat, choose reliable and recognized hatcheries.

Y remember that, adopt or buy, you are taking responsibility for the animal. This implies, in addition to the good treatment, to provide you with a good diet, veterinary care, a comfortable and clean space, and all the care that contributes to the minino having a happy and healthy life.

Origin of the European cat

He European common cat, is originally from Europe and although it is not known for sure what the origin of their ancestors is said to be a descendant of the African wildcat and the jungle cat, which are species that have inhabited Africa and Asia thousands of years ago.
Also called Roman cat, because it is said that it was the Romans who brought and spread throughout Europe and was one of their favorite pets for being excellent hunters, as well as good companions.

The breed was recognized as such on January 1, 1983 by the International Feline Federation, although before it had been tried to recognize it in 1925 in England. Categorized as 3rd category by the FIFE with defined physical characteristics and established patterns in the color of its coat.

Physical characteristics of the European or Roman cat

The European common cat is a medium-sized cat with a strong, wide and solid body structure. Robust but not fat. Its fur is short, dense and plush. The head is round and its tail quite wide at the base with a slightly thinner tip. The legs are medium sized and muscular. In addition, they usually weigh between 3 and 6 kilograms. His eyes are from yellow, blue or green. They can also have one eye of one color and the other of another.

Its fur can be of various colors and patterns. For example European single-colored cats they are usually white, black or gray. There are also with a dark striped striped pattern with a marbled pattern, which refers to a defined tabby style, but with a thick dark stripe that follows the spine.

Another style in the colors of its fur is the bicolor or tricolor, where the most characteristic colors are the mix of black and white and even orange. Although there may be combinations with different colors.

Personality and character of the European common cat

He European common cat is recognized for having a very independent personality. However, the development of this independence that is sometimes reflected as seriousness, will also be due to how you used it from the beginning. That is to say, it is a cat that if it receives a lot of love and affection since it is small, it will correspond to you in the same way, because they are an especially sociable breed.

They have a very playful character, they love to play with their humans and they can become very funny, making jumps and movements that will make you laugh a lot.
They are cats with great intelligence and mental agility. Well, they are cats that quickly learn the rules of home. You can teach simple commands such as not biting or scratching the furniture and curtains and you will not have any problems on that side. They are very clean cats in addition and in general very quiet. So if you decide to adopt one at home you can have an excellent life partner.

European cat health

European cats enjoy a strong immune system, which contributes to have a very good state of health. This is largely because their ancestors, wildcats and jungle cats provided the breed with strong and resistant genes.

However, these cats, like all cat breeds, can suffer from diseases that can be caused by genetic problems but are not breed specific. How kidney, allergy, heart or intestinal problems.

These cats can live healthily up to 15 years and taking it from time to time to the veterinarian and providing basic care will be enough to prevent problems with their health.

European common cat care

As mentioned above, common European cats tend to enjoy good health and are very independent. However, despite this independence, they need basic care such as:

Take care of your diet: A good diet contributes to a strong immune system to fight against any disease or virus.
Have physical activity. They must have a time of day to devote to the realization of activity. Where to exercise in order to avoid sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

Visits to the vet: Regular appointments with the veterinarian will contribute to the prevention of possible diseases and especially that if you are suffering from any, it will be detected on time. When a symptom or disease is detected in time it is easier to be treated
Vaccines per day: Important that this is done on time.

Scraper at home: For any breed of cat it is important to have a scraper in the home. They need to scratch and sharpen their fingernails for health issues. In addition, it will also contribute to the realization of physical activity, because if it is a tree or tower style scraper, you will be happy going up and down all the time.
Constant hydration: Not only cats, in general all pets need to be hydrated. This is why you must have your drinking fountain with fresh water and available at all times. Especially in times of high temperatures.

Hygiene: You must take care of their hygiene, clean their face, eyes (tears), ears and tail regularly. Also the hygiene of the home and its utensils. This in order to avoid contracting viruses, ticks or fleas, which usually occur in dirty environments.
Brush your teeth: Once a week to avoid periodontal diseases.
Brushing your fur: This breed for being short-haired will not need more than a weekly brushing. But it is important that you do it, because in this way you remove dead hair and prevent the accumulation of hairballs in the digestive tract.

Last but not least, the best thing you can do to take care of your cat is to provide a lot of love and affection. Good health and emotional stability will contribute to your physical health as well.
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