How to prevent my dog ​​from feeling lonely


Loneliness is one of the emotions that our dogs carry the worst.

Being animals as social as we are, they cannot stand the loneliness that causes them to develop very high levels of anxiety that result in inappropriate behavior.

What are the symptoms that indicate that your dog feels lonely?

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Excessive barking

It is one of the behaviors that express loneliness and is sometimes accompanied even by howls.

The barking and howling is one of the ways to express the anxiety caused by loneliness.

In addition, it is one of the behaviors that causes more problems in neighboring communities.

Excessive barking derived from loneliness can be reduced considerably by following these simple guidelines:

  • Before leaving the dog alone at home for many hours it is essential to deplete its energy. To do this, we must go out with the dog to perform intense physical exercise so that it runs out. It can be running, playing, jumping ... But the fact that he arrives home exhausted will make him need to sleep to recover that energy so we will prevent him from exhausting it by barking.
  • Consult the possibility of leaving your dog in a kindergarten or at the home of a friend or relative where the dog feels comfortable. In this way, your dog will not feel alone and will not need to bark.
  • If you do not find a solution to the previous points, you can get a interactive surveillance camera for dogs. These cameras are connected to your mobile so that through an app you are notified every time your dog barks. Through this device you can communicate with your dog to calm him down and even reward him with sweets if he stops barking to reinforce that behavior of silence.

Shreds at home

Does it sound to you Bored walls, torn doors, gutted cushions, bitten furniture ...

We must remove from our mind that the dog destroys for fun. When a dog destroys things, it is because their anxiety levels are so high that they need to calm it down by destroying it.

Applying the above points will also help reduce this behavior.

Urines and poops everywhere

You get home and you find gifts everywhere.

Pises, poops and there are even adopters who have found vomiting.

At this point, can you get an idea of ​​how bad your dog is doing?

It is not a problem of lack of education, but an emotional problem.

Your dog clearly needs to be with someone, so in these cases, a canine nursery or leave it with a family member or friend becomes the best option in the short term.

In the long term, it would be interesting if you went to an ethologist to help you follow a series of guidelines.

Depression in dogs exists.

A dog that feels can only have a picture of depression: apathy, lack of energy, lack of appetite, etc.

Perform physical activity before leaving him alone, the games, leave toys with which he can interact, the interactive camera for dogs of which we previously referred to to talk with him, etc. They are good solutions to prevent depression.


Aggressiveness? You are right. Just as it may happen that he feels depressed, your dog may not develop any of the above behaviors but in the normal daily relationship he has aggressive rallies.

Everything has to do with that burden of anxiety that causes loneliness and can manifest itself in these five ways.

Try the keys that I have told you and you will see these behaviors reduced by improving the quality of life of your dog.

After all, what we want is for our dog to be happy.

Sandra Ferrer Creator of the Canine Education Program “How to Educate a Puppy”

Loneliness anxiety

Before talking about the advice, we must recognize the symptoms that our partner may present. Anxiety in dogs comes in multiple forms They are easily identified.

One of the main symptoms of this disease is the constant barking or the howls at the time of leaving. The animal you will feel very aggressive or nervous and, in a nutshell, he will tell you not to leave home.

Other behaviors such as lick objects such as furniture, lack of appetite and paralysis or demonstration of fear on the other hand they are clear signs of this malaise. Undoubtedly, your dog loves you in large numbers, but not for this reason you must bow to the situation and we must solve it in the best possible way.

But keep in mind that if the behaviors keep repeating, the best thing is Consult with the veterinarian to guide you in the welfare of the pet.

1. They get sad

Dogs are able to remember the different habits that you carry out in your day to day: when you take the keys they know that you are going for a walk and if you open the closet they understand that they are going to eat. For that reason, before you leave, they already know. They know you perfectly.

When you leave home, dogs inevitably they feel sad and they don't like to be alone! They are social animals and enjoy sharing all the moments of their life with their loved ones. Are you wondering if your dog gets bored when he is alone? Especially if your dog is home alone 8 hours or more it is important that you pay attention to the enrichment of the home, providing toys or setting the environment With music, for example.

If before you leave you have dedicated your dog a good step and its daily dose of exercise, it will probably fall as soon as you feel that you are not there. Dogs usually rest when the home is quiet, but it is inevitable that before any noise they wake up. The sounds of the neighbors, the barking of a dog in the street or a poorly closed door are some of the things that quickly take your dream away from you but.

That's why most of them take advantage that you are not to rest without interruptions. And if it can be on the sofa or in your bed, much better!

3. They get bored and make mischief

When they have had enough rest, the dogs they realize that you are not back yet. They want to see you! That's when they start to get a little nervous: they want action and have a great time, not being home alone and with nothing to do.

At this point, dogs that suffer from separation anxiety can start doing their pranks: cry, bark, nibble on objects and even urinate. It is very important not to scold a dog that suffers from this problem, we must offer him toys and accessories so that he can be distracted and even consider the option of visiting a specialist. Perhaps, after so much fuss you think that your dog is not happy to see you or that your dog gets angry when you leave, but nothing is further from reality, dogs that suffer from separation anxiety miss their owners very much, even generating with them a bond of excessive dependence that harms their emotional well-being.

