Importance of the game in cats


Although we already know that felines are much more independent that dogs, we can't put aside the care of their physical activity. Some cats go out to explore the street while their masters work and others lie on the couch moving the tail lazily. In both cases, having appropriate toys for them will help them with the Health, he cheer up and of course the metabolism.

1.- Playing makes them feel predators

It is no secret to anyone that our cat is a small killer machine, that is the origin of its species and they have s> type of toy that resembles a prey that they could find, that is, the idea is that the toy can escape and give it the job of running your hunter skills. In general, toys tied to a rope that you can handle are used to simulate escape, hiding and finally let your pet catch its prey and do what it is designed to do. This type of games is better than using a laser because the cat will in fact have the possibility of having something tangible to catch.

2.- The game is exercise

According to studies almost 50% of domestic cats are overweight and contrary to what is believed, this has no direct relationship with the fact that there are s> lack of physical activity that some house cats have, unfortunately this excess weight can cause them the same diseases and conditions that attack Humans such as diabetes and arthritis, as well as preventing them from being clean as they would commonly. Increasing physical activity including games in your routine will be a good way to help your pet get rid of those extra pounds and thus improve their overall health.

3.- The game ends with boredom

Cats just like us get bored if they spend a lot of hours with nothing to do, and this applies particularly to domestic cats that do not leave home. Those who have access to the outside can find multiple activities that keep them distracted but imagine your pet alone at home for as long as you are away working. They will feel the same as you when you stay on a Sunday at home with nothing to do. Playing gives your cat the chance to kill that boredom and give some movement to his hours at home. It doesn't matter if you do it when you arrive from a work day, your cat will know how to thank those moments of activity.

4.- The game helps strengthen connection between your pet and you

If you want to train a good bond between you and your cat, use the hours of play to do it. The exercise will make your pet relax and release accumulated anxiety and this will make you feel more relaxed and confident which will help strengthen that bond between owner and pet and if you have more than one cat, it will also do the same to improve relationships between Everyone at home. Play hours are especially important in the puppy stage as it is a way to help them socialize.

How does our cat play?

Mainly the game of cats is based on develop your hunting ability, so any activity that includes chasing and attacking an object will be an excellent idea. When it comes to starting an adult puppy or cat into the game, it is very important that you do not use your hands or feet as this will show the cat that he can use his predatory skills in you and that will teach him not to respect your position as boss. It is much better that from the beginning you introduce toys that are attractive to him or her.

There are different ways in which our cat can play, we tell you what they are:

    Solo game: the cat finds on its own some toy or object that interests him and plays without needing> Importance of the game for all ages

When it comes to puppies It is important to use the game to teach coexistence manners. During this activity we can teach you not to scratch or bite our hands or feet. Perhaps when the cat is small it seems very tender to do so, but if we do not modify the behavior we will regret it by having an adult cat biting or nailing its claws on us.

If we talk about an adult cat The game helps keep our cat stimulated both physically and mentally. In the case of very adult cats, it should be taken into account that the game must be much gentler than with a young one, so we should not mind if we find a cat that plays even while lying down, any amount of play will be beneficial for the game. Health of our pet.

How to choose a good cat toy?

When it comes to choose a toy for our cat Sometimes, less is more. Although in the market we can find thousands of designs with vibrant colors, the truth is that many cats do not pay attention to the price of their prey. Sometimes a paper ball, a cardboard box or a cord is more than enough to keep our pet entertained for hours. Other toys can be easily made at home without spending a lot of money. Tying a teddy to a rope to play hunter and prey can be an excellent game at home. These types of toys can also be found in pet stores with small stuffed animals and even feathers.

The most important thing is that the toy we present to our cat is safe. You must verify that it does not have small pieces that can be detached and swallowed as it is a danger. Also make sure that the material it is made from is not harmful to your pet.

What kind of toy is best for your cat?

Do you want your cat to be a happy animal? Then complement your life with toys. You do not need to spend money, since on the Internet you can find pages dedicated to making homemade toys, but do not stop making them.

If you find it more comfortable to buy them because time is short, it is another option. You have to watch whenever the toy is safe and for that you have to be guided by three guidelines: that don't fall apart easily, that the animal does not reach the filling and that you can't swallow unintentionally.

Cats are like little children: they play with anything and you can't determine which are the best toys. If you have a box, you will see how they go crazy by rubbing with it, getting inside or sharpening their nails. They are curious animals by nature. In this case, we could use a scraper.

The latest models incorporate stairs, ropes and other accessories that makes them a miniature gym. The teddies Y the dolls with rope They are also very successful, as well as balls with bells inside.