Where can you adopt a dog in your city?


  • If you are considering adopting and do not know where to adopt a dog, you should know that due to the large number of dropouts that occur in Spain there are many Shelters, shelters, dog shelters, dog guards, local kennels and non-profit entities to which you can turn to do so. Most of these dog shelters offer the possibility that you can enter their websites to learn about their work and work methodology. In many of them, you can even enter search filters based on the ages, character and characteristics of the dogs they have for adoption.
  • Another route to which people who decide to adopt a dog usually resort, arises from direct contact between individuals, which is established among friends, acquaintances, search engines "puppies for adoption / where I can adopt a dog", and sometimes through advertisements that you can find in veterinarians or pet stores.
  • If you plan to adopt dogs of a certain breed, such as a greyhound or other hunting dogs more exposed to neglect and abuse, there are dog guards specifically focused in giving exit to this type of dogs, and offering advice so that its process of adaptation to a new home is as satisfactory as possible.

What to consider before adopting a dog

In any of the cases, it is very important that you value the pros and cons of the decision to adopt in a responsible manner, so that the dog (especially in the case of being an adult), is not again exposed to unwanted situations, and enjoy stability and a happy and safe ultimate environment.

If you have not yet matured the decision, the most convenient thing is that you inform yourself previously of what it means to adopt a dog, at the level of care, time, dedication and costs, which are also usually associated with the age of the dog you adopt. The average adoption price ranges between € 180 (puppies under 4 months) and € 100 (adult dogs up to 7 years). Dogs older than 10 years are usually offered for free. All dogs are delivered with their daily vaccination card, sterilized if they are adults, dewormed internally and externally and with the microchip.

Visit the dog shelter

Even if you initiate contact with the adoption entity via the web, it is convenient that you can visit it to ensure that it complies with all the necessary hygiene measures, and that it has qualified personnel to offer you advice in case you need it. If this entity is far from your location and you cannot move, you can request that they send you videos, photos and other documentation that attests to it. Once you start the process, you must follow a protocol established by the entity so that the adoption is carried out in optimal conditions. Basically, you must pass a questionnaire and accept that they visit your home to avoid that the decision can be precipitated, or the result of a sudden impulse.

Other alternatives to help dogs for adoption

Keep in mind that, prior to the decision to adopt, there are other possibilities to help dogs that live in dog guards, shelters and other non-profit associations. Donation or the possibility of helping to raise funds by becoming a partner are two of them. Many protectors of local dogs, also offer the possibility that you volunteer and can help walk the dogs they have when you have the opportunity to do so.

Finally, you can also offer yourself as a foster adopter for a period of time. Some entities accept this option as a pre-adoption step, so that the adopter can live the experience of living together before making a final decision.

Adopt a dog: essential aspects

Our desire is that each animal can enjoy a loving home. While we can't take all the fluids home, at least we can change the life of one of them. Adopting a dog is very serious because it is a responsibility that lasts several years. That is the first thing you should remember. It is not something that can be discarded when we get bored.

When we contemplate the possibility of adopting a pet many times we do not know well where to find that wonderful being that will change our life forever. It is not so complicated to find a place where animals are waiting for a family.

There are several foundations that can be found in the national territory. However, not all of them are legally constituted. It is important that you consult the conditions of the shelter to know if they keep the dogs in proper conditions and that they are protected under state regulations.

The Pedigree platform

In turn, in some countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Argentina there is a platform created by the food brand Pedigree. This has a large database of shelters and establishments that give dogs for adoption.

With placing our city offers us a list of places to look for a pet. It is very simple, since it also allows us to filter by location, characteristics of the animal, size, age, sex or special condition.

The decision to adopt a dog or a cat should be very well thought out. Thus, both the hairy and you can enjoy this new friendship. For example, it is essential to have adequate space and time to meet the basic needs of the animal.

Another very important issue is to comply with certain guarantees. In many dog ​​shelters they do not give them up for adoption until they know for sure that the furry will be in good condition in their new home. Therefore they require applicants to complete an application which is analyzed by a professional.

