How do I know if a collie bordel puppy is pure, how do I realize?


Breed mixtures are very common in the canine world, however, those who wish to have a can of a particular breed and that this is pure may need some help to make sure that the dog that it actually has is of a specific breed.

Those who have a Border Collie (originally from the border between Scotland and England) know that they are very sociable, intelligent and with great capacity to learn. It is one of the most used breeds in grazing, and any activity that requires an agile, tireless and obedient dog.

The good news is that each breed has specific characteristics that can help you elucidate whether the dog is the product of a mixture or not.

In the case of Border Collies, both their characteristic look and their coat are some of the indicators that can help their owners know more about their origin. Also keep in mind that they are slender, lift their feet very little, which in motion gives the impression that they are moving stealthily and at great speed.


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When one buys a dog of breed (nothing of 80% 90% 95% since if not it would not be of breed, if not a Creole, or is or is not) many people without your request teach you parents to see that it is indeed of the breed, but it is never too much to study a little, for example some time ago, I was going to buy a lhasa, but among the defects that the dog had, it did not raise its tail and above all it did not grow its hair until One day they asked us to pay it, we said NO, because it does not meet the standards of the breed.

Another thing that I can suggest, is that you allow 2 or 3 months to pass that the pups are born to see and notice the characteristics they have if some is missing something you go with another and so on, until you see the best of the litter (of course breeders often keep it).

Good luck and choose well and if you know someone who knows about dogs that you accompany.

Border Collie Origin

While origin of the border collie dog breed It is somewhat uncertain, it is known that it developed and officially recognized in the British Isles. Some archaeological remains found indicate that the direct ancestors of some dog breeds, including the border collie, reached the british isles between the fifth and first centuries before Christ by the hand of celtic tribes. In fact, it is suspected that their name might come from the language of these communities, since "collie" means "useful" in Gaelic.

These tribes settled in Ireland, however the border collie we know today has just developed between Scotland and England. The Celtic dogs crossed with dogs native to the United Kingdom, giving way to several types of collie shepherd dogs, like the bearded collie, one of the direct predecessors of border collie dogs.

In fact, its name literally means "border collie" by the establishments located between the borders of Esocia and England. Already at that time stood out as a sheepdog to guide livestock, work that still plays today for its agility and intelligence.

It wasn't until he twentieth century when the different canine organizations, such as the International Cynological Federation or the Kennel Club, began to recognize the border collie dog breed official and standardized.


Border Collies are active dogs and workers who live better in the countryside. If they are confined without activity or company, these dogs will soon become unhappy and adopt destructive behaviors. The breed is very intelligent, learns quickly and responds well to praise.

Given their grazing instincts, they are protective of their family and territory and are excellent guard dogs. They will take care of the children of the family. Although they get along well with children and other pets they grow up with, they can be reserved and sometimes brusque with strangers, nibbling their heels as if they were keeping sheep.


They are extremely energetic dogs so it is necessary to be able to offer them the opportunity to do a lot of exercise. They love to run but they also need their owners to pay close attention to them and assign them a task, either grazing cattle or picking up a ball.

It is necessary to socialize them well from young people to avoid shyness in front of strangers, and they must receive training in obedience, which can help prevent bites and their tendency to flee or chase cars.

The moulting level of border collies is considered medium. It is necessary to do at least a weekly brushing to keep the hair beautiful. This breed lives approximately between 12 and 15 years.

Although border collies are shepherds and raised to work with sheep, they can handle any type of herd and even children in the family.

The breed originated in the border counties of England and Scotland possibly in the 18th century. The ancestors of the border collie could be other types of collies, such as the bearded collie and the Scotsman, although some historians believe that the Spaniel could have intervened in the mix at some point.

During the 19th century, border collies reaped considerable success among the English upper bourgeoisie. Currently, although they are used to work with livestock and are also family pets. As their training is simple, they are also used as police dogs, for the detection of narcotics and bombs and for search and rescue missions. They are also good guide dogs for the blind. The borders have recently agreed to the exhibitions of the AKC (American Kennel Club) among certain controversies and protests by breeders, worried that breeding for exposure may influence their ability to work.

Border Collie Features

The characteristics of the border collie are slightly similar to those of the Australian sheepdog, for that reason, many lovers of both dog breeds want more information about the differences between a border collie and an Australian shepherd.

The Border Collie breed stands out for being tremendously agile, with an ideal physical form to exercise, jump and run. Males usually measure about 53 centimeters to the cross and females somewhat less, as is usual in many dog ​​breeds. Likewise, they can weigh up to 20 kilograms and show a elongated body and a very dynamic aspect.

The border collie has very specific characteristics, such as muscular legs that denote the predisposition for the exercise, the end of the tail always finished in white tones or its snout finished in tip and with a truffle that can be black or brown. As for the ears we can see three different types such as falls, semicaidas or erect, all of them just added the distinctive touch. On the other hand, although the usual eye color is usually brown, sometimes the border collie has an eye of each color, blue and brown, or both blue.

