Dogs should not eat sweet


When we are eating a delicious sweet and we have our dog next to each other looking at us in an impossible way to ignore, we think he has never tried a candy and that he might like it, but, Do you think if you are doing good or bad to your dog?

It is important to know why excess sugar is also harmful to can. Do not miss it!

How does it affect you?

❋ The candy is part of the food indicated as toxic to the dog.

❋ Sugar in dogs triggers diabetes and can occur with small doses of candy.

❋ The digestive system of dogs is much more delicate than ours and presents difficulties when it comes to
metabolize certain substances, one of them being glucose. In this way, glucose levels in
The blood increases to the point of producing negative changes in your body.

Obesity or pancreatitis

Sweets contain a high content of fat Y calories, which can trigger canine obesity.

By ingesting more fats than your body needs, the pancreas elevates the production of the digestive enzyme responsible for digesting and absorbing them, the lipase. By increasing this number of enzymes, the pancreas becomes inflamed to the point of developing pancreatitis, in the most extreme cases. In this way, the intake of sweets is not only harmful because of the possibility of producing an increase in the weight of the dog, but also because of the risk of suffering from diseases serious.

Does a minimum amount of candy hurt you?

If the dog has taken a minimum amount of candy, it is most likely that nothing happens, since the above consequences occur when it exceeds the maximum amount that your body can metabolize
But for the health of your dog, it is best to eliminate the sugar Y sweet of your diet (Visit: Tomato is toxic to dogs)

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Why dogs can't eat sweet

There are a number of foods that, as much as our furry friend asks us, it is better that we do not give it a try. Some of the most dangerous are those that contain sugar, such as chocolate, sideburns or candy for children.

While a little will not feel bad, prevention is much better than cure. Therefore, we are going to tell you why dogs can't eat sweet.

Why can't you eat sweet?

The dog is a hairy glutton by nature. Whenever he has the opportunity, he takes something that is appetizing for him, whatever it is. If we neglect and leave a piece of cake in an accessible place, it is very likely that when we realize it has disappeared. This, although in principle it does not have to cause many problems to the hairy, if the amount of food you have eaten has been large, you could end up with stomach pain at least.

This is because chocolate, as well as coffee or tea-based sweets, contain a substance called theobromine. When it accumulates, cause nervousness and restlessnessas well as the cell destruction. In the case of sweet fruits, especially mango or banana, they contain a large amount of glucose, which causes the same symptoms as theobromine, but on a smaller scale.

How does it affect you?

The accumulation of sugars can cause many health problems, just like us, such as diabetes, pancreatitis, obesity, dental problems (tooth decay, tartar, loss of teeth), blood and circulatory system abnormalities, and in very serious cases the death from poisoning.

If we suspect that he has ingested sweets, the best thing we can do is take him to the vet to examine him and treat him to avoid making the situation worse.

What kind of candy hurt you

When we talk about sweets, we are referring to those preparations that contain large amounts of sugar, especially processed, or artificial sweeteners. But nevertheless, Continuous consumption of some natural sweeteners, such as honey or panela, also tends to be harmful to your body.

Not to mention that there are some confetti that are really toxic to canines. For example, chocolate, coffee-based sweets or tea. This is due to the high concentrations of a substance called theobromine, when it accumulates, it causes overexcitation of the nervous and circulatory system, as well as the acceleration of cell destruction.

In the same way, Be careful with fruits, given the amount of glucose they provide. In general, those with high contents, such as mango or banana, can generate damage similar to those caused by sugar, although on a smaller scale.

Why dogs should not eat sweet?

Because the digestive system of dogs is different from ours, and especially Because they have a shorter intestine, dogs cannot metabolize vitamins or sugars quickly. As a consequence, they end up accumulating in the body.

Similarly, dogs should not eat sweet because neither do they have many of the enzymes that help humans process food like fats or glucose.

Feed your pet well

For everything explained above and as we said at the beginning of this article, a small amount of sugar will not harm your dog, but We invite you to reflect on the meaning of providing food that can end up damaging it.

What is suggested is to completely eradicate the sugar from your dog's diet, at least the artificial one, and replace it with the consumption of vegetables or fruits. These provide a supply of sugar that, in fair proportions, will not harm your pet.