How to educate a Maltese bichon


For educate and train ours Bichon Maltese It is very important to dedicate time, dedication and dedication. If when our puppy comes home and we leave aside his socialization and learning we are condemning him to a v />
The happiness of our puppy, future adult, will depend largely on our dedication in these first weeks, our performance in this period will lead to what kind of adult our puppy will become. Do we want a fearful, aggressive dog that does not know how to live with other dogs or people? Or do we prefer an adult dog that is everyone's joy both inside and outside the home?
He dog training and education It is one of the most fun and comforting stages for the owner. It is also the stage with more responsibilities, since this initial phase will be the mirror in which the future adult dog will be projected into which our Maltese puppy will become.
During these first weeks - Months, our puppy is like a sponge that absorbs everything that lives. His first experiences will mark the behavior of his future, both for good and for bad. In addition to your own experiences, it will also influence that we teach you certain behaviors that will facilitate coexistence in our home. For this we will establish an action plan to educate our Bichon Maltese puppy step by step.

1- Education of the Maltese puppy inside the house:
In this initial phase, in which the puppy arrives with just 8-10 weeks of life to our home, we must develop the role of guides. During your first weeks at home we should place special emphasis, in order of priority, on the following.

Hygiene habits inside the home. Basically you start to assimilate the behavior of doing your needs outside the home, or initially on papers inside the home.

Learn to control your bites: It is normal that being a puppy bites playing, both other pets and people. It is important that you know how to differentiate between biting a toy and biting a person. The latter must be avoided.

Learn to stay alone: Bichon Maltese puppies, like other breeds, suffer from being left alone. We have to teach them to cope with that moment of loneliness.

Avoid jumping on people: It is very common that from small jump on people to greet, either their own owners or guests. This, over time, can be annoying. We must eliminate this behavior.

Avoid getting on the couch, bed, etc .: Like the above, we should not allow the dog to get on the sofa, to the bed, and of course, not to sleep with us.

2- Rules of conduct away from home:
It is important that your dog knows how to behave when you take it for a walk. There is nothing more uncomfortable for an owner than a mischievous and uncontrolled dog. It can become a nightmare. In this guide we will see how to train our Bichon Maltese in the following:

Learn to get on a leash.

Respond to the order: Here!

Respond to the order: Sit! (Sit down)

Respond to the order: Down! (lie down)

Next we explain how work the behavior of the Bichon Maltese in each of the aforementioned sections.

Educate the puppy in habits and hygiene:

This will be the main task during the first weeks of the puppy at home. We must adapt an area of ​​the living room, bathroom or kitchen so that, during its first weeks, it has as a place to make your needs. To adapt this area we will simply place some newspaper sheets on the floor . This part of your education requires great dedication and firmness. We must reward it, for example with a puppy toy, every time you make your needs in the newspapers. If we see that the puppy begins to make his needs elsewhere, we can take him in his arms and pose him on the newspaper area. Then reward it. It is recommended that when you finish eating or when you wake up, take it in your arms and pose it on the newspaper area, since it is at this time when you are most likely to do your needs. Slowly He will take the trick, and he will go directly to the newspapers to do his needs. It is important to keep the positive reinforcement (give him a dummy) over time.
With the weeks passWhen the puppy can start leaving home, we will change the way we act. Normally puppies want make your needs Within minutes of eating. At that moment is when we should take it out To make your needs. And there we will begin to reward him away from home. From that moment we will stop rewarding you at home when you make your needs about the newspaper and we will only reward you outside. When you take him out of the house let him choose the place to do his needs. From there surely always go to it. So we will get the dog to relate the walk to do their needs.
When you make your needs elsewhere, we should not scold him.
When you make your needs out of your newspapers, clean that area with vinegar or ammonia, this will eliminate any smell that attracts you to do them again.