Although the image that comes to mind when we think the border collie tends to be that of a dog with a dense and beautiful coat, the truth is that there are two different varieties in terms of hair type: long-haired border collie and the short-haired border collie. In both cases, the dog has a double layer of dense hair that protects it from cold and wind, a soft inner and a rougher outer one. In this way, the only difference between them lies in the length of the coat, since a wide range of colors is accepted for both, such as the black and white, the brown and white and the black, white and fire. There are also specimens in blue, chocolate or Australian red.

Border Collie character

As you will know after reading the physical characteristics, border collie dog breed is not especially large, however, it is one of the most outstanding dog breeds in terms of activity and energy. For this reason, many people consider that it is a dog that should only live in rural environments, however, a good routine of walks, exercise and stimulation can turn it into a dog that adapts perfectly to life in a city.

Border collie dogs are advised to active families, with a passion for sports, dog training or hiking, it also requires a family nucleus that can devote time and the stimulation you need so much. The full potential of the breed will be greatly benefited by the skills of the owner as the owner who will be rewarded with an obedient dog, shepherd, tireless and tidy.

We speak then of a dog that need time and dedication, unlike other quieter races. The lack of these elements make the border collie a destructive, hyperactive, anxious, nervous and even barking dog in excess. Negative behaviors are a consequence of the anxiety you may feel from lack of energy or boredom.

On the other hand, the border collie is a dog very faithful to his human companions, very smart and a born observer who quickly understands how to express people's pain, happiness and excitement. With his family he will be complacent and tender, while with strangers he can be shy and reserved.

And if you wonder if the character of the border collie is compatible with children, you should know that any balanced and healthy dog ​​that understands the limits of the game with the little ones and that understands the tranquility they need is perfect to play with them. We recommend marked objectives such as going to look for the ball, perform circuits or other activity that enhances both the creativity of the child and the stimulation of the dog. It should also instill the smallest how they should treat animals and what they should or should not do. It is a very important factor for a good bond to be generated.

Being a but disciplined it will be very easy to educate him as a sheepdog, since you have an intelligent dog that will understand that you should not harm the lambs at all, just direct them. It is also incredible behavior that assumes with other dogs and pets, in addition to being respectful is usually the leader of the pack for their mental abilities.

As we have already mentioned in previous sections, it is a very active dog, for that reason we recommend a minimum of 3 to 4 walks a day, which combine relaxation, sniffing and physical exercise. In addition, you can not miss mental stimulation in your daily routine, through intelligence toys, mental stimulation exercises or smell. These activities can be done about three times a week, in this way we will ensure that you are mentally active and stimulated, essential for your well-being.

In your day to day you can not miss a quality feed, adapted to your physical needs and your vital stage, to ensure a complete nutritional contribution and that also impacts on a good state of health and a shiny and healthy coat. If you are not sure what type of food to choose, we advise you to inform yourself about the best feed in the market or, conversely, to start on BARF raw diets.

On the other hand, both long-haired and short-haired border collie need follow a brushing routine in which at least three per week are included, to remove dead hair and show a shiny and shiny coat. The bathrooms must be every month and a half so that you do not lose your natural layer of protection.

Border Collie Education

Thanks to the study by Stanley Coren that indicates that the border collie is the smartest dog in the worldIt has been shown that this canine breed takes an average of five exercises to learn a new order, while the general average of less intelligent dogs is in the 30 and 40 repetitions. Obviously this learning time is very relative and, therefore, not all border collie learn in the same way.

To obtain the mentioned results and enjoy a balanced dog, it is essential to follow the positive training methods. Likewise, although it is usually a sociable breed with the rest of the dogs, the border collie puppy must be socialized with other animals, people and new environments. Starting at five or six months of age, you can start practicing basic training orders with the border collie and, once well assimilated, move on to the advanced ones to mentally stimulate you and avoid feeling frustrated. In this sense, another highly recommended way to stimulate the mind of this dog breed is by dog skills and sports Like Agility

Learning to motivate you is very important, for this we can reward you with different goodies, take you to new places to practice or have different toys.

Border Collie Health

In recent years the border collie dog has experienced increasing and excessive popularity, which has caused many individuals and illegal breeders to have significantly increased the population of this breed, without having the knowledge suitable to ensure a good breeding of the puppies.

All this has had a very negative impact on the breed, causing an increase in hereditary diseases and the appearance of certain behavioral problems, most of them related to aggression and fear.

Next we will show you the most common diseases of the border collie dog:

Both to avoid them and to detect them in time, it is recommended go to the veterinarian periodically, as well as following the mandatory vaccination schedule and deworming the dog internally and externally on a regular basis. If you receive all the care you need, follow a proper diet and exercise, the life expectancy of the border collie dog is between 14 and 17 years old.