If they consider that you are eligible to adopt a pet, the process continues for a while longer. Then, a specialist who acts as a “social worker” will visit your home to see that the animal is well cared for and fed. Thus, he also observes that he has adapted to his new place (especially if there are other dogs or children).

Social networks help you adopt a dog

Nowadays technology is very useful for everything. Social networks are an ideal platform to find animals that need a home. Most of the shelters have a profile on Facebook where they upload the images of their members and new arrivals.

In each publication they usually indicate basic dog data. For example sex, age, size, condition (if you have suffered an accident, if you have a disease, if you are a newborn, etc.) and contact information so you can approach the place and meet your new best friend live and in direct.

A good idea then to adopt a dog is to search social networks those shelters near your home and be attentive to publications. There are dozens of animal protection associations that also need volunteers. You can be a great way to keep in touch with the furry. So you can take home the one you have fallen in love with at first sight.

Dogs for adoption. The abandonment problem

First, we have to put ourselves in a situation. For this we need to understand the reality that dogs suffer in our country. The newspaper El País published an article in July 2017, talking about about 138,000 dogs and cats were abandoned in Spain in 2016.

To this, we have to add that this number has remained almost constant in the last two years. The main reasons for abandoning dogs come mainly from the following causes from major to minor:

  1. Unwanted litters.
  2. Animal behavior problems.
  3. End of the hunting season.
  4. Economic problems.
  5. Loss of interest in the animal.

If we think about it, the biggest cause of abandonment that is unwanted litters could be reduced if we consider the pros and cons of neutering a dog.

To this we must add that our civil code classified dogs as things so their rights were non-existent. Luckily in March 2019 has modified the Civil Code, in such a way that its quality of living beings endowed with sensitivity is recognized. You can read the report of the paper here.

Dogs that people abandon are welcomed in Animal Protection Centers or also known as animal protectors. The Animal Protection Center of the Madrid City Council briefly explains what a reception center consists of:

The animal reception centers are establishments, managed by both public and private entities, whose exclusive purpose is the collection and temporary care of domestic animals, generally lost and abandoned dogs and cats, until their recovery by the owners, their delivery for adoption or euthanasia as a last resort

Animal protection center

Fortunately in Madrid since February 2017, it is prohibited by law to sacrifice animals for being abandoned.

Do you really want to adopt a dog?

We know your answer is yes, but it is our obligation as unconditional dog lovers to ensure that it is an important decision.

Clearly your level of happiness is going to skyrocket to limits that you didn't even know and once you have it, all you will do is regret why you didn't do it before. However, like any other important decision you must assume responsibilities.

It is necessary to keep in mind that dogs are neither toys for children, nor are they burglar alarms. When a dog enters your life, it really enters. Therefore, it is necessary to have him when designing all your plans.

We must also ensure a healthy and healthy diet, so that you are strong and happy at all times.

Therefore, when accepting dogs for adoption, it is mandatory to assume a commitment in writing and with legal links, that is, a contract.

If the fact that a dog is abandoned is already dramatic for the animal, much more if it occurs a second time. Hence, most of the centers carry out a mandatory periodic monitoring of each dog they deliver for adoption.

Why look for dogs for adoption?

After understanding the situation of animal abandonment of our country and having the opportunity to save a life, after that saved life will thank you infinitely and truly, the question would rather be Why not adopt?

Adopting means you rescue a dog from abandonment and give him the opportunity to start a new life. At the same time you allow another dog to occupy its place in that shelter and can be treated. That is why it is said that "you save two lives.

At this point we would like to share with you the famous false myths of adoption versus purchase.

Dogs to adopt are neglected and sick

Shelters and animal protectors do an exceptional job with each dog they rescue from the street. They have a complete medical check-up and the necessary treatment is applied so that they are healthy.

All kinds of problems and diseases are treated, and the necessary medicines and nutritional supplements are supplied.

Store puppies are better cared for and reliable

Without underestimating pet stores, it must be said that they have a clear profit interest. This means that if there is any problem, they do not usually tell you, nor will you know where it really comes from or have "guarantees".

On the other hand, we are talking about merchants and not veterinarians, so there is no guarantee that they have been treated properly (regarding food, where they have been housed, what their parents are.).

