How to give a dog a PAD, without spitting it out (3 Ways Video Tutorial)


These are some tricks that you can use so that the time to give your dog the pill is not so complicated.

Our pets are part of our family from the first day they arrive at home. Little by little, we teach them how they should behave and are done with the love of all those who live in the same house. Therefore, it is normal for them to always worry about their well-being and their state of health.

Dogs are very affectionate animals so it is normal to always show the affection they feel towards people who live with them. But nevertheless, If we want our pet to be always happy and comfortable with us, we must take her for a walk at least three times a day. These walks, at least ten to fifteen minutes, will help the dog to do his needs, walk and do some exercise, so they will feel calmer and more relaxed when they return to the tranquility of the home.

Not only should we play with our pets when they are puppies or babies, but many dogs They love to play at any age of their life. Spending a few minutes a day to play with our dog will be ideal for you to feel happy and rested, in addition to knowing that we love you and spend a little time to be by your side.

Therefore, when our pet does not finish feeling well It is normal for us to worry and take it to the vet as soon as possible. The canine health professional will know better than anyone what is happening to him and what is the best treatment to improve his health. In some cases, it is possible for the veterinarian to prescribe a medication to your pet in order to be able to cure his illness. However, giving your dog pills may not be an easy task.

So, we propose some ideas so you know how to give your dog a pill in the easiest way, avoiding a moment of nerves and tension, both for you and your pet and so that you can take your medicine as directed by the veterinarian and can recover your health as soon as possible.

Put the medicine directly in your mouth

Depending on the character of your animal you can put the pill directly in the mouth or not. However, you should keep in mind that the animal may feel uncomfortable and he doesn't like you to open his mouth and put something inside. Even without thinking, it may bite you instinctively, so this option is the riskiest And it is better to be carried out by a professional, such as the veterinarian, if you do not want your pet to feel uncomfortable or can get hurt by fear.

Mix the medicine with the food

Dogs have a very good nose, so they probably do not want to eat the pill if you put it directly on the plate with the rest of the dry food they usually eat daily. Therefore, if you want your dog to eat the whole pill the best thing is that you hide it among some food that you like very much. At that time the dog will eat very quickly and may not realize that he has eaten a pill.

So, determine which foods you like very much, such as sweet ham or soft food, pate type, for dogs. If the pill is not very large you can try to put it inside and give it to your pet directly by hand. If you leave it on the plate you may realize that there is a pill in the middle and with the nose you can separate the food from the pill, but If you give it to him by hand, he probably eats it all in one bite and does not finish realizing it.

Watch whenever you have eaten the piece of food well that you have given him and that he has not spit out the pill. Some dogs realize that they have the pill in their mouth and finish spitting it out before swallowing it, which can cause it to dissolve gradually and that, when it ends up swallowing it, it no longer has the same effect it should.

Empty the contents of the tablet into food

In these cases you can tell the veterinarian if it is a good idea to empty the contents of the pill between the animal's food, so that he can eat it without spitting it, since he will not notice anything strange in his mouth or on the plate. But nevertheless, you will not be able to do this with all kinds of medication, since some pills need to arrive whole in the stomach and once there dissolve so that they can do better effect. So always check with the canine health professional if this is a good option for this medication that your dog should now take.


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Hello, my dog ​​is 8 years old and has had two psychological pregnancies that have been treated by her veterinarian who advises me to punish her, is she too old to castrate her? Thank you.

Hi Luni, that who can best judge you is your veterinarian, who knows your state of health and vitality. It is true that the older a dog is, the more complicated it is to recover from surgery, but also, if castrating now, you avoid a great health risk for her, the pyometra, a uterine infection that can kill her.

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1. Make see that you are going to give him a prize

The first thing we will try is to offer the pill that should be taken along with a prize. You can practice obedience, tricks or simply reward your dog randomly. So you must offer the pill together with one of the snacks for dogs that you are going to give him.

