What to know before adopting a kitten


Adopt a cat, or any pet, It's a beautiful decision, we love the people who adopt! But it is also very important, it is not something that should be done lightly, you have to think it over and plan it, know if you are really prepared to do it ... After all, it's about giving the best possible life to a hairy man. What should you consider before adopting? We tell you!

Adopt a cat, puppy or adult?

The most common is that people prefer to adopt puppy kittens, but the truth is that an adult cat is equally full of love to give you and deserves the same opportunity as a little boy. The experience will be just as rewarding!

If you want to adopt a puppy cat, you should keep in mind that they need more attention and care. On the one hand, you will have to take care of educating him. On the other hand, having a puppy entails extra responsibilities, since they are somewhat more fragile and may have special needs. In addition, it may not take well to be home alone for a long time. And get ready to play! There is nothing more playful and hyperactive than a feline puppy.

If you prefer to adopt an adult cat, you will have some advantages. In addition to being quite more independent and not needing constant attention, it will cost you less to adapt to pet life, because it already has certain rules of conduct learned. For example, you probably don't have to teach him how to use his litter box, because he'll know!

Choose an adult cat or puppy, The important thing is that you enjoy it and give it all the love it needs.

You will need your own space

The moment you start adopting a cat, your home will become both, But he will need his own space inside your house! Specifically, cats need 4 basic places:

  • Toilet area: that is, the place where you put your sandbox. Cats are very clean animals and will not tolerate having their sandbox next to the food.
  • Game Zone: If you want to prevent your cat from scratching everything that is at home, you should not try to eliminate that instinct, but give it an appropriate place to scratch! Your cat will need a scraper.
  • Feeding zone: Choose a good place, which is permanent because they do not like us to change it. Remember: away from the sandbox.
  • Rest zone: your favorite place to relax and clean yourself quietly. Some cats use the scraper, but others may prefer to have a cushion somewhere else.

Prepare the arrival of the cat

The arrival of a new family member home is a great event, also when it is a pet! Therefore, It is important to be prepared for the big day.

If you have children, teach them to deal with a cat, Explain to them what it is like to have this type of pet. Contrary to what many believe, cats are affectionate, but they are also independent. Don't pretend a cat leads a dog's life! If your children want to keep the cat on or playing all day, they are likely to overwhelm you and react badly. This does not mean they should ignore it! You should take care of pets and play with them, but without forcing.

If you have other pets, You should know that cats are quite territorial and that they don't get along with anyone. When adopting, ask the shelter staff for advice to choose the most appropriate for their character, in addition, of course, you must be sure that the pet you already have will accept the arrival of a new member. The presentation of the new cat to other pets should be done little by little and under surveillance.

Visit your veterinarian

As soon as you have your new pet in your arms, It is convenient to take it to the vet. Although most of the protectors deliver dewormed, vaccinated, sterilized and chip animals, the veterinarian should Make a general recognition to assess your health status. Sometimes animals get diseases in the protectors!

Also, knowing exactly what your status and needs are, may recommend the best care for him. For example, if you need a special diet, some complement ... In addition, you can take advantage of the visit so that they meet for the future and to answer questions.

On the other hand, It is possible that every adopted pet will spend a somewhat complicated time until he can adapt to his new home. If you have adopted a cat and are depressed, anxious or scared, the vet can also help you with that.

Get ready for your new life

Adopt a cat, or any other pet, It will change your life for good if you are willing to give it everything you need. He will return all that love to you!

Adopting is a very important decision, that's why We want to ask you to think about it very well and be aware of the long-term responsibility it entails. Don't start having a pet if you're not sure! But if you are, we assure you that it is the most beautiful decision you will make in your life.

Ready to adopt a cat? It only remains to find the right one for you!

Aspects to consider when adopting a kitten

It is true that the degree of flexibility is greater in the case that you decide on the puppies of cats for adoption, because they tend to be much more independent than a dog and do not need daily walks. But, in any case, and although fortunately there are more and more options to travel and enjoy with a feline companion, your pace of life should be able to adapt to your needs for care and care, especially if you decide to adopt a kitten.