Teach him to control his bites:

It is normal for a Bichon Maltese puppy try your new teeth with everything in its path. To satisfy your need to bite things, it is ideal to buy toys and gadgets for moder, specifically made for puppies. You can find some in our specific products section for Bichón Maltese. In addition to controlling your bites, producing fun and entertainment, these products help maintain proper oral hygiene.
In case you "catch" your Maltese puppy biting something other than his toys acts by saying: NO! NO! While you take away the object that is biting. On the other hand, when he is biting one of his toys you can caress him in even giving him a lollipop to reinforce his positive behavior.

Avoid crying when left alone:

When you are not at home he will know, and your neighbors too ... That is why it is very important that learn to be alone. To tackle this problem we will act as follows:
When you're home, go out the door. Wait on the other side of the door for the puppy to start crying. When he starts, he says NO! NO! And show yourself upset, don't pet him! So repeatedly. Little by little you will realize that what you are doing is not right and you will stop doing it.

Avoid jumping on people:

It is very common in Maltese puppies that greet jumping on people. We must eliminate this behavior completely. To do this when it jumps on us, we must grab it and set it aside while we say: NO!

Learn to get on a leash:

We will start putting our Maltese puppy his collar for periods of hours at home. For 3 days, the first day half an hour, the second one hour, the third two. To the room it will be time to take it out to its first leash ride. Possibly on the street try to let go or go in the opposite direction. You must have the strap short and continue your walk with it attached to you, even if you pull.

Respond to the order: Here!

Take it out tied with a long rope, of those extensible of at least 4 meters. When this far, smelling or browsing around, shout at him: Toby (his name), Here! If it comes, reinforce it by giving it a lollipop of yours. Repeat that several times, letting it go and when it is clueless you repeat the call and the prize. Little by little he will come to you whenever you call him.
Important: Never quarrel when he approaches you, even if he has previously done something wrong.

Respond to the order: Sit! (Sit down)

Place the Maltese puppy in front of you grabbed with his strap strap. Tell him: Sit! At the same time you lean and press with your free hand your hip down until it feels. If you try to go to bed, pick it up and repeat the order. When done well reinforce it with a lollipop. You will see how doing it several times you will not need to press your hip so it feels, little by little he will do it only when he hears Sit say!

Respond to the order: Down! (Lie down)

When your puppy Bichon Maltese learn to sit (previous step), it will be time to teach him to lie down. For this we will place, as in the previous step, the puppy tied by the leash in front of us. At that time we will say: Down! As we press his shoulders to the ground. Podemos too help you stretching their legs forward. When lying on the floor we will reinforce it with a toy. We will repeat the step until we get it done without pressing your shoulders, simply by listening: Down!
To get up tell him Up! As you go one or two steps. When it rises we reinforce with chuche or caresses.
If you follow this series of training and education tips and recommendations from the first weeks that you Bichon Maltese puppy come home you have great chances of, over the years, having a Bichon Maltese adult polite, sociable and close friend of all.

The temperament of a Maltese bichon

Each dog has a genuine and unique character, however, each dog breed has some characteristics that are generic and obviously many of them are positive, provided that the dog has been properly socialized and educated.

It's about a active, intelligent, affectionate and friendly dogIn addition, as with other small dogs, such as the Yorkshire Terrier, it is an excellent guard dog that, although it cannot defend the home, will alert us to any strange presence.

Walk your puppy daily

Once the first compulsory vaccines have been administered to your pups and they have been dewormed, they can begin to walk outside, already with a more mature immune system and prepared for such exposure.

The Maltese bichon is a small dog and in this sense it does not need to perform much physical exercise but obviously it is essential to take it to walk twice a day. This practice not only strengthens the bond between owner and pet, but also helps to channel the dog's energy, disciplines it in a healthy way and is essential for the socialization of the puppy.

The socialization of the Maltese bichon is not only necessary so that it can interact harmoniously with other pets but it is also very important if children live in the home, since this dog will be an excellent companion as long as it has been properly socialized, and provided that the smallest of the house understand that it is a living being and must be cared for and respected.

Use positive reinforcement

Like any other dog, the Maltese bichon responds well to positive reinforcement, which in a simplified way could be translated as the practice by which the dog he is not punished for his mistakes, but he is rewarded for his successes.