You can also practice sowing, that is, spread dog food or prizes on the ground. With a little luck you will think that it is another snack and he will eat it without problem. However, some dogs tend to reject it the second after sniffing it. It will depend on the dog in particular.

2. Hide the pill between the food

If you have already tried to offer a pill directly and have not accepted it, you can start by hiding the pill between your usual food, either I think or wet food, although generally wet food usually gives better results due to its attractive smell and taste. With any luck you will eat it quickly without noticing the presence of the pill.

3. Hide the tablet better

Sometimes we can observe how the dog eats all the food and leaves the pill intact in the food bowl. Don't despair If this is what happened to you, you should proceed to hide it better among the food.

You can use bits of frankfurt, cheese, ham and even a mini-hamburger prepared exclusively for him. The idea is that it be such a mealirresistible and tasty for him who does not have time to investigate what it contains.

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4. Crush the tablet

If none of the above seems to work, you can try to completely crush the tablet until you get turn it into powder. Then, you must mix it with wet food or prepare yourself a recipe in which you add the pill. Making homemade meatballs or croquettes can be an excellent option. Just remember not to add condiments of any kind.

Tips to give pills to your dog

If you have to give pills to your dog, whenever possible, Choose those medications that are chewable. Some usually have flavors, not so unpleasant for them. In fact, animals, in those cases, often interpret that what they are giving are treats.

Another option is to place your dog's medications in his food. You probably can't even notice that the pill is there. If you feed your pet with croquettes, add a small amount of canned food and place its pill inside. To make it simpler, crush the medicine a little and mix it.

If the previous tricks do not work for you, you can try a delicious game. Dogs undoubtedly enjoy catching their treats. What if you use this behavior to give them their pill? To cheat him, take a handful of "candy" and throw them at your dog, one after another. In between them, place the pill. Maybe he thinks he's catching a treat, doesn't resist and swallows it without inconvenience.

Remember, to prevent your dog from getting stressed, it is best to use any of these procedures. But nevertheless, If these fail, you will have to open your dog's mouth and insert the pill directly. But remember, before you start, get a tasty treat for your little friend and keep it within reach, because after such an invasive moment, nothing better than a rich gift.

Did you try to coat the medicine? Some medicines are usually very bitter. In animal stores you can get gel capsules that are used to coat the tablets. That way, your pet won't feel such an unpleasant taste.

Take advantage when your dog is distracted. Some behavioral veterinarians suggest that the best time to give your dog the pill is when he is not paying attention to you. If your pet is distracted, take his pill, open his mouth and place it on his tongue. The idea is that all these actions be done in a couple of seconds, so you don't have time to realize. Do you dare to do it?

On the other hand, if your dog requires daily medication it will surely resist. Possibly, when you see that you arrive with your medicine, run away and hide. To avoid problems, the most effective way is to teach your pet how to swallow his pill. And for that, nothing better than using some food.

Cut small pieces of ground beef or chicken or chicken. For the animal to take its pill, create the habit. You can make small balls and give them as if they were a pill. Repeat the exercise 10 or 20 times and practice two or three times a day. Over time, your dog will expect you to put things in his mouth and will be less likely to stress.

How to make him take his pill?

For your dog to take his pill, hold it with your fingers. Place your hand on your pet's lower jaw and the other hand on his upper jaw. He lifts his head to the ceiling.

Open your pet's mouth, Place the pill on your dog's tongue and then quickly remove your hand while closing the jaw. The movement you must achieve is similar to when you feed a baby with wet bread balls

Keep keeping your dog's jaws closed. With one hand keep your nose pointing towards the ceiling, while with the other gently rub your throat down to encourage swallowing. As soon as you think your pet has swallowed the pill, offer a tasty treat.

After you checked that you already took your medication, watch it for a couple of minutes, as some dogs learn to keep the pill in their mouth and then when you're not paying attention, they usually spit it out.