The second aspect to consider is your predisposition (or that of other people who will live with him) to the development of allergies. Although many owners who suffer from them claim not to be affected by having a cat at home, it is advisable that before carrying out the adoption of puppies cats the appropriate tests are carried out to prevent the allergy from manifesting once already You have acquired the animal. You can also consult with a veterinarian to tell you which are the races with lower levels of allergens.

In addition to the two factors mentioned, if you are still considering adopting baby kittens for adoption, you should consider another series of aspects that will be part of living together throughout your life together. Among the main ones, the following should be noted:

  • The cats, from small, They need to have a series of well-differentiated spaces to feel comfortable and safe. Specifically, you must allocate a quiet corner, properly ventilated and away from its feeding area to locate the sandbox where you will perform your needs. The most convenient thing is to cover your cat's size requirements as it grows, and to change the sand periodically to keep it clean.
  • You should also look for another space where you will place your trough and trough, and a third party so you can rest and groom In the latter, you can place a cushion as a bed, near your scraper and toys.
  • Baby kittens learn very quickly to develop their daily hygiene routines, but they are also characterized by their excessive energy It is very possible that your kitten, in his eagerness to play and discover, hide easily and try to scratch your clothes or other objects in the house, such as the sofa, furniture or curtains. Applying a certain discipline and a lot of calm can help you. Acquire a scraper and some toys in specialized stores, and familiarize them with them as soon as possible. In this way, you will get accustomed and not damage other surfaces.
  • During its first year of life, it will be convenient for you to provide your cat with a specific feeding for kittens, in order to meet their nutritional needs during the growth phase.
  • You should also accustom your little one to hygiene and care routines, These include nail cutting, bathing and brushing depending on the amount of hair. The sooner you get used to it, the easier it will be for you not to worry when you carry them out.
  • It is essential that when adopting small cats you go as soon as possible to vet to have a full scan, and confirm that you are dewormed (internally and externally), and your vaccine list is up to date. You can take advantage of this visit to deepen the doubts that may have arisen before the adoption of puppies, and inform you about all the issues related to their future sterilization. Remember that you must purchase a carrier in specialized stores to perform this and other types of transfers.

Finally, if you have already decided to adopt a feline baby, duly inform yourself of the existing ways to host cat puppies for adoption. There are currently multiple platforms, shelters, shelters, agencies and protectors that have beautiful baby kittens for adoption.

1. A cat is not a small dog

Many people think that a cat is like a small dog, however, They have nothing to do with it. Both species are different and therefore have specific needs and characteristics. Therefore, before adopting a cat (and any pet) it is essential that you inform yourself very well of the care, needs, behavior, etc. which requires.

2. The socialization period is shorter than in the dog

In Barkibu we have already talked about the importance of the socialization period and its duration in both the dog and the cat. In kittens it covers from 2 to 7-9 weeks approximately. Given that the recommended age of adoption is at 5-6 weeks, we have very little time to habituate our new partner to all kinds of stimuli: people, other cats and pets, environments, noise, visits to the vet, harness and leash if you plan to take him for a walk on the street. Good advice is *adopt the kitten at a time when you have time to devote attention *and be able to carry out this appropriate socialization.

3. Cats do not sleep so many hours a day

There is a widespread belief that cats spend the day sleeping. However, in wild conditions these cats spend a lot of time hunting, traveling through their territory and grooming, which does not leave them many moments to sleep. What happens to the cats that live indoor (inside the house) is that they know their territory of memory and there are no competitors to face, nor prey to hunt, because they always have a full food bowl. That's why it is It is essential to dedicate time and attention, play with them and make a good environmental enrichment.

4. The most docile cats

There are scientific studies that have shown that certain genetic traits affect the temperament of cats. One of them is hair color: black and white cats with white spots tend to be more docile than the rest. The same goes for the father's genetics: if the father is docile, his kittens are more likely to be. Therefore, black or black cats with white spots, which come from docile parents (and, of course, those who have had a good socialization), would be the best candidates to live with because they will show a more docile and affectionate temperament. Do not you think that this argument is great to demystify the dark legend that falls on black cats?

