The 3 steps to educate a Pug and improve his behavior


The training of pug It is not as difficult as many people think. Yes, it is easy to get distracted and is very funny, wanting to make pranks. He seems to like the sound of human laughter, because he always seems to be doing the clown, so the fun is more than assured with these dogs. However, it is also a quiet dog that is easy to educate, so that is not a problem when it comes to having one.

He pug live as quietly in flats as in houses, of any size. It is clean and in fact even smells like little dog, something that surprises many first-time owners. Of course, it is a little barking (and its bark is very serious, strange for its small size) when the bell rings or visits arrive, and many copies snore.

It is a good dog for the elderly and for people with disabilities, but we must not forget that it also needs its part of exercise, if we do not give it it will become sedentary, and if it does not turn into a whirlwind of nerves it will suffer from obesity. Like any dog, the pug needs exercise, as does affection and companionship, although the truth is that he is not the most dependent.

When choosing this dog you must take into account their needs. Balanced food, a little healthy exercise, daily walks, company and affection, this is what any dog ​​needs to be physically and mentally healthy. As he is a little independent he will not need us to always be on top of him, but he will always be willing to make thanks for the delight of his owners, that certainly!

In short, to have a pug You do not need to be a great athlete or have great notions of canine training, it is enough that you know how to set limits, be firm, and above all you really want to have fun with your dog, because with this kid, laughter is the last thing you would miss.

If you want to know more about the training of the pug race, enter here:

How to educate a pug

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Read what Others Have to Say

Then I leave some testimonials of happy people They have followed my training advice.

"I bought the book very recently, but I have already made my dog ​​sit by giving the order. I am also succeeding since I remain seated until I call him. I think I will soon achieve all my goals with my dog. "

"I am very happy and it is more pleasant to bathe them, brush them and when going out for a walk their behavior is cheerful and attentive"

"So far I have taught my pet that he has to do the bathroom outside the house, that is to say in the yard and I have already achieved it, another very important thing is that you comment that our pet must be loved very much because he is a member of the family, I pay much attention to what you say that I must first understand the psychology of my dog ​​and believe me that I take it a lot to practice, just as you comment in the field of food that you have to let the dog know that he is a member of a litter and that in that litter there is a leader, so following your advice first, thank you. "

Emmanuel Rojas. Mexico

"I have learned to educate my dog ​​without blows, without scrubbing his dark in his dirt, he does not do it! In fact he learned to go to the place assigned for his needs, I have learned that if I do not want him to nibble shoes, furniture or any which I don't want her to touch, I bought her toys with which she can entertain herself without mistreating anything, and I also bought some footballs for her, it is senational to play with her, since she works out beautifully, and I treat her like one of my daughters , I try to give him quality time, although for my activities I spend most of my time away from home, I give quality not quantity, but I know we enjoy it together. Thanks Marcos! "

Katy Rivera Mexico

"Understanding her behavior is the main thing, I have also found many tips that help me to raise her better, to understand her and to treat her by taking better advantage of her behavior, without spoiling her and taking her full potential from her. I am in that process. She has stopped doing damage, it is obedient but still very effusive with all people and wants to greet them by throwing themselves on it. it no longer barks when it is left alone. "

Sandra Maria Colombia

"Get her to learn her name, to come to the call, I also work with her in her instruction of obedience. Your book went and still remains VERY useful. IT'S THE ONLY TEXT I USE."

Ra Morenol Moreno. Bolivia


"I had paid for dog training, but he has behavioral problems, which he has improved through reading the book and his advice."


Luis Guillermo. Colombia

"I have learned to know it better, to understand how dogs think."

Lucy Baptist Perъ

"I have a dog that has 10 years with us, I could never teach him to pee out of the house, and that is a very obedient bitch. Until now I knew why. My puppies with only three months knew that peeing if allowed, only that you have to do it away from home. It's amazing how easy it is if you know the information "

Violeta Sanchez. Mexico

"It seems to me that the main benefit they got with their book is to understand it, and in this way not to punish it physically when a macana was sent, then seeing that I could change attitudes with the method of the book I felt closer to him and obviously they discover that it is easier for us to understand them intellectually and act accordingly than to ask a dog to think like a human. It is wonderful to see how he learns without aggression. I come from a culture and a farm family where animals are I punished them to obey the horses with the whip, spurs, etc. "

"Thanks to the book I have achieved control of the permitted area for physiological needs, adequate socialization, docility with children, answer the call immediately, respect prohibited areas."

Heber Londoсo. Colombia

"One of the benefits of your book is that it doesn't poop inside the house now, except if it rains it does in the newspaper. It obeys its name. Give the toy when they ask for it."