Adequate canine training should not only be based on positive reinforcement but also requires a lot of patience, this means that the teaching of new orders must be carried out daily, (2 to 3 times a day) but for periods not exceeding 10 minutes and in a distraction-free environment.

Among the first basic orders that you should teach your dog one of the most important is that go to your call, as this will be essential to have minimal control over your pet.

As with other dogs, as the Maltese bichon progresses in its training, it is important that when you learn to sit down, you also do it when your food is served, not directly pouncing on it. This is because when controlling a dog over food, it is much easier to control it in any other situation, being obedience an essential capacity for good canine training.

In addition to coming to the call and sitting down, the dog must learn other basic training orders such as standing still or lying down.

The game as an educational tool

The Maltese bichon is an active dog and therefore it is important that you have at your disposal various toys, in this way it will keep you entertained and you can properly channel your energy, in addition, you have various games that you can practice with your dog at home.

The game is also an educational tool, since during it aggressive behaviors and a "No" firm and serene before them, it will correct this and that the dog grows until it acquires a balanced behavior.

Do not forget that a dog that has not received education of any kind and that is not walked or stimulated mentally, is susceptible to behavioral problems. For that reason he pays close attention to dedicating time each day as well as company, affection and education. If you treat him with respect and affection you will have an excellent life partner by your side.

If you want to read more articles similar to How to educate a Maltese bichon, we recommend that you enter our section of Basic Education.

Text: M Jes s Hern ndez (De Driles Can)

The Bichà © Malt s is a dog in the category of companion dogs, its size is elegant and haughty, it has a very good character to live with other companion animals, because of its Small size is the ideal dog to live in small spaces, such as flats or apartments, while remaining a lap dog par excellence. It also has its character with strangers, but until it recognizes them. It is very of its owners, while still being a kind dog with whom it shows its kindness. It is very intelligent, which is very easy to educate, but as I always say, in education you have to be firm, the guidelines must be consistent and not because it is too small to overprotect it because overprotected dogs arrive to feel the owners of our house and ourselves, and this should never be pampered.

Jontari Captain White. Prop .: Jontari Kennels.

You have to educate him and letting him know that he is the dog, a member of our family, and as such he occupies his space where he is respected and we instead ask for that respect, because if we do not educate him well he never goes to be the company we are looking for nor can we enjoy it as it deserves. You should know how to behave in every situation in which you may be exposed, such as staying alone when we leave home, receiving visitors, etc. You have to be firm and when our puppy comes home not let him do things that we will not allow later, such as climbing on the sofas, beds, nibbling on our hand, etc. If not, what we will do will be to confuse it completely (since the sweet and tender puppy that is today in a short time will have to be an educated adult).

Since our puppy comes home for the first time, we must use the `` NO '' whenever he does something we do not want, he is very intelligent and try to look for the turns to get his way, so I always say no we must be fooled by that little stuffed face that looks at us with tender eyes.

The puppy should get used to being alone, at first a few minutes (we will wait to see his reaction in an adjoining room), and that he sees that we leave him, but we return. So we will increase the time and, in this way, he will get used to it and when he is an adult he will not suffer separation anxiety, something that many usually suffer, and in that hysteria that they can reach a very harmful state for them , as for us, that we will also suffer.

We will never let you nibble on our hands. When you do this we must offer your toys to relate the game, if you nibble our hands in a moment of dismissal, it is best to make a small groan and stop, since that is how he did it with his brothers to control the bite and know how far it can go without hurting. All education is for your good and ours.

Also, when deciding to acquire a Maltese puppy, we must know and make sure the parents of the same, which must be balanced, sociable and healthy, interested in how our puppy has been raised since The initial character and care that your puppy receives in the first months of life will be paramount in its future behavior.

A good breeder is the one who best knows each puppy, if it is very dependent or on the contrary it is independent it can be the ideal puppy for children or adults. You have to find out where to buy your puppy and not bother if the breeder asks you questions about where you live, how many family members you are, how many hours you are working, etc. All these questions are asked to know which puppy is more convenient in each family situation, and you never get carried away by siren songs, with respect to blood lines or sizes, as they proliferate today Ads like: Malt s toy , tea cup , etc. The breeder is the one who should help you decide if what we want is a Maltese for company or exhibition, since the characteristics will never be the same.