5. They are very sensitive to stress

It is also a topic we have already talked about in Barkibu. Cats are kind particularly sensitive to stress: changes of address, arrival of new members and pets home, changes in the home, loud noises. They are common causes of stress. Therefore, maintaining good health of our cat and good environmental enrichment in the cat's home will be measures to take into account when we live with them.

6. Aggression by game

It is one of the most common forms of aggression in the cat: it crouches behind a corner and when it passes the owner throws himself at his feet to hunt him. This happens because the cats play to hunt. If they don't have enough activity, they look for it themselves. Preventing and avoiding this form of aggression is very simple: it is enough to dedicate certain moments of the day to play with your cat, throw balls, use interactive toys, ropes. for that releases excess energy. Remember that cats are crepuscular animals, which more active are shown first and last hour of the day. These are 2 good times to offer games and attention. In addition, physical exercise helps keep your cat fit and prevent obesity, which can have such serious consequences for our cats.

7. The 5 pillars of cat environmental health

The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) have developed a guide with the cat's environmental needs, which can be consulted online. Sufficient resources at home, respect for your sense of smell, provide safe areas at home, play with them and interact respectfully These are the fundamental aspects to guarantee a good mental and environmental health to our feline.

8. They are beneficial to health

Following the scientific evidence, it is also shown that living with a pet helps prevent or even treat certain health problems. In the case of cats this is quite evident. People who live with cats are more relaxed, which helps maintain good blood pressure, reducing the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases. They are ideal partners for depressed people, since they offer company while "forcing" their human partner to take responsibility and take care of them, reduce anxiety and stress,

9. "Special" diet

The cats are strict carnivores, which requires the consumption of meat, since it is the main component of your diet. They need proteins of animal origin, since there are also some amino acids (called essential amino acids) that your body cannot synthesize and must be provided with the diet. In addition, some cats are very exquisite at mealtime. Therefore, during their socialization period it is highly recommended to offer them different foods, always of the best quality and formulated based on proteins of animal origin as the main ingredient. In this way, as an adult, you will be more likely to accept feed changes and offer fewer problems with food.

10. The tricolor are always female

Finally, a curiosity. Did you know that more than 90% of the tricolor cats (orange-white-black) are female? Again genetics is behind this curious phenomenon. The genes that determine this layer are linked to sex. So, if you are looking for a feline companion as a companion animal, with a tricolor cat you will be almost right.

Living with a pet, in this case a cat, is huge benefits for us, but you must offer those same benefits to your feline companion. For this, it is important to inform and seek advice on the basic care, ethological and nutritional needs of cats. In this way, both your cat and you will be healthy and happy, and you can enjoy a quality coexistence, based on respect and affection.

Borja Ros Villanueva, veterinarian and ethologist in Adetcan.
Adetcan is a project formed by two veterinary ethologists and canine educators that provide counseling, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of behavioral problems in dogs and cats. The service is at home. We are in Santiago de Compostela but we work throughout Galicia.

What can you do to make your new cat feel safer at home?

You can help make that transition of territories easier for your new partner by providing some privacy. You can start preparing your house for the arrival of the new member, choose in advance the place to locate the litter box, if possible in a quiet place and in a corner.

Create a perfect place for your cat to hideThis can be a covered bed for cats or, even easier, a box (cats love garlic!) That box must be large enough for the cat to fit while standing. Make it comfortable and place it in a corner so that the door to the room, the idea is that the cat does not feel trapped. Put a scraper and a shelf or an unoccupied place near the box so the cat can climb and see the world.

Be sure to save those ornaments that can be easily broken, cats will always seek to climb the shelves and tables and what you least want is to end up ending your memories. If there are spaces in your house that contain dangerous substances or things that are not safe for the cat, be sure to block them to avoid accidents.

If any circumstance prevents you from having the house ready for your arrival, it is safer that you keep it in your kennel while you fix everything before releasing it. Be sure to place a container with water in that perfect place for your cat, where the box and the sandbox is, it must be on the opposite side of the cat's “bathroom”. When you decide to release it from the kennel, do not take it out, let it go out on its own and start exploring its new surroundings and leave the room, yes, you must leave it alone, remember that this is a time when the cat must “acclimatize” To the new territory. Prepare food and quietly and very calmly place the container with water next to it.

