Vitamins for cats with leukemia


Healthy and balanced eating is necessary at all times in a pet's life, as it is for us. However, in times of illness it is sometimes essential to devote a special effort to the proper feeding of our furry friends, and even include in your diet some nutritional reinforcements to help you recover. In this article we talk about vitamins for cats with leukemia.

Why vitamins for cats with leukemia

Feline leukemia is a complicated disease present worldwide. It is a infection of a retrovirus that causes a dysfunction in your immune system, making you completely vulnerable to lots of diseases. To get an idea, is something like HIV in humans.

30% of infected cats do not develop symptoms, It only becomes a carrier. However, the vast majority of the remaining 70% die within a few years after contracting it, they usually do not survive more than 3.

Feeding a cat with leukemia is very important. It is necessary to resort to a high-end feed, if you did not eat it before, to ensure healthy and good quality nutrients. In addition, to help your body to remain resistant to the virus as much as possible, it may be highly recommended to give it food supplements. That's where vitamins for cats with leukemia come in.

How do vitamins help cats with leukemia?

If your cat has leukemia and you give him vitamins, you can improve your quality of life. These vitamins have lots of benefits in your body, such as:

  • They strengthen the immune system.
  • Enzyme reactions improve, very important to complete all the chemical processes of the body.
  • Increase your Energy and vitality
  • Some also work as appetite stimulators

Vitamins for cats with leukemia

The most appropriate for your cat will be recommended by the veterinarian depending on your particular case. Further, There are certain food supplements not suitable for cats, so you could be in serious danger if you give them on your own and without medical control. Fat-soluble vitamins, for example, could cause serious poisoning, since they are not excreted in the urine and accumulate in your body, these are vitamins A, D, E and K.

Strengthening a cat's organism with leukemia is a great idea, but always under the advice and control of a specialized veterinarian. Depending on each case, one vitamin, or on the contrary, several, may be necessary. If you dare to start your cat in this complementary feeding, ask your veterinarian for personal advice and advice.

A cat with leukemia You may have a serious problem, especially if you have symptoms, since your quality of life is reduced. With vitamins for cats with leukemia, you can help them recover their vitality and well-being. You sign up?

Some facts about feline leukemia

Feline leukemia is a disease distributed worldwide, caused by a retrovirus called FLVe. This virus causes a alteration in the feline's immune system, causing an immunodeficiency syndrome that alters your entire organism and makes you susceptible to numerous diseases. However, 30% of infected cats do not develop the disease but have a latent virus form. In contrast, 25% of cats suffering from leukemia die in 1 year and the remaining 75% die in 3 years.

Holistic treatment for feline leukemia

There is no cure For feline leukemia, therefore, the traditional veterinary treatment is based solely on a symptomatic and immunomodulatory treatment, which although it is not erroneous, it is certainly incomplete since it does not contemplate other factors as important as the mood of the cat or its nutrition. Instead, the holistic veterinary treatments They are much broader, each cat is treated individually and although pharmacological treatment is used, other natural remedies are also used, such as medicinal plants with immunomodulatory action.

From a holistic view in the field of veterinary care, another aspect to be modulated of great importance will be food, since the veterinarian specialized in natural treatments knows that nutrition can become therapeutic.

Cat feeding with leukemia

The first change we must make affects the feed we give our pet, a cat affected by this disease will require I think of premium range, that is, it provides a large amount of nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, and in high quality. Within this range we can find many commercial preparations, as well as wet and dry feed. No one better than the veterinarian can guide us on what is the most suitable product to feed our cat.

We must remember that optimal nutrition will improve the cat's quality of life.

How do vitamins for cats with leukemia work?

An adequate supply of vitamins is essential for the cat suffering from this disease, since vitamins will act as follows:

  • They will improve the immune response and the body's own healing resources.
  • Enzyme reactions will improve, essential for all chemical processes that take place in the body of our pet.
  • They will be useful for improving appetite.
  • They will increase the vital>

Vitamin supplements for cats with leukemia

Not all vitamin supplements that we can find in the market are suitable for cats with leukemia, some compositions are more suitable for malnourished cats and other supplements more suitable for elderly cats. Therefore, the individualization of each case will be paramount. In addition, with fat-soluble vitamins, which are those that are stored in adipose tissue and therefore are not excreted in the urine (A, D, E and K), there is a risk of suffer from poisoning by levels higher than normal.

