Why do dogs smell your crotch?


If you have experienced this situation recently, it is very likely that you wonder why my dog ​​smells like a crotch and you want to know the meaning of this behavior, so common in dogs. To begin, it is important to note that it is not a negative behavior or that we must repress. Dogs constantly seek information from the environment, mainly through the nose, so it is completely normal for them to sniff everything that is interesting to them, including our crotch.

However, this behavior can have different meanings, so in this article of Animal Expert we will detail the reasons that explain why dogs smell the crotch. If you also wonder why this behavior, read on and find out everything about dogs.

The smell of the dog

Before explaining why dogs smell the crotch, we must talk about canine smell, which is extremely powerful. Unlike us, humans, who have 5 million olfactory receptors, dogs possess between 200 and 300 million. This makes the sense of smell one of the most important for the dog. In fact, dogs constantly communicate with each other using chemical signals, known as pheromones.

Some of them, such as appeasement pheromones, are secreted by lactating females to reassure puppies. But also, because of its effectiveness, synthetic pheromones are currently marketed to complement behavior modification in the face of behavioral problems such as anxiety or stress. But there are many other types of pheromones, such as those that are expelled through urine, feces, anal sacs or leg marking.

Why do dogs smell each other?

The language of dogs is complex and extensive, more than many tutors believe. Therefore it is necessary to spend time to know the canine behavior, the signs of calm and many other curiosities about the species, only in this way we will be able to correctly interpret the behaviors of our dog.

Thanks to the chemical communication, dogs are able to perceive when an individual is stressed, happy, sad or nervous. This explains, for example, why dogs smell their anus: They are looking for important information from the other dog, in this case through the anal sacks. They can also discover their sex, age or variations in sexuality, such as zeal in female dogs.

Once again it should be noted that we are facing a behavior totally normal and acceptable in canine communication. In no case should we prevent our dog from sniffing another's anus or preventing him from sniffing the other dog feces if he doesn't eat them. For domestic dogs, who spend most of their time at home, sniffing the surroundings is a source of enrichment that helps them to entertain themselves, while they are located, they know their peers and much more.

Why do dogs smell intimate parts?

When a dog sniffs our private parts, it searches get information from us, as it does with other dogs. The problem is that it misses us. However, dogs communicate with human beings in a canine language and it is unrealistic to expect another type of communication more humanized.

The human being also has sweat apocrine glands, but they are not distributed throughout the body but are found present in armpits and english. Therefore, a dog that wants to obtain information from us will approach these areas. This explains why dogs smell the intimate parts of people.

This behavior is very common when the dog does not know a human being, but it is also highly common when you know it, since what you are looking for simply by sniffing our crotch is knowing how we are. With a known person this behavior could well be interpreted as a warm greeting, since seeing it this way is much more understandable for us.

The behavior of smelling the intimate parts of humans it is markedly accentuated in the following situations, which explain why dogs smell the crotch:

  • People who have had sex recently.
  • Women who are menstruating.
  • Women who have recently given birth and are breastfeeding.
  • Women who ovulate (here the accentuation of this behavior is very noticeable).
  • People who are experiencing illness.

Tips to "lift" with the help of your dog

Many have gone through the awkward situation in which your dog greets you or approaches a visit and just the first part that smells are the intimate parts. While it's embarrassing for you, it's a normal and natural behavior, So you shouldn't punish him.

It is already well known that the smell of the dog is his maximum sense and thanks to this incredible ability, he can get enough information of other species, including us, human beings. That is, when dogs smell us they are decoding several of our data.

But what is the information they are sniffing from our private parts? According to a Psychology Today publication, our skin contains two types of sweat glands: eccrines and apocrines. The eccrins are located in the skin throughout the body and are responsible for producing sweat with the sole purpose of regulating body temperature. Apocrines, on the other hand, are located in the armpits, around the areola and in the genitals

This is how with just sniffing, dogs will know the sex, age, health and mood of people, in addition to sexual information, as if a woman is ovulating or if she is pregnant. In fact, many cases have been known in which the dog detects the hormonal change of the woman, even before the woman is tested for pregnancy.

On the other hand, different studies have also proven how the powerful canine smell It can be a key to saving lives and preventing cancer in time.

When a person just had sexual intercourseWhen a woman is ovulating or breastfeeding, she will especially call the attention of the dog to smell you and will do it right in your genital parts, due to the fact that it is in these areas where this hormonal production, especially pheromones, is most concentrated.

The next time a dog comes to smell your crotch you will know that it is because it is a way of interaction with you, in which the dog is detecting your mood and health that for him it is very important to detect about the species with which he lives.

What to do when dogs smell the genitals?

Although this behavior may be somewhat uncomfortable, the truth is that the ideal for your dog is do absolutely nothing, since intervening means preventing your dog from using the language of the species. A good relationship between owner and dog must be based on trust, therefore, allowing you to sniff your intimate parts without any shame will show you that you understand his greeting and respect him.