Be sure to give him a place to feel safe

Don't try to get close to the cat at this stage, you must wait for him to approach you. If you do not, return to the room in 15 minutes. Do not be surprised if you do not eat immediately, it is common for cats when they are changed to show no interest in food even for several days. When the cat is eating, seem familiar with the environment and is looking for your affection, open the door and give him one more room to explore. Do this patiently until you have shown your cat all the rooms in his new house. Remember that you must let the cat take the time of these activities, you must be patient, remember that it may take some time for the cat to understand that this different space is its new territory.

10 Tips for new cat owners

Cats are an excellent company, but we must remember that having one includes certain responsibilities, it is not a stuffed animal, we must know certain things about its care before bringing a cat home. We give you 10 tips that will help you:

1.- Cats are certainly very independent animals But this does not mean that they can fully take care of themselves. Before adopting, make sure your lifestyle allows you to have a pussycat. How busy are you? How much time do you spend at home? These things are going to be important when deciding which cat to bring home. People who have a busy lifestyle should not choose cats that require a lot of aesthetic attention or cats with very active personalities. But there are cats that are ideal for those who work many hours. Find out well before deciding.

2.- What happens if your circumstances change after adoption? Or if you work long hours but still want to have a friendly face that receives you upon arrival? Maybe adopting a partner for your cat can be a good idea, that way, he won't be alone all the time and you can still enjoy the pleasure of having a pet.

3.- Do you suffer from any type of allergies? If the answer is yes, it is best that you do some tests to know in advance if you are allergic to cats before adopting one. There have also been cases in which owners become immune to their own pets even being allergic to other cats, anyway, if this is your case, try to find a cat that is low in allergen levels, you can check with a veterinarian or with rescuers or shelter members to guide you better.

4.- Before taking the cat home, make sure it has been wormed and vaccinatedIf not, do it yourself. Make an appointment with a veterinarian and take him to immunize before going home. Another very important aspect is sterilize your cat or catThis can be the difference between a happy animal or one that will try by all means to make its way to jump through a window or have a male marking territory for all the furniture in your house.

Remember that playing is an important part of the cat's life

5.- Get a good sandbox It fits the size of your cat and good quality sand. Closed sandboxes give your cat more privacy, which is something that many cats appreciate. With regard to cat litter, the one that has the characteristic of accumulating urine in balls is easier to maintain. Take care to keep the litter box clean, cleaning is very important for cats and will be a benefit to your nose.

6.-Also make sure you buy food If the cat is suitable for your cat's age, consult your veterinarian and you are not familiar with the food to recommend the best one for your pet's needs.

7.- Cats love to play, from stuffed mice, strips, feathers and even boxes will be a delight for him. Toys don't have to be expensive, they can even be made at home, just make sure you have something to distract you with and that can keep you busy.

8.- If you don't want your furniture to end with scratches or that your favorite bag is irreparably damaged with the claws of your new friend, you have the expense of having a good scraper or scrapers at home. This can also be done at home, in the network you can get guides to build from the simplest to the most complex scrapers with economical materials.

9.- Cat prizes They are a good resource to have on hand, especially if you want to train your cat in some way.

10.- If you adopt a puppy, make sure you get used to an aesthetic routine that includes baths and filing or claw cutting so you don't have to fight later.

1. Adult puppy or cat

We know that a small kitty will surely make you more excited than an adult, but you should know that adult cats are also full of affection to give and it may be that their acclimatization to a new home is even easier than that of a very young cat.

If you are determined to adopt a puppy cat you have to keep in mind that you must have patience to educate him and time to play with him since the kittens have too much energy and are quite hyperactive. Of course, you will enjoy with your pet a beautiful stage, full of fun moments, but that carry important responsibilities.

If on the contrary, you want help an adult cat, the advantages of adopting it are plenty. An adult cat already has the basic knowledge learned and getting used to a new home will be easier. Remember that we all deserve second chances and more animals like these, that although they do not play as much they continue to provide company and unconditional love.

If you still have doubts about this first point, here are some articles that will surely help you:

2. Your space in your home

Whether it's a kitten or an adult cat, one of the things you should know before adopting a cat is that a cat needs 4 essential spaces inside your home These spaces are:

    Toilet area: A space where your sandbox is always. Remember that cats are extremely neat animals and the area where the sandbox is is sacred. It should never be near food and should be in a ventilated place whenever possible.

