How to cut a cat's nails


The scratching action is an innate behavior in all cats. Scratching surfaces helps them release their stress, communicate with other cats and even stretch their muscles.

A cat's nails have several layers. When a cat climbs a tree or uses a scraper, the outer layer of the nail comes off and a new sharp layer appears underneath (if you look closely, you will often find nail debris near the scraper area). To ensure that you can play together without accidental scratches, we advise you to take care of your cat's nails frequently.


Cats are reluctant to situations to which they are not accustomed. If you get used to nail cutting since he is a puppy, you will get him to become familiar with this activity and assimilate it as a pleasant habit.

The following guidelines can help you:

- Examine your cat's nails once a week.

- If they are visible when your kitten is at rest, it is necessary to cut them. Keep this aspect in mind, because under normal conditions the cat's nails remain retracted.

- Generally you should cut the nails of the hind legs a little more, since the cats wear more of the front legs.

- With care and patience, grab each of your fingers, and press the pad so that the nail comes out and you can cut it. The nail clipper should never touch the inner vein that runs through each of the nails. At the vet and in specialty stores, you will find multiple nail clipper options. Choose the one you think can best meet your kitty's needs.

- If you are nervous or notice that your cat is altering excessively, it is convenient that you delay the task. You can also take it to the vet to avoid complications.

- Finally, take advantage of the moment of the nail cutting to check that your kitty's pads do not have cuts or foreign bodies. If you see something out of the ordinary, tell the vet.

Steps to cut a cat's nails:

  1. First of all, you should be clear that it is advisable to cut a cat's nails every two weeks.
  2. So that the time to cut the nails is not stressful, it is recommended that you caress the cat's paws daily, so every time you cut the nails it will be comfortable when you grab the paws.
  3. Gently grab the cat's fingers to give a small massage, a few seconds, before starting to cut. If it is already calm, press the pad lightly so that the nail comes out, since being retractable they are hidden.
  4. Hold the cat in your arms to notice a more relaxed environment. To cut a cat's nails you must use a nail clipper.
  5. To make the cut you must be careful not to affect the inner vein that runs through each nail. It is a pink vein that may be darker if cats are black.
  6. Go cutting each nail very carefully, taking the remaining part so that the legs are healthy and without an excess of nail that can harm the cat itself.
  7. Every time you cut a nail, stroke the next leg and reward him with love to calm him down, especially if you see him nervous.
  8. When you finish with all the nails, give him a prize in the form of a toy or candy.

Something very useful you can do is give the cat a scraper, so every day he will use it to file his nails and you won't need to cut them so much.

Desungulation and its problems

We are talking about a delicate surgical operation in which amputate the last phalanges of the fingers, from which the nails arise.

It requires general anesthesia because the pain would be unbearable for the animal. Both the retractable tendon and the soft tissue that surrounds the entire assembly are also cut.

On the other hand, there are varied complications. Since chronic and excessive pain, even splintered bones or new nail growth. In addition, they end up anxious and become aggressive.

In no case is it recommended and, even, is being penalized by law. So far, only 7 autonomous communities prohibit this practice: Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia, Valencian Community, Community of Madrid, Murcia and Navarra.

In the rest there is no express allusion or it is allowed with the excuse of maintaining the peculiarities of some race.

Put yourself in your place, would you want a healthy hand or foot amputated?