It is important not to start a nutritional supplement with vitamins without the advice of a holistic veterinarian or naturist, since he will determine what supplement our cat needs or if, on the contrary, only the administration of a vitamin is necessary. In any case, if your cat suffers from leukemia, do not forget to contemplate this possibility, because those natural means destined to strengthen our pet's organism and its own healing resources can make a difference in the quality of life of the sick cat.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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How to care for a kitten: understand feline leukemia

Keep in mind that cats with feline leukemia can spread the disease to other cats, and often do. The virus can spread through the saliva, litter, bite of another cat, with or eat from the food plate to a cat and nursing kittens of the infected mother infected with feline leukemia.It is known that the virus can live until at 24 hours in a wet and humid like a litter box.

What is feline leukemia causes immunosuppression in healthy cats and then the cat falls from secondary diseases. Feline leukemia can have a wide range of effects on cats. Some cats can fight the infection, while others can get the virus and be healthy carriers completely transmit the virus to other cats.

Vaccines are now available for feline leukemia and you have to discuss this with your veterinarian. Prevention is always the best medicine.

Some of the symptoms of feline leukemia are.

1. aborted litters of kittens in pregnant women.

2. eye problems

3. Neurological disorders, seizures, or changes in behavior.

4. Diarrhea that does not improve or disappears.

5. of hair loss or other skin infections.

6. Fever.

7. A poor coat with spots of lack of hair.

8. Weight loss at once.

9. Loss of appetite or the cat suddenly stops eating is a pleasure he has always loved.

If your cat has one or more of these symptoms, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian and express doubts.

It can extend the life of cats that are diagnosed with feline leukemia. But the cat must be limited or quarantined so that the virus cannot be transmitted to other cats. If you have not been spayed or neutered it should be done now. If you do not want a cat with feline leukemia to get pregnant and have puppies because the chances are that the kittens will be born infected with feline leukemia. The cat needs a nutritious diet and will have to see the veterinarian regularly. Before buying or adopting a cat or kitten, the veterinarian should be tested for feline leukemia.

Vaccination is recommended for cats.

1. Go out on a regular basis. You can easily get exposed to cats with feline leukemia in this way.

2. Cats that live in a family where it is known that a cat with feline leukemia already lives.

3. Cats that are at risk of coming into contact with a cat or cats that do not know the status of feline leukemia for.

I hope the information on this feline leukemia concentrator page helps if you are looking for information on feline leukemia. I strongly recommend that you make an appointment with your veterinarian if you think there is a certain possibility that your cat may have feline leukemia. You can also discuss if your cat needs a feline leukemia vaccine.

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We continue with our sad but beautiful story of Iron, my kitten with Feline Leukemia.

This disease, as I told you, is usually spread among street cats or from mothers to children. Iron, we don't know, but being so young is very likely to be transmitted by his mother. Today we are going to explain the care we have to give our kittens with leukemia

How to take care of our cat if it has NO symptoms?

If our minimum is not bad, we must let him live a normal life. It is important that we provide quality feed, with lots of energy and very palatable so that you do not stop eating, as some have wounds in the mouth. In addition, you have to put fresh water and a clean sandbox.

As our cat has a chronic disease, it would be advisable to perform a blood count every month to see how his hematocrit goes and assess his red blood cells and erythrocytes.

You have to be alert to the smallest symptom of illness to start treating it, since having very low defenses, it is very likely that you will get sick (you will have mucus, cough, diarrhea…). Also rapid weight loss is a bad symptom.

How to take care of it when you ALREADY have a VERY low hematocrit?

When our cat enters the terminal phase, it will require all our pampering and care. We must buy an even more energetic meal called RECOVERY and if he does not want to eat we must force him with a 5 ml syringe, giving him little by little to avoid causing vomiting. And watch that at least make a pee a day. You have to continue with your usual treatments if you were on an antibiotic and it is important that you are in a quiet and warm place that does not generate stress.

As I told you, feline leukemia has NO cure (well, there really is a treatment with Interferon, but VERY expensive and not always effective) and that's why its prevention is so important. Iron is already in the terminal phase, eating forcefully and with very little activity. . I encourage you to vaccinate all your cats.

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