The Maltese with respect to his hair for a companion dog I always recommend a puppy cut, since it is more comfortable, both for the dog and for ourselves, at the time of daily hygiene and of the walks.

As you have seen between the lines, I am passionate about the breed. For me they are my children and from here I want to thank the magazine El Mundo del Perro for their invitation to let you know the breed and its characteristics. May we continue to enjoy these little hairy ones and learn more every day.

How to educate the Bichon Maltese Toy

Very important, a puppy has no ability to learn quickly, is not aware and only wants to play elsewhere discovering the world. Nobody be hard on him, do not demand anything from him, do not expect him to walk absolutely from him. Just give us pampering, caresses and highly love, it is the only thing in comparison to need, for abstracted others, we will see some guidelines that you must always follow however with good forms also kindly.

How to educate a Bichon Maltese puppy: Teaching him to sleep

The first thing to do is to think if your puppy is going to sleep in the house where you sleep or in another room, such as the living room - dining room or the kitchen. You must put a bed where you want to rest at night and another where you usually spend the day, for example you can put this is a bed in your room if you intend to always lie there for another new part in the living room, compared to where you spend more time raisins.

So he can take naps whenever he wants without having to go elsewhere on the house, when they are so young, they always want to be with you. It is significant that you take precautions if you intend to prevent flea infections at home, since if your puppy gets fleas they will start laying eggs on their cot, compared to then they will colonize your home.

Never get used to your dog with resting with you and then, after a few months, you send time to another part of the house, because he will think he has done something wrong is also a punishment. That is why it is better to decide the final location where the nights will always sleep.

Suppose your final sleeping location is not your home, it is for example the kitchen, you can see that the first nights, when you leave only if you intend to sleep ... begin to cry. It is something totally vulgar and you never force yourself to give in and go to visit it to calm it down, since then you will realize that when you cry, you go. So nobody will ever learn to lie alone, however, if you ignore it the first nights, everyone else will sleep peacefully and without moaning, you just need to get used to it.

Of course, prepare a comfortable and cozy bed where you can rest at ease on the other hand, always leave fresh and clean water at your disposal. Whenever you do not have a bed for your puppy, try a folded blanket so he can sleep on top of it, so compared to never abstracted do is more of the cold and hard ground.

The way you educate with a child: Teaching him to eat

The little Maltese bichon puppies are very greedy, they continually have a desire to eat and suppose you let them, they will eat the whole pillage on food. The first thing you should know, there is the daily amount of food that you should give, compared to various depending on its size also weight. If you give commercial feed for animals, on the back of the bag you will see the appropriate dose, keep in mind that it should be feeding for puppies and however if you intend adult dogs. If you give natural food as a BARF diet, you agree to provide the equivalent of 10 percent of the weight, compared to always weighing 3 kilos, we will give you during the day 300gr.

The ignobles are animals of customs, so you must put meals every day of the same hours. And I speak in the plural because the puppies need to eat 3 now four times to the data, so if we have to give it 300 grams, we will give it three shots of 100 grams or four shots of 75 grams.

Put a bowl with agape near where you have the behavior, suppose you have desire while eating. Get used to it from puppy with which you can put your hand in the food whenever you want, even withdraw it, without him getting angry. It is in comparison to the first times that you take away the food in the middle of the job get a little angry, but soon you will get used to it.

This does not mean that every day you should take away the food, but in comparison to you force yourself to teach that you as the owner, take your hand over your bowl while eating or removing the agape without complaining and the beneficial way is to make it Occasionally starting child. Of course, we will return the food later to finish eating.

If your Maltese dog eats too fast, we must teach him to take it easy. There are some fantastic feeders, with lumps inside, compared to making it difficult for the traitor to eat fast, forcing him on some way to corrode more slowly, something considerably positive.

