Psychological pregnancy in female dogs - Symptoms, treatment and home remedies


There are some myths about disappearing the psychological pregnancy of female dogs, such as giving French tortillas with parsley. Here we explain its veracity and what this method consists of.

How many times have we heard an acquaintance talk about feeding tortilla with parsley to our dog to stop having the symptoms of a possible psychological pregnancy? Not everyone hears this advice, though the myth may have something more real of what many owners believe.

Does it really work?

Yes, it is true that each dog has its own characteristics and that, like people, a treatment can work for you or not. It doesn't matter if it's a home remedy or a medication. In the case of bitches and the treatment of their psychological pregnancy, parsley omelette is right. But we will explain how to do it correctly and why this phenomenon occurs.

Despite being considered a myth, parsley is the main cause of its pseudogestation - as the psychological pregnancy of a dog is known technically - to stop. The use of the tortilla is for them to ingest the main ingredient better, since the egg itself does not reverse the gestation symptoms that our dog is noticing at that moment.

It is better not to give it many days in a row, since they love the egg - like the vast majority of human food - but it is not good for them, since increase your cholesterol levels and his organism is not as tolerant as the human with certain foods. For this myth to become true, we must introduce a large amount of parsley In the tortilla. It is not enough to sprinkle some cut leaves as we would do for ourselves, but we must throw enough.

The origin of this treatment is that the veterinarians themselves prescribed this advice to the owners when it was a question of Symptom of mild psychological pregnancy. The myth was extended until everyone used it, although not all dogs work for several reasons: for the time elapsed between the first manifestations that it is a pregnancy - whether psychological or not - the strength of the symptoms - since they can be mild in nature or be a stronger type - and physical characteristics of each dog. If this homemade method against pseudogestation does not work, then it would be convenient to go to the veterinarian.

How the myth works

Parsley works in the tortilla for its properties. It is diuretic and stimulates menstruation. With this we cause the dog to eliminate liquids more quickly, among which would be those created by the breasts, and we would also strengthen the cervix, which is a muscular capacity after recovery from childbirth.

This treatment it really works, so we would not only help your mental and psychological state but also we would save you the pain and discomfort It occurs in your body during a real pregnancy. Its abortive properties make parsley is harmful during the actual state of pregnancy, so you have to think if we want our dog to go through that phase of maternity or not and take care of their food.

But remember that parsley tortilla does not always work. Hence its myth qualification, although it has a facet that really works. It doesn't always work out because we don't use the right amount, we don't identify it and treat it on time or because its symptoms require a stronger specific medical treatment Given his status. We can test at the beginning, and if we see that the result is not as expected, we can go to a specialist to treat the disease of our dog.

Appearance and symptoms

To prevent our dog from suffering a psychological pregnancy, we must first know what are the signs of ailment and its possible treatment with parsley tortilla. Normally, pseudo management It is a process that appears after zeal. You don't have to give signals after each one.

The reasons are simple. As an animal explanation, it is a method that the dogs themselves they developed in their pack condition. When the alpha female or the alpha male puppies had to be protected, not all the dogs of each clan ended up gestating, so they all developed a sense of protection and motherhood towards future members.

Another more physical explanation. Some have not been mounted and others have been, but without success. The body begins to develop symptoms similar to those of pregnancy even if it has not been fertilized. We notice this in the ability of bitches in be overprotective with inanimate objects like stuffed animals or baby toys, as if she had puppies, and the breasts are filled with milk or acquire the appearance they would have of being pregnant. If we want to avoid this behavior It is best to sterilize.

What is a psychological pregnancy?

Psychological pregnancy in a dog It is a hormonal mismatch That can happen in some cases. Because of the complications and diseases that it can mean, veterinarians always recommend sterilizing our pets.

A psychological pregnancy may appear when we try to mate several times with an unsuccessful bitch but also it can occur due to natural causes. Animals that live in freedom can develop this behavior especially when they live in a herd, in this way if a parent dies, another figure in the herd can replace it and take off the offspring.

Symptoms and diagnosis of psychological pregnancy in female dogs

In our article about pregnancy in the dog we talk about psychological pregnancy since the symptoms that the animal shows are very similar to a really pregnant bitch. Look at their behavior and physical appearance:

  • absence of menstruation
  • vaginal discharge changes
  • enlarged belly
  • developed breasts
  • breast with milk
  • licks her breasts
  • lick the vagina
  • sozollos
  • does not want to walk
  • steal stuffed animals
  • hides
  • scratching the floor and walls

Before any of these symptoms the fundamental thing will be go to the vet, only he can determine that it is really a psychological pregnancy. In addition, it will offer you the specific guidelines to follow in the case of your dog in particular.

Remember that some of these symptoms (especially breast growth) can lead to problems such as an infection or other more serious ones such as mastitis. Psychological pregnancy in dogs can also cause serious behavioral changes.

Treatment and home remedies for psychological pregnancy in female dogs

Usually psychological pregnancy usually remits after three weeks and during this time the bitch will show something downcast. You will need much more love than on other occasions. In a mild case, the veterinarian will recommend some guidelines to follow:

  • To begin with, it will be essential that the dog stop licking her breasts because that stimulates milk production. Too much milk can cause an infection or other problems. For this a good tool will be to impregnate very gently with camphor alcohol Breasts of the dog. Its taste will dislike you and also prevent a possible infection.
  • We must increase the walks and exercise with the dog so that it is distracted and its hormonal levels stabilize. You will probably try to come back after peeing, continue with the ride a little more.

If following these tips the psychological pregnancy in dogs does not seem to end we must go to the veterinarian to administer antiprolactinics as well as anxiolytics in very serious cases. Never offer them without a prior recommendation.

Consequences and prevention

Sometimes a psychological pregnancy it can lead to serious health problems, previously we have mentioned the infection of the nipples as well as the mastitis. Still there are other problems that can also affect a female dog with a psychological pregnancy such as depression, discomfort and behavioral changes. That makes the dog suffer with the false pregnancy and causes her to experience a stressful situation.

It is generally estimated that 5 out of 10 female dogs will suffer a psychological pregnancy at some time in their life. Sometimes they may suffer several throughout their adult stage.

The best thing you can do to keep this episode from repeating will be sterilize your bitch. A sensible option that will end these episodes of discomfort for her. In addition to stopping the reoccurrence of psychological pregnancies, you will also prevent her from becoming pregnant as well as serious behavioral changes.

Discover in our article about the advantages of sterilizing a dog 24 compelling reasons that will benefit both as well as false myths about sterilization.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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