Remember that, for our civil code, dogs and cats are considered things. Do you really think there is some kind of regulation in this regard that ensures the welfare of dogs before they arrive at a store?

In addition, unfortunately everything that is traded is reified. This is the case with the scourges of society such as trafficking in women, for example. In the case of dogs, there is evidence that some of them die due to unhealthy conditions before arriving at the store.

Fortunately, in the last ten years, the sale of animals in stores has decreased from 25% to 15%.

He won't love me because he hasn't grown by my side or knows me

A dog that has suffered abandonment is in a situation of great vulnerability and fear. The fact that it is you who has turned his life into that of a happy dog ​​makes the bond he will create with you much more special.

The rescued dogs are very grateful. If dogs are usually noble in themselves, they are much more so. They have experienced what it is to have no owner and therefore they value it more than the one who is accustomed and considers it normal.

Advantages of adopting an adult dog

  1. Already the puppy stage has passed in that he does not stop moving, he bites everything and makes his needs everywhere. An adult dog usually does his needs on the street and behaves in a predictable or stable manner.
  2. Already we know what your size is real and we will not have surprises like when we adopt a puppy that we can not know the exact breed, so its definitive size is sometimes an unknown.
  3. Already we know your character definitive. You make sure it fits your pace of life, before adopting it. In addition, his experience and wisdom will help him adapt to your tastes. If you have children, you will try how wonderful it is to travel with children and dogs.
  4. Does not need continuous attention which requires a puppy as the most frequent and specific feeding, his most basic education, his visits to the veterinarian much more numerous at the beginning for the vaccines of the first months. etc.
  5. An adult dog is unconditional love. If dogs are grateful, adult dogs from shelters are another level. They will be willing to enjoy at the slightest opportunity. For him you will be his hero and he will show you in every detail. As you have known abandonment, fear, loneliness, you will feel especially fortunate to have your love and care. Your home is not just your home, but anywhere you are. He knows that you have given him the greatest aspiration of a dog: a family.
  6. There are fewer people who adopt adult dogs and therefore they are more numerous. That is why it will be easy to find the most appropriate since you will have a lot to choose from.

All adult dogs are wise, polite, grateful and great companions.

Advantages of dogs for adoption puppies

  1. Almost everyone wants a puppy because its appearance is very attractive and tender. Children melt before any of them, whatever race they are, and they want to play all day. A puppy fulfills its desire for "intensity."
  2. Watching it grow is also rewarding. Can be collect the results of the effort That has been done in their education and care. It is a kind of natural reward that generates very positive feelings.

Both options are very valid, you just have to take into account your situation and your needs.

Adopt small dogs. Advantages

If you have decided that it is an adult dog. Wonderful! And the size?. Have you thought about it?

While both large and small adult dogs behave with the same gratitude when you adopt them, to take home a large furry friend you must have enough space.

As we discussed earlier, an adoption must be carried out responsibly and must be sustainable. Therefore, it is essential to think about the living and maintenance conditions of the dog before choosing it.

Big dogs are FABULOUS companions. But if you are not sure of giving them what they need, then you should choose a small one. It will be the best decision you can make for yourself and your new friend.

Some advantages of adopting a small dog:

  • As we will comment one line below, a possible cause for rejection of adoption is for the shelter to consider that you live in a small space for a large dog. Well then, if your house is small, adopting a small race will be an advantage. Not only because the dog will have the quality of life it deserves, but because the institutions will welcome your offer.
  • Sharing life with a dog is one of the decisions that produce the greatest satisfaction, but they also generate a huge commitment. Feed them and take care of them throughout the bond, making sure they are healthy and happy. A small dog needs less food, shampoo and supplies which guarantees a more sustainable adoption.
  • With the new member, a new life begins for the family. Many adventures will share together. A small dog gives you the ability to take it with you wherever you want more easily.

Dog adoption centers

When you go to a shelter or adoption center you must pass a simple exam to ensure that you have the minimum skills required to care for an animal and be basically responsible for it in society.

In the exam you will be asked about what you plan to do with the dog, where he will sleep, what he will eat, how many times a day he will go out, if he will spend time alone, if you have children, if you have a garden, if you can afford the expenses , etc.

