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Caring for your dog's teeth is essential for maintaining good health, although it is often ignored that dogs also require this type of care. At ExpertAnimal we know that establishing a routine of oral hygiene for your furry friend is essential, not only to prevent discomfort such as bad breath and splintered teeth, but also protect against serious diseases. That's why we present these tips to take care of your dog's teethWell, a healthy dog ​​is a happy dog.

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As with humans, your dog's teeth deteriorate over time if they do not receive the necessary care, which leads to appearance of bad breath, plaque and tartarIn addition to running the risk of the dog's teeth splintering or developing some infections, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. These diseases cause discomfort and aggressiveness in your furry friend, as well as putting his life at risk.

Surely you will be wondering why dogs need to take care of their teeth if, in theory, they are animals capable of living in the wild. However, you should keep in mind that this was the case in the past, when a diet based on raw meat, bone and cartilage kept the dog's teeth healthy and strong, while with domestication and food offered at home they have emerged. other problems.

Usually, the medium-sized, large and giant dog begins to suffer from tartar and plaque from 3 years old, while the can toy or small usually begins to develop it before. In either case, implementing an early hygiene routine is crucial to avoid this type of inconvenience.

Maintain the dental hygiene of the dog

There are different options you have to take care of your dog's teeth, and it is necessary to use more than one to achieve proper hygiene and thus, take care of your dog's teeth:

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Creating habits

No dog, in principle, would like you to try to put your fingers in his mouth, therein lies the importance of accustom the dog to the brushing routine from puppy. Your puppy's teeth will not appear completely until he is about 6 or 8 months old, but brushing training can begin earlier.

From small and for about 5 minutes every day, try to accustom your puppy to manipulate his mouth, delicately introducing your fingers and rubbing his teeth gently. It will annoy you, but soon you will feel it as normal.

When the denture is complete, you can start with a soft bristle brush. If your dog is already an adult it will take a little longer to get used to this, but don't give up and be patient.

General recommendations for cu>

In addition to the above tips to take care of your dog's teeth, we advise you to keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Always use a soft bristle brush made for dogs. Remember to change it when necessary.
  • Never use toothpaste for humans, because the high contains>

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Brushing teeth?

Before talking about food, Did you know that dogs should also brush their teeth? Yes, many veterinarians suggest washing them once a day if possible but they know that many owners are not able to do it so if you can wash them a few days a week, it is already a great step! It is better to accustom a puppy to this practice from the beginning because once it is old it will be much more difficult to introduce this new habit.

Previous requirements. The best way to get your dog's teeth healthy is to make sure they take care of all the nutritional needs. If you give him all the mineral salts and vitamins he needs, the chances of having healthy and strong teeth are much greater, so choose foods approved by the competent authorities after proper controls. Choose high quality meat foods, because meat helps keep your mouth clean and in its best state. Dry food also contributes to your dog's dental health.

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Is it useful to give some sticks to creak? Since they are designed to clean your dog's mouth when chewing them they are definitely useful (especially if your puppy is not very cooperative when you brush it) they reduce the risk of plaque and tartar formation and keep the gums healthy. Giving one to your four-legged friend every day before bedtime is a great idea. This part of dental “maintenance” should seem like a child's play, since dogs consider them a small prize and are very happy to receive them. Avoid the bones and make them chew something that does not hurt. Since bones can damage teeth and cause them to fall, it is better to avoid them. They can also cause damage to the digestive tract and constipation. However, chewing some leather, nylon or rubber toys and a few sticks suitable for your hairy skin is an excellent remedy to reduce plaques. Always verify that they are suitable for dogs and remember to wash them regularly.

Avoid giving him some foods that are not suitable for him. Many people are tempted to share their food with their four-legged friend, but it is better to control this momentum. We all enjoy our fries or a good slice of cake and we have seen our dog at least once with those eyes, but we must not give up! This food is trapped between the teeth and contributes to the formation of tartar and decay. When you go to the vet with your dog, be sure to check his teeth as well as his general condition.

Give a quality feed

The dog is a carnivorous animal, so that so that your body and teeth are as healthy and strong as possible it is extremely important that you eat meat. Today we find many feeds that are made of this food, and that do not carry any type of cereal, such as Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, Applaws, ... Any of them, in addition to liking it, will surely take good care of you 🙂

Clean your teeth

From puppy it is necessary to accustom him to the routine of brushing his teeth. We will do with a brush and toothpaste specific to dogs, and we will clean them gently, removing the remains of food you have between them. Afterwards, we will give you a prize in the form of caresses and beautiful words for your good behavior.

Offer bones from time to time

Wild canids, that is, those that live in their respective habitats and take care of themselves without human intervention, such as African wild dogs, clean their teeth by chewing bones. The domestic dog, although he has been living with us for several thousand years, needs to do the same. Thus, from time to time we will give you a bone that is larger than the length of your mouth that is raw.

If you do not convince us, we can offer chewers that also serve to clean your teeth.

Take it to the vet

At least once a year the veterinarian should check his health and teeth to be able to detect any disease on time. In addition, we must always keep in mind that an early diagnosis can help the animal recover earlier.

Thus, even if the dog had a great time in the garden, his teeth will continue to be healthy 🙂.