Dogs that do not go through this problem simply play a little with their toys, go for a walk, drink water. They try to entertain themselves with what they can or keep resting.

4. They are placed near the door, on the balcony or look out the window

When they have slept, rested, they have done theirs and have nothing else to do. They wait for you and try to find out if you are about to arrive. It is common for dogs to try look through the window Let's see if you come back once and for all. For this reason it is very important to consider the home security measures. Let's not forget that the dog has an intelligence comparable to that of a very young child: he could fall off the balcony in an attempt to hunt a dove, for example.

But the preferred place to wait for you is without a doubt around the door. This way it will be close to welcome you when you return in a crazy and exaggerated way. Will your dog miss you? Of course!

5. They go crazy on arrival

Staying alone is boring and tedious for your dog, but it can have something good: that you always look for him again. Check day after day that you leave but that you always come back is a sign of love that your dog values ​​and looks forward to. It fills him with happiness and joy to see that you open the door again and greet him with love.

Dogs go crazy with enthusiasm before you even open the door, who has not received licks, has seen his dog flipping and even urinate from emotion ever? What do dogs feel for their duels? Of course they can feel love and longing.

You should never forget that you have friends and a social life away from home, but he only has you so always remember him and don't spend too much time away from your best friend, he needs you.

And you, do you know what dogs feel when you leave them alone at home?

Many people are tempted to leave a video camera on to see what their dogs do when they leave home and it is a great mystery for any best friend of a dog. If you know what your dog does when you leave, please leave a comment and share it with us.

Oh, and if he has behaved well, do not forget to offer delicious homemade muffins for dogs that you can make at home, you will surely love them!

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Hi Juliana, you most likely have a very quiet dog that just expects you to come home. However, you can check the symptoms of depression in the dog to stay calmer:

Hello Milagros, I want to tell you that I loved reading your reflection and I wish that many other owners thought about their animals as much as you do. 💖 I will try to give you some tips that I think will help you improve your dog's day-to-day life:

- Before adopting a new animal, go to an animal shelter so that SHE can meet a dog with whom she can have affinity. Many owners decide on the dog they are going to adopt, but few worry about what their current dog will feel about it and whether or not that will improve their quality of life.
- Get intelligence toys to stimulate your mind, but if it is not possible for the price, start teaching obedience, dog skills, etc. Everything you practice with your dog will help improve your mental stimulation, your bond will enrich your day to day, it will tire.
- Also focused on improving your mental stimulation you can play varied games with it, such as a sowing, a trilero, etc.
- Take more time to walk with her, increase exercise hours, sign up for an Agility club, take her for a walk.

I recommend you visit our YouTube channel, there you will find tricks, exercises, DIY toys, tips:

If you need any more information do not hesitate to tell me.

Greetings again.
I would like to make you a query.
Except rabies, which is a mandatory vaccine, I wonder, because there are
We vaccinate our pets every year for so many things. Vaccines
humans are more durable, and we get a huge amount of dogs
attenuated viruses

The studies, in fact, are elaborated by the same laboratories
Pharmacists who sell them to us. I am very suspicious with all these
things, and I don't trust that this type of vaccination is really necessary,
but of course, both veterinarians and patients, we are helpless
before these actions, and it only remains to trust that we are not causing more
Damage to our pets.

My dog ​​is two years old, and I hope the lot of viruses that we have
stuck today, don't make me sick.
I would like to know your opinion.

Thanks in advance
Miracles Postigo

Sorry for the delay, I preferred to check with one of my colleagues who is a veterinarian before answering. Vaccination is essential and while it is true that there are side effects (as in people) it is much more dangerous not to vaccinate. Currently thousands of cats and dogs die of pathologies that could have been avoided if they had correctly followed the vaccination schedule and, in addition, can infect animals that have been vacated, since no vaccine is 100% effective.

I have asked my partner to make an article talking precisely about this subject, to see if we can shed more light on the subject, so I thank you for the contribution.

by Camila Arbeláez S.

We know that leaving them alone at some time of the day is inevitable. These simple tips will help your furry to make those periods in which he is without you more bearable.

Separation anxiety can cause your dog a feeling of abandonment that drives him to destroy everything in his path, or to bark nonstop for as long as you are not. To avoid this, we leave you some tips that can help you cope better with loneliness.

1. Avoid the drama! It is recommended that you do not say goodbye to your dog when you go out, or greet him effusively when you get home. This does not allow your best friend to be alert when it is time to say goodbye, and to suffer from anxiety waiting for you to come in to say hello.

2. Feed him just before you leave. This will leave your stomach full and easier to take a nap during your absence.

3. It prevents you from feeling locked up. Leave the curtains open, allow outside light to enter and at the same time you can be distracted by what happens on the street. If you live in an apartment and your dog cannot see what goes through the window, the alternative is to leave the TV on, hopefully in a children's or animal channel, in this way you keep it entertained without thinking that you are not.

4. Leave a different toy every day
. A common mistake is to leave all your toys at your disposal, this makes you get used to having them always and not find the same grace as when they were new. The daily change of toys will cause in him a sensation of novelty.

5. A treasure hunt.
So that your pet is distracted in your absence, you can hide snacks throughout the house, this stimulates his hunter instinct and you will have him busy all day looking for his rewards.

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