You may also be asked about your customs and tastes to know if you can share them with your pet. They will also want to know what your character is like to be right with the type of dog that suits you best: whether calm, athletic, or affectionate, etc.

Free dogs?

Another aspect of adoption is economic. Most agencies establish a price that covers the costs of preparing the dog for adoption such as sterilization, microchip implantation, vaccines, deworming.

Thanks to the implementation of the micropchip, whose database with the Animal Identification Registry (RIAC) is managed by the veterinary college for the Community of Madrid, the loss or theft of a pet can be reported and thanks to which they recover nearby of 12000 every year.

Other centers do not refer to a price, but accept any type of donation. However, it is important to make society aware of how expensive it is to meet the needs of so many animals.

The most important thing about adoption from this point of view is that there is no profit motive, but the best for the animal and for the future owner is selflessly sought. In the end, the money you have to disburse will truly be for a cause that reaches your soul.

Associations to adopt dogs. Ways to collaborate

It may not be possible for you to adopt because of your personal circumstances, but you do want to help in some way the dogs that are waiting for an adoption. There are many ways to do something for them.

  1. You can to be volunteer in a shelter or an animal shelter and collaborate in the care of dogs, take them out for a walk, play with them, help in specific care.
  2. You can make financial donations, both punctual and regular. It is a good option if you lack the time to volunteer and do not want to stop putting your grain of sand.
  3. Do material donations how to bring food, toys or accessories for shelter dogs. In this way you greatly improve your stay there. The shelter has no resources for it, although they wish they could give it to them.
  4. You can be a foster home. It is about temporarily welcoming a dog from the shelter while he finds his definitive home. It is helpful because you contribute in part to their education and socialization. In addition, you give the opportunity for another dog to be taken in its place, that is, you help two dogs.

Where can I adopt a dog?

There are many non-profit associations, animal protectors and private initiatives that work by rescuing abandoned dogs or directly delivered by their owners, who claim they cannot take care of them any longer.

Next, we provide some shelter and protective listings published on the Internet with which you can contact directly:

  • ADDA ONG (TOsociation Deffense Derect TOnimal) is an apolitical and independent Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1976. It was the first in Spain dedicated to the defense and welfare of animals. On its website it shows a list of animal protectors.
  • The internet portal called It also presents a very complete list of animal protectors in Spain.
  • In The protectors that exist in each of the autonomous communities and the contact details of each of them are also exposed.
  • Also the Comprehensive Animal Reception Center of the Community of Madrid (CIAAM)

Finally, we give you some examples of protectors In case you don't decide on one of the list. We provide you with direct addresses to their Internet portals for adoption:

  • The shelter It is an animal protection organization created in 1996. It specializes in helping battered and / or abandoned dogs and cats. It is totally independent and does not receive subsidies from official organizations, companies or political parties.
  • The ANAA (National Association Friends of Animals) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1992, to attend as much as possible to the many abandoned and / or abused animals that do not receive any help or solution from the administration public
  • You can also visit the adoption section of the Huellas protective websites, that of the Nueva Vida adoption association or Bambú diffuses, which presents a pet search engine and provides information on adoptions.
  • Or a protector that we especially like, the Ark of Zeus, where they not only pick them up but also re-educate them psychologically in order to facilitate their adaptation to a future family they would like to adopt.

We leave you this fantastic video of Earth on the Ark of Zeus explaining a little what they do and about the difficult situation that the so-called potentially dangerous dogs especially suffer.

How to Adopt a Dog when you already have a Cat?

This is a question that many of us ask ourselves before adoption. And it's very good to do it. Because if you already know the character of your cat it would be ideal to look for a dog partner that has a suitable temperament to him.

While the idea of ​​the bad dogs / cats relationship is more myth than reality, the truth is that dogs by instinct tend to chase cats as if they were prey.

That is why it is necessary to make sure to make an adequate adaptation and in that the presentation of the dog to the cat will be fundamental. We will give you some tips so that everything goes very well:

All these processes should be applied gradually and patiently. On one will depend their future coexistence.

