Is it normal for my kitty to cry a lot?


Cats know perfectly that they depend on us so that many of their needs are met and meow and guide us to them. When we have a cat and we know him well we know what he wants to tell us at all times but sometimes our cat has a demand that goes out of those 4 or 5 phrases that we use to communicate on a day to day basis and begin to meow a lot. It is a special message for us. So far so good. Our cat meows nonstop and we have grasped the importance of what he wants to tell us ... but we don't get the message!

Please do not ignore him. For him it is very important.

As you will see in the list there are causes that range from the disease to the need for play. Keep in mind that whatever the cause for our cat is very important and must be satisfied. Please listen to your message and respond with love to your call. Don't scold him, don't shut him up. It may seem the easiest in the short term, but in the long run you will only be silencing a problem that will reappear, maybe with new meows or with other more annoying or damaging behaviors as a result of accumulated stress or if it is treated of a disease gets worse.

Under no circumstances do you scold him, get mad at him and of course don't hit him, don't hit anything near him and don't try to scare him. He's having a bad time and that's just going to get him to get scared of you and weaken your emotional bond. Just give him the help he needs, that's the solution for both.

The reasons why your kitten cries

You can be calm, since in most cases it's normal for a cat puppy to cry frequently. However, if we have correctly prepared the arrival of the kitten home, it should not be so traumatic for him and the emotional state of sadness should remit soon.

But how can it be normal for a kitten to look like this? Although you know that you are going to offer all the love, food and affection, the main problem is that your cat still He doesn't know any of your intentions, neither knows its new environment nor is able to understand what is happening.

If you want to understand why your kitten cries you should be aware that it has been separated from her mother and her litter, and even if you have waited long enough for you to receive breast milk and primary education from your mother, your pet faces what is initially a completely strange situation.

He is going through a very hard, practically traumatic experience that, if not managed correctly, can lead to behavior problems related to fear.

So we go with the causes of the meow. What is a cat that meats a lot trying to tell us?

In this list you can check which are the main causes for which a cat begins to meow more intensely. Check all the sections of the list, you can discard many of them and define something else the message that your cat tries to send you.

1. It hurts. This is the first cause we should always rule out. If a cat meows a lot we must check its appearance, its body, its behavior and rule out in the first place that there is pain or disease. If you are not sure, take it immediately to the veterinarian. If there are signs such as apathy, lack of appetite, if the cat does not move, if it complains when touched, if it has been hit before, any symptom that indicates pain or illness is enough to consider that our cat is injured, sick or sore and therefore what we must do is take it to the veterinarian.

2. I just wanted to say hello. There is a big difference between a sick cat and a cat that greets effusively. The cat that greets Maulla when he sees us, well because we just got home, because he just woke up from a nap or we just crossed and stopped to say hello. We will respond by waving equally. A couple of affectionate little touches between the ears will be a good one to return the greeting.

3. I am hungry. A meowing cat may simply be expressing hunger.

4. I want to eat something specifically and not what you have given me. If your cat has food and still chases you and continues to meow or meow at the door of the refrigerator or the cupboard of the prizes is that he wants to eat something in particular. It is usually prizes or wet food but it can also be an indication that the food you have placed does not like or does not suit you.

5. Pay attention to me. Sometimes cats meow only because they want our attention. They can meow us because they are bored, because they want us to play with them for a little while or because they want us to caress them, to make them a place to sit next to us (or ABOUT us), to answer their conversation, etc. They simply enjoy our company and at this moment that is what they need.

6. Open the door. Seriously why is that door closed? I want to enter and / or exit. Or just admire the open door. Or ignore the open door. Cats are like that and they like the doors to be open, sometimes they don't even want to pass, but they will also let you know as if their life depended on it.

7. I am in heat. Females that have not been sterilized constantly meow during the heat. As soon as the heat passes or if the cat is sterilized the meow will cease.

8. I am very stressed. The typical example of this type of meow is the one that occurs during the visit to the veterinarian. When you put the cat in the carrier and inside the car, if our cat is stressed it will start meowing in a very long and serious way. Does it sound like you?

9. I am pissed off. It is not a characteristic meow of a domestic cat, rather we will have heard it in stray cats. We also explain it just in case or if the information you wanted to find is related to "those street cats that meow so hard every night" ... When a cat feels threatened or very threatened and is willing to attack and start a fight or a punctual attack, this is usually preceded by a scream and accompanied by characteristic screams. This meow, as I say, sounds more like a shout than a meow and is tall, somewhat sharp and very long. Fights between cats are quite common when they live on the street and even when our cat has access to the outside. In them cats can get injured, so it is not highly recommended that our cat has access to the outside if it is not a supervised and / or controlled area.