However, if our dog tries to carry out this behavior with strange people or who are not trustworthy and we want to avoid it, it is best to use basic obedience to call our dog and ask him to stay by our side. While this behavior is not negative, not all people will be willing to be sniffed, so we will avoid a situation that may be unpleasant for third parties.

Now you know why dogs smell the crotch and what to do about it! Does your dog do it too? Share your experience with us and explain to us the reason you think this behavior is carried out.

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There is a reason that explains those awkward moments.

Everyone knows that dogs do not always understand what borders are. They are creatures who like to lick faces of strangers or sniff their crotch.

This last behavior can lead to more than one awkward moment, especially for women who are menstruating, who feel they attract more attention from dogs during that period of the month.

Why does it give the impression that dogs are more revolutionized when there is a woman around them with the rule? The American edition of HuffPost He has contacted a couple of experts to find out.

The truth about sniffing dogs

"Dogs get carried away by smells," confirms Kate Mornement, an animal behavior expert. "They experience the world primarily through their sense of smell. When a woman has the rule it probably smells different, which is interesting for the dog."

The sense of canine smell is so potent that dogs act in drug operations, in forensic investigations and in bed bug detection. They have about 200 million sensory receptors in the nose, compared to 5 million human beings. Several studies have also shown that dogs know how to detect health problems such as cancer and migraines.

"When dogs sniff each other's ass or when they smell the crotch of a woman who has the period, it's a way to look for information," says Kirstin McMillan, trainer of movie animals. "I am sure that when a woman menstruates, natural phenomena are occurring inside."

From a biological point of view, dogs have a special sensory receptor called Jacobson's organ. In humans and other mammals, apocrine glands secrete pheromones, which can transmit a lot of information to dogs. These glands are very concentrated in the English zone, so dogs are attracted to this region of our body when they carry out an odor information gathering session. That is also the reason why dogs smell their genitals and the anal area with each other as a greeting.

"Many times it has to do with sex," says McMillan. "Perhaps they smell of the presence of testosterone. Non-neutered males tend to be more aggressive and territorial, so they are more likely to smell, since they try to test testosterone to determine if they have to pose some kind of challenge or if they are under some threat. "

Non-castrated males often smell females to detect information about their reproductive status, and to know if they can mount them, depending on what they discover, McMillan adds. To greet each other, females sometimes also smell in search of information about their fertility and intend to discover if they can be a threat.

"Imagine a young woman of childbearing age. Somehow, she poses a threat to another woman," says McMillan. "As humans, we pretend we don't care, but dogs do. They don't have to pretend."

What dogs tend to do more

When a dog smells the crotch of a woman who is menstruating, she does not look for exactly the same information about threats and sex as when she does it with a dog, but there is still a certain level of interest.

"It even happens in filming when you work with a dog," says McMillan. "If the actress is menstruating, the dog will know and be a little more interested."

Mornement account at HuffPost that medium-large dogs are more likely to be "opportunistic crotch oilers." "For smaller dogs it is not so easy to smell something that is not up to their nose, unless you are sitting on the floor," he says.

The hounds, like the dogs of St. Hubert and the Basset hound, They have a stronger sense of smell than other dog breeds, so it is logical that they have more interest in the English of women who are menstruating, says McMillan. But what depends most on how well educated the dog is.

"Some dogs are trained to greet politely, so regardless of what they detect, they will do as if nothing," he argues. "But, even so, they smell like you have the rule. They are simply taught to remain indifferent. Other dogs are more unpleasant and start to rub their nose against anyone's crotch to smell deeply."

Mornement gives advice to anyone who has to deal with that "nasty" dog.

"If your dog is a sniffer and embarrasses you, teach him incompatible behavior, such as sitting quietly, "he says." Use small gifts to reward him for sitting when there are many people around him. "

The history of the tampon.

At the same time, many dogs seem to feel a similar attraction to the used trash tampons.

"I think many of us have stories like this, like that time people came home and Rex came out with a tampon between his teeth," McMillan recalls. "They start playing with your tampon, tear it apart in a thousand pieces, and that completely changes the relationship with your dog. It's so disgusting. They're so attracted to that smell that it's really dangerous."

If a dog swallows a tampon, it can cause a fatal blockage, especially if the tampon was already torn apart. In that case, it is best to try to induce vomiting and call the veterinarian immediately.

"In the end it is likely that you have to take it out yourself, because they are not able to swallow it. And if the tampon cord is long, it can get entangled in the intestines," says McMillan, who adds that chemical substances from Many tampons are not good for dogs either.

The best way to avoid this scene is to use trash cans with a lid, but sometimes even that is not enough. "If you have a Houdini, you may need a trash can with a secure closure, although it is not usually that bad."

After all, McMillan sees that awkward situation as a small side effect of the incredible power of canine smell.

This article was originally published in the 'HuffPost' USA and has been translated from English by Marina Velasco Serrano