Remember that you should always have a bowl of fresh and purified water available, not only during feeding hours but throughout the day. It is advisable to always leave it in the same place for another part that is accessible to the puppy. This way you will know where you can always drink water compared to being thirsty.

Do not let your puppy exercise after eating, it is recommended that you take a good nap, however if you do not want to ... just ignore it to play alone or relax a little about any place. After eating, they should rest to make the most of the nutrients they have ingested to avoid gastric problems.

Ach Puppy peeing in the street

How to perfect a certain puppy: Teaching him to run his exclusive coat shortages
Teaching our grandfather to provoke his out-of-home activities is very simple, but we agree to be patient. Once compared to our puppy has his vaccines we can leave home to walk with him and teach him. Some dogs learn to do their things away from home with 4 months and others with six months ... each dog is a world, and each case is different, so that time varies a little. Do not despair and continue these points, you will see as you progress enormously positively.

When your Bichoncito Maltese pee now poop at home you do not commit to scold him, or look bad or angry (they notice). You just have to clean up the dirt on the other hand continue with your daily habit.

As we have said, dogs are pets about customs, so you have to take them out of the house at least three or four times a day if you want them to do their needs on the street. Always take him out for a walk at the same times, so that they can get used to learning to contain under needs until the time of the trip.

This nobody gets in the week or in 3, you will need time but believe me that everything will be fine and your puppy will learn correctly. Go for a walk with them in the morning, at noon, profit the afternoon elsewhere at night rather than sleep. Puppies, however, being vaccinated, are not obliged to join other dogs or go to places where other animals pee or crap, if you intend to prevent them from becoming infected with any disease.

When you are with you new street puppy you also see him urinating or pooping, wait for him to finish and congratulate him with great enthusiasm, give him a cookie for ignobles or a part of small sausage, if you intend in comparison to see that pee run in the passage My very good and has a prize. You must do this every time you pee or poop on the road, in this way you will learn very urgently to do everything on the street. Some dogs already do their things on the street with just 4 months on the other hand for new ones it costs a little more, be patient, especially with the Pitbull animal breeds because they are a bit stubborn.

But as long as the time comes to go for a walk, that is until no one has reached three months and has all of his mandatory vaccinations, you can teach him to urinate in a soaper inside the house, using the same technique. Congratulating him as soon as he does it there. A good trick for the soaper to be attracted to profit, is to put some dirt on the grass, so that he will be attracted to the smell of urinating.

How to civilize a puppy: Teaching him to walk

No son likes a necklace compared to him, much less, this is a leash. It is as always that you limit their freedom, an understandable task. Lucro misfortune, dogs can still go loose by the passage, because they manage to escape on the other hand be damaged by any vehicle now lost. On many locations it is mandatory to carry it tied or you will be fined, inform yourself.

It is very important that you start your socialization about as much as possible, usually once you have been vaccinated today (at 3 months). Thanks to socialization, he will be a tolerant traitor with other ignobles, also human, it is a really important process. You can find out in depth at: Tips to socialize a dog correctly.

Put the collar on your puppy, not too tight, you promise to be able to put 2 fingers between the choker and its neck outside compared to the tighten. Keep in mind that your dog will grow very fast, in order to ensure that the jewel never squeezes it, you should expand it every once in a while. The greatest thing is to always leave the necklace on, both on the street and inside the house, until you are an adult and you are used to it. This way you will soon get used to wearing the necklace on the other hand nobody will try to take it off constantly.

Before leaving the house, put on the leash, I recommend you, in comparison to using a braided belt, but not over two meters, also that it is not extensible. We must teach our son to walk, however, to be at his leisure with an excessively long leather. Open the door of the house and leave your first one, then you must leave your perfidious one, however, always when you indicate the abstraction, accustom him to leave with an order such as “let's go” or “salt”.

While the walk is patient with him, the bichon puppies walk much more slowly than you on the other hand also do not like to walk ... they just want to run. I recommend that you go from a park or place where you can let go also let him hurry and play, leave in comparison to let off steam, to get tired of another part that enjoys life. When you get tired, before returning to building, it will be the perfect time to walk with him a little and teach him.