10. I don't want to be alone. If you leave your cat alone and meow a lot, he is suffering from anxiety about being alone and does not want to be alone or does not want to be "so long alone." In this other post we leave you some tricks and tips to enrich your life and especially those lonely hours.

11. I get older. Sometimes cats when they get older start meowing for no reason. They simply go to a place in the house (sometimes the bathroom or the stairwell) and in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night they start to emit long and serious meows. Your cat is getting older and it already requires some older cat care ... these meows could be a symptom of senile dementia (more info on the link). It will continue to meow from time to time, but you should know how to give it the love and care that an elderly cat requires.

12. I have lost. Sometimes cats sneak into a closet or a drawer or stay locked in a room and meowing is their way of letting us know.

13. I can not pass. Your cat may be meowing because an obstacle has been found that cannot jump or surround and prevents him from accessing his bed, his food or his sandpit. Always unlock the places where your cat usually spends more time.

14. I don't know what I do here. This is the meow of the newly arrived cats. Good because you just took him home for the first time or because you went to a different place with him. It is not his house, it is not the place where he used to be and also does not know what he does there. Find a safe place for him, put his things where he sees them and offer something with his smell, he will feel a little more comfortable.

15. I love my mom! If a baby cat has lost his mother or has been separated from her too soon we can hear him meowing repeatedly. That's because cat babies meow each time they separate from their mother so she can find them. If you are about to adopt a puppy, make sure you have spent at least the first two months with your mother. If you have found a cat that has lost its mother now you are its mother, so you must provide heat, special milk or food and stimulate it so it can pee and poop.

16. My sand is dirty. If you have left the dirtier sandbox than usual, your cat may go to the sandbox, do nothing and then go looking for you and start meowing insistently. Sometimes they also start to do something like digging on the ground, around the sandpit. Cats are extremely careful with cleanliness and if they don't like how their sand is, they'll let you know. Collect the poops or change the sand if necessary. Remember to also clean the container with each change of sand, your cat will appreciate it.

Remember that meeting the needs of your cat is always the easiest and least frustrating solution for everyone!

Now tell us your experience in the comments, if it has ever happened to you, what finally happened and how did you get to know what was happening to you? It will help us if we find ourselves in a similar situation!

The needs of baby cats

Kittens are born about 68 days after they were conceived. They reach the world with eyes and ears closed, which will gradually open over the next few days. However, they are already born with a very developed sense of smell and touch, thanks to this they can recognize the smell of their mother and siblings, as well as touch them, something that makes them feel safe.

The problem is that they are born very small and unable to regulate their body temperature, so that especially the first month of life and until two-three months are very dependent on your mom. She provides them with warmth, food (breast milk at first, and somewhat solid food later), and is also the one in charge of teaching them to hunt.

But ... when she is missing, or when they separate too soon from her, it is common for them to either not move forward, or grow up to be unbalanced cats. And it is that as much as we try, humans are not cats, we are not even felines. We can teach them to hunt a toy, but we could never get them to learn to fend for themselves in the hypothetical case they could be abroad.

Even so, we can help you a lot if we find them (or give them to us) orphans.

The young meow to communicate with their moms

Kittens are born with ears and eyes closed, but they can feel the vibrations of their mother's purrs. Kittens can train their vocal cords and meow from birth, but they usually begin practicing vocalizations the moment they begin to move and explore their world.

Felines are "talkative" animals, and begin to "chat" as babies, as a way of communicating with their mothers and their littermates. The maull> call to get mom's attention.

When they are newborns, they communicate with their mothers when they have appetite, fear and cold. When they separate from their mothers, the kittens also meow instinctively, and most mothers rush to find and comfort their most fragile little ones.

In addition to meowing, kittens communicate with their mothers through purring, touch, body language and smells.


You have to give them replacement milk (for sale here) in bottle every 3-4 hours, warm.

Another option is to mix:

  • 250ml lactose free milk
  • 120ml milk cream
  • 1 egg yolk with no egg whites
  • 1 tablespoon honey

Do not forget to wash the bottle after each intake, with hot water and a specific bottle brush (for sale here).

How to relieve a kitten who cries a lot?

You can progressively make your cat understand that your new environment is safe and if you acquire certain habits to increase your comfort you will see that your crying begins to decrease and that the situation becomes more manageable for both parties.