Before the meeting:

It is important to anticipate by warning both animals. Try to familiarize them with the smells and sounds of your new partner. Some tricks:

  • Record the barking of the dog before he gets home and let him listen to the cat for a few days.
  • Rub both animals with a canvas and swap them so they smell.

Upon arriving home:

When the dog arrives, the adaptation and presentation period will begin. We suggest you follow these steps:

At first, keep them separate:

  • Put the cat in a sheltered and quiet place.
  • Make sure that each animal has its mat, plate and other implements.
  • Keep them in separate rooms during the first days. You can continue to exchange the canvases of one and the other so that they smell. You should also invite them to smell under the door.

When this stage has passed it is time for them to share the room. Always with great caution and with your supervision. Remember that you must be the Alpha of the pack and convey tranquility and confidence throughout the adaptation. We recommend the following:

  • At the first contact you must make sure that everyone feels safe, calm and safe. You can place the cat in a high area and enter with the dog, always on a leash of course. Remember to keep the belt relaxed so as not to transmit tension. Another option is to put everyone in their carrier. In both cases, bring them closer.
  • Reward every good reaction. Try to associate the prize with the presence of the other animal.
  • Before a negative reaction, keep calm and simply indicate a NO with a firm and strong tone. Do not punish anyone or overprotect them.
  • After several encounters, release the cat and let him browse. Keep the dog in his carrier or on his leash. Reinforce each positive attitude with a prize.
  • If this goes well, let the dog pry, but always on a leash. Reward also their positive attitudes.
  • Finally, leave both free. Your control is always important during the first days. Do not leave them alone under any circumstances.

Where to adopt

THE CAMPUS With more than 700 dogs, this shelter is unique in Latin America. It houses 130 invalid canines, more than 50 blind, about 300 elderly and more than 150 with terminal diseases. The NGO is a precursor of the "open doors" system in the country since every week it receives between 300 and 900 people who go to the shelter as volunteers for one day, who help socialize the dogs, collaborate so that they are not stressed and prepare to four-legged friends to be inserted into a family. How to get? The Campito offers a meeting point (in Longchamps) that can be checked on its Facebook page to easily reach the site. You can also choose to go by combis that leave from the Obelisk or by train. All information can be corroborated in the

** PUPPIS. The pet store chain has a Responsible Adoption Plan to help street animals. Work together with different shelters, relocate and give a new home to rescued cats and dogs. How to get? Av. Fleming 1564, Martínez (Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Tel .: 5263-9306, [email protected] || Av. Maipú 3835, Olivos (Monday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.). Tel .: 5263-9301, [email protected] || Av. Centenario 161, San Isidro (from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Tel .: 5263-9302 || Garibaldi 271, Quilmes (Monday to Wednesday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.). Tel .: 5263-9305, [email protected]

VILLEGAS DOGS. This foundation is the result of a group of volunteers who love dogs and cats. So far they have rescued more than 600 animals, which they have cured, sterilized and given love so that they are ready to find a new family. You can contact them on their official website.

PETS IN ADOPTION. This refuge was born 20 years ago in order to rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been abandoned or mistreated. It does not have its own physical place but rather rents different pensioners until the adoption is finalized. How to find them? Every Saturday on Coronel Díaz Avenue a few meters from Av. Las Heras, on the sidewalk of the square from 3pm to 6pm. They are with a white traffic (even if it rains). During the week and on weekends in Del Viso, Pilar Party. The pensioners are at KM 42,500 of the Pan-American branch, Pilar branch. You can call the shelter to explain how to get there: (011) 15 3180-3374, (011) 15 3615-2990, (011) 15 3205-0255 and (011) 4788-6714, [email protected]

4 LEGS PROJECT. An NGO formed by volunteers who fight against animal abuse and suffering. They assist dogs and cats at risk, recovering them and giving them up for adoption to responsible owners. Those interested can apply by completing this questionnaire so that someone from the organization can contact you.

ADOPT A GALGO IN ARGENTINA. This NGO rescues greyhounds discarded from racing or hunting, retrieves them and relocates with families willing to care for and care for them. You can see the dogs that are waiting for a family on their official website. To know more, this is the contact.