Game Zone: If you do not want your furniture or your clothes to suffer continuous attacks, before adopting a cat, you must have your playground ready and it must always include a scraper.

Feeding zone: It must be far from the sandbox, remember that cats are delicate with smells and the area where you place the drinking fountain and your cup to eat should be in another part of the house, always in the same place.

  • Rest zone: Usually, the rest area is usually a corner where our friend feels so comfortable that he uses it both for sleeping, and for carrying out his personal grooming routines. This place can be the same scraper or a corner of the house where you have a cushion and some toys.
  • Remember that to have a feline at home you do not need large spaces or a garden where you can run, but what you have to keep in mind before adopting a cat, is that it will need to easily find its vital spaces.

    To help you with this issue, here are other articles that are sure to make things easier for you:

    Children and adults

    If you have young children at home you should prepare them for the arrival of the new family member. Cats are very affectionate, although their fame says otherwise, but it is also true that they are quite independent and do not like being harassed or manipulated for long periods of time. Teach your children how to play with the cat and how to educate it so that the relationship is totally healthy and the cat can quickly integrate into the family.

    If this is your case, do not hesitate to take a look at our article with the best cats for children.

    As for adults, the same! Cats are not the same as any other type of pet and therefore cannot treat them like a dog would be treated, for example. Cats have a human-like character, so don't try to have them all day long. Of course, remember that they are animals and that they need attention and above all, many games, such as chasing things or hunting.

    Other pets

    Cats are quite territorial, so before adopting a cat make sure that the rest of pets that are at home can get along with him. If you have dogs or cats, the best way to introduce the new family member will be little by little and with a lot of tact, a hasty presentation can spoil the relationship between your pets forever.

    To do this, give the new cat a private space, such as a room, for example, and gradually introduce it to the rest of the house. Let pets smell each other, without seeing each other, keep an eye on the first encounters constantly and thus lose their fear. This process can take up to a month, do not rush it and be patient. And if you encounter aggressive encounters, here are some tips to avoid fights between cats.

    You can also check:

    4. Visit to the veterinarian

    Although it is point number four on our list of things you should know before adopting a cat, the topic of the visit to the veterinarian is one of the most important, whether you are planning to take a kitten home or if you want to adopt To an adult cat.

    Take your new pet for consultationThat the veterinarian verify that everything is in order and if necessary, that it be vaccinated and dewormed. If you have other animals at home you can put your health at risk by taking another animal that can transmit diseases.

    Cats, although strong, are also delicate animals in certain aspects. A depressed or scared cat is more likely to get certain diseases, so it is important that you monitor his health from the first moment he comes into your life. Another aspect that you should keep in mind is the issue of sterilization, this has a lot to do with your happiness, since a cat that does not have the "stress" that can cause the time of zeal, will not only be more docile but will be happier.

    If you have questions about this topic, you can learn more about cat's zeal and the advantages of sterilizing a cat.

    5. A cat will change your v>

    Throughout this article we have explained the basic aspects that you should consider if you want to adopt a cat. We have told you that you must decide what type of cat you want, that you must also prepare your space at home and the rest of the family for your arrival and we have explained that the visit to the veterinarian is almost obligatory, but the most important thing of all is that Having a cat as a pet will fill your life with joy!

    Cats need time, care and affection, like any living being, and the prize they give you in return is priceless, so don't hesitate and put everything in order to have a cat in the family. Whatever the reason that has led you to make this decision, you should know that the relationship with your new pet should be forever and that the sacrifices that you may have to make will result in a unique friendship.

    Felines may have a bad reputation, that their solitary and independent character is confused with selfishness, aggressiveness and until some believe that cats are treacherous animals, but those of us who have felines at home know that this is completely far from reality. A cat will give joy to your home, it will be your support in moments of solitude, it will make you a more active person and of course, the daily laughter is assured with its follies.

    If you want to know a little more, visit our fun article about the things you should know about cats and the benefits of having a cat.

    Feel free to comment and share your experience in Animal Expert.

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