What to do if my cat climbs a tree


On many occasions firefighters are used to lower the cats from the trees, but from now on you can do it yourself.

Cats are pets climbers par excellence. Often, we can see them up on the roofs of houses or in the trees of the parks. Sometimes they can climb chasing a bird trying to hunt it, fleeing from some other animal or person or by mere distraction. These, once up, may be afraid to go down, by the fall or by the people below trying to catch them. Their legs are excellent for climbing and climbing trees, but they are not so good for lowering, so they may be afraid to descend.


To get the cat down from the tree you can use several methods. Our first objective will be to try to calm him down, so we will try not to have dogs or other animals around, since it is very possible that they will be exalted when they see the cat, and this will cause them to become more stressed. A scared animal can scratch or even bite you, so that this does not happen try to use thick gloves. Nor do you get underneath, this will make you more nervous.

The first option will be to try to convince him to go down alone, call him by his name several times with an affable and friendly tone, it's about being calm. If you speak to him in an angry tone, the animal may be even more frightened and will only make him more afraid. If the cat does not know him, he probably does not obey, since animals tend to obey when he is familiar. A good way to attract it is to put food, the smell of any food you like will make the cat descend on its own. If you do not know it, the food must have a strong smell to attract it more easily, a good food for it can be tuna or salmon, because of its smell.

Try to always take it by the skin of the back of your neck, since they tend to be more docile, as puppies their mother carried them like this, the cat will feel safer and calm down. In addition, it will prevent scratching or biting. You must be patient, do not pretend to go down immediately when you ask, you may not want to go down now but in a while. It must be pending but not overwhelm the animal and should not spend more than a day up, as it could become dehydrated.

Another way to bring him down is to place something against the tree that allows the animal to descend with more confidence, this object can be from a branch to a ladder. You can climb your carrier with the door open, cats like boxes or closed places because it gives them security, they lose their fear while inside. This can be a good idea if your cat routinely uses a sleeping bed.

If your cat is injured, then you have to lower it immediately, it could hurt you even more. In addition, he will be in pain and may be more aggressive. Try to climb the tree and catch it on the first try, as it could climb higher. If the tree has no branches to hold on, use a ladder. Remember to always use some kind of protection, as it could fall. Check the floor and check that there is nothing with which you can get hurt if you fall, put on gloves to protect yourself and try to use some type of support such as a harness.

Also, if your cat always climbs on the same tree and usually has problems, a good way to stop doing so is to place a wire cloth that prevents the animal from climbing. When the cat sees that it can no longer climb, it will stop trying. If, on the contrary, you prefer that your cat continue to use this entertainment, you can place some small stairs on the tree trunk to make it easier for you to get on and off it.

Although it seems incredible, can teach your cat to descend from the tree, you only need patience and some tricks. First, teach him to climb at a low height, approximately 1 meter. The cat will have no problem jumping a meter to get off, instead, it will be used to gradually get used to the heights. Then, try it a little higher. I might doubt a few moments, but it will come down. Subsequently, place a ladder and climb your cat to a height of 2.5 meters or 3. When the cat is nervous and refuses to go down, put it back in the last position you go down, it will gradually get used to it and win trust. These tricks so that the cat descends it is convenient to perform them when the cat is a puppy, since it will be easier for him to learn and he will be less afraid. You should repeat them frequently until the animal gets used to it.

If none of these tips have worked try to contact a nearby shelter or animal shelter, maybe they know professionals to do this job. They will know how to act and will probably lower the animal easily.

Keep calm and trust him

It is the most important. If the furry sees you calm (or more or less calm 🙂) he will also feel that way. If you are nervous, it is likely to rise even higher. Therefore, take a deep breath as many times as you deem necessary, and keep your mind cold so that you can begin to solve the situation by trusting him.

Yes I know. It is very normal to think that he is afraid and that he urgently needs your help, it may be so in fact, but we must bear in mind that if you have been able to climb without anyone's help you just need to trust yourself to get off, and this is what he will do if you show him that he can do it. But how is that done?

Call him and offer him a can for cats

Virtually no cat can resist a delicious can, unless it is really very scared. Thus, you should call him with a very cheerful tone of voice and show him the open can. Call it as if you were calling a young child who you want to teach something you know he will love.

Use words that you routinely use to address him / her, such as "princess," "hairy," "honey," "hottie," etc. This will convey your love but also confidence and security.

Give it space and don't scare it

Do not try to be next to the tree because you may feel a little uncomfortable. It is best to be close, at a distance of at least one meter from the trunk. In this way, the animal it can have you located at all times, and you will also see that you leave room for him to download.

Likewise, It's very importantnot throw things to scare or make noise. With this, the only thing you will achieve is to climb higher and, in passing, you will run the risk that your friendship relationship will be broken.

Consider climbing a ladder

If you see that he is injured or that he can be and you have been there for a while (say, about 30-60 minutes) trying to get him down following the above advice, it is time to consider going for a ladder. You will have to place it gently on the trunk, without making too much noise, and attract the cat with a can.

Of course, before climbing, do not forget to wear thick gloves and a T-shirt or thick cloth jacket because the animal will be on alert and, as much as it loves you it can scratch and / or bite you.

And if nothing works?

When nothing works, then what needs to be done is desist. When you are hungry you will go down by yourself, sure. Sometimes the best teaching is not teaching, I mean, the cat may need to learn to get off the tree alone, without anyone's help, just by following his own instincts.

Although once you are down from the plant do not hesitate to take a look to see if you have any wounds that need to be checked by a veterinarian.