How to achieve this? Thanks to the application of some simple tips:

    Make sure your cat sleeps in a warm place>

The meow of the young of cat is bidirectional

Acoustic communication between cat mothers and baby cats works in both feelings.> Moms interact with their kittens vocally as well, and kittens become very attached to the sound of their mother. A study published in 2016 in Developmental Psychobiology found that kittens who heard recordings of "greetings" and meows from both their own mothers and strange cats reacted much more intensely to the noises emitted by their own moms. .

Kittens tend to vocally imitate their mothers, and cats have different personal> race. A Siamese mother and her kittens can be more talkative, while for example a Chartreux mother and her litter can be calmer.

Why do kittens meow so loud?

In many kittens, the maull> result of the size of the kitten's body, which is smaller than that of the adult cat of greater height, added to the immaturity of the larynx, mouth and sinus spaces and vocal cords, which have not yet They have just been formed. These body conditions produce meows that are softer, louder and often shorter in length.

As the kitten matures, so does his voice, in the same way that the voice of a human becomes deeper and deeper as he grows. Curiously, however, some cats retain their cat howls until adulthood. But normally, between nine and fourteen months of age, when they reach their full physical size, the majority of cats already emit a cat meow that sounds like an adult, with a lower tone and a longer range,.

When the cry of a kitten is not normal

As we mentioned at the beginning, the crying of a puppy kitten is normal in most cases, however, the following symptoms may indicate that there is some health problem:

  • Black spots on the ears
  • Eruptions around the ears
  • Shabby coat
  • Nasal or ocular discharge
  • Low mobility in the queue
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain when handling

In the presence of any of these symptoms you must go to the vet so that it discards any underlying pathology and ensures that the development process of the puppy is optimal.

If you want to read more articles similar to Is it normal for my kitty to cry a lot?, we recommend that you enter our Curiosities section of the animal world.

Kittens meow to communicate with littermates and also with humans

Kittens not only communicate with their mothers when they meow. But also when they begin to interact with their siblings, after several weeks of v> important social skills and discover their limits through their meowing.

If the fight and the game become too intense or one is injured, he communicates his anguish through loud meowing. This is usually enough for baby cats to stop and stop playing.

As the kittens mature, they learn that their meowing works in humans in exactly the same way as it does with their mothers. Both adult cats and intelligent kittens use meats primarily to communicate with humans, rather than between them.

What color and texture should be the feces of a baby kitten?

Since they feed on milk for at least two months, the color must be yellowish and have a pasty texture. If it is any other color, go to the veterinarian urgently.

Baby kittens they must be well protected from the cold, with blankets, thermal bottles, towels, ... whatever while the comfort and safety of the animals is assured. If you use plastic bottles, cover them with a rag or thin towel to prevent burning.

During the summer or if you live in a warm area, keep an eye on them, and keep them near a blanket.

My baby cat meows a lot, why?

Baby cats, as with human babies, may cry for several reasons. To stop doing it, you have to know what bothers you to the animal Thus, you may feel bad for several reasons:

  • Hungry: It is the most frequent. An orphan kitten needs to eat every 3 hours, either special milk for kittens with a syringe or bottle or wet feed if they already start to grow teeth (from the month).
  • Cold: Baby kittens, during their first two weeks of age, cannot maintain their body temperature by themselves. In fact, until they turn six months they will have trouble regulating their body heat well. So it will be necessary to be very aware of the animal, so that it does not catch cold. During the months when the temperature falls below 20º we have to cover it with blankets.
  • Disease: hairy youngsters can be victims of some diseases, such as distemper. If you do not want to eat / drink, if you have diarrhea and / or vomiting, you must take it urgently to the veterinarian.

What to do to stop crying

To stop crying, in addition to what we mentioned, we have to be patient. The animal is in an unknown place, with strange people, and to some extent it is normal to feel like crying. Every day you have to cover your basic needs, and above all give a lot of love.

You will see how in a matter of days you will notice it happy.

How to make my cat not meow at night?

First of all, it is important to be clear that a cat is not a toy that can be turned off so that it stops making noise, if meow it is for something. It may be a cat without castration and has the zeal, or that it is an animal that feels lonely and that feeling of discomfort is accentuated at night when the family sleeps, or that is sick, or anxiety, or stress, or that as One of mine, find a toy and call you to play.

There are many possible reasons, so the best thing to do in these cases is to discard one by one, and if there are suspicions that you are wrong, take it to the veterinarian. In case you were completely healthy, I recommend you read this article:

If you have any doubts, get in Contact with us 🙂.