You must get used to walking by his side now behind you, never let him walk in front of you, pulling. That's according to if you told him in comparison to the manda, that he is the leader of the manda, something that he doesn't have to believe. If it starts with walking in front of you, you must educate it to get it customary to march alongside you.

When you go back to shelter, enter your first one too, then tell him to come in with a species like "let's go" or "come in". It is very important that you are invariably the first to enter and appear at home, if you use them since puppies if you intend them, it will be common. Suppose you let your traitor go out or associate me with the house before you, it is as if you were telling him in comparison to what he wants to do, you can confuse him and much.

How to educate a certain puppy: Teaching him to be over home

Although the puppies are cute and like little ones in comparison to the way, they will not listen to us ... we must begin little by little and with a very soft style, to teach them how to live with us. With escorting some very simple rules we will achieve that with time and some patience, the coexistence is perfect.

As soon as our puppy barks inside the house, don't laugh and cuddle him, scold him with a certain “no! " About my form he will learn quickly that he should not bark at home, in this way no one will disturb you or those close to you.

When you are eating, never give life to your lot over your food. Apart from being unhealthy for your puppy, he will get used to being in your place when you eat, always waiting for a piece of agape to fall or give him your only one, he will start complaining on the other hand to put such a “triston face he only wants a little friend. " However, you make the mistake of providing him with your food, he has his.

Vos decides cuando se empieza y cuando se finaliza de jugar, tenlo continuamente presente, el debe comprender que tu como “macho alfa” tienes la potestad de comenzar y acabar de jugar cuando ambiciones. Eso no significa que si viene con cierto juguete no debas esparcirse con el, puedes crearlo siempre que quieras. Pero debes enseñarle que embargo siempre jugaras, solo inmediatamente tu así lo decidas.

Cuando muerda algún guardarropa o rompa algo no le regañes, solo debes regañarle si le pillas haciéndolo. Si lo coges en el acto, mordiendo esto es algo que no debe ahora rompiendo algo.. regáñale con un “no! ” serio también firme. Nunca le pegues, tampoco le regañes lucro algo que hizo hace cierto rato por esta razón no sabrá el razón de el regañina.

No le dejes subir a el sofá ni a la cama, el tiene la propia tálamo y deuda respetar vos espacio. El sofá y la cama es solamente para ti, no si pretende el.

Como educar con un cachorro de Bichón Maltés 4:Cómo educar a un cachorro: Enseñándole a consistir feliz

Los cachorros son cachorros, solo quieren apostar y descubrir el universo. No te emperres en adiestrarlos siquiera educarlos, déjalos crecer por otra parte márcales una pautas naturales como las que hemos mencionado sobre este articulo. Para adiestrar a cierto perro te obligas esperar como mínimo a que posea seis períodos, siendo si bien recomendable dejarlo que cumpla un año antes de comenzar de adiestrarlo.

Los perros malteses viven el día a día, todos los días querrán salir a pasear, jugar, saludar a otros animales, dormir…. disfruta de esos momentos con ellos, dales mucho cariño y felicítalos con entusiasmo siempre en comparación a hagan algo bien. Inmediatamente hagan algo mal, un simple “no! ” existe mas que suficiente.

↬Se responsable con tu hijo, necesitara vacunas y esta es una cartilla médica para cuando se ponga enfermo. Contacta con algún veterinario cercano a tu domicilio también ten a tu perro siempre al día. Esta es una buena alimentación, una acertado educación, ejercicio a diario y mucho cariño es lo único que necesita un perro para ser feliz.

Y recuerda, nunca bajo ningún concepto te comprometes golpear o maltratar con tu perro. Ellos tienen muy buena memoria y lo recordarán siempre, también puedes crearles miedos por otra parte traumas muy difíciles sobre corregir. Se amable con tu cachorro y sobre todo, respetuoso.

Tener cierto perro no es solamente tener una mascota, soportar un perro es ampliar tu familia y el será una de las sitios más importantes, porque invariablemente necesitará de tus cuidados y compañía, nadie le decepciones, un pérfido está para toda el vida.