Belier rabbit care


He belier rabbit It is a very calm and extremely sociable animal that can vary in size, whether large, medium, small and even miniature. There are different types of belier rabbits As the English and the French whose sizes are large and the dutch belier It is characterized by its small size. Below are some facts about this fabulous animal.

Characteristics of the belier rabbit

  • You can live from 8 to 10 years.
  • Its most prominent features are its small size (depending on the species) and its big droopy ears, although when they are small their ears are ergu> Habitat of the belier rabbit

These animals need to have a suitable place to live. If you own a house with a patio, a large rabbit hutch where this animal can live is ideal. It can be done by enclosing a place in the courtyard where there is shade and there you put your food, water and bed.

If you live in a small place and you don't have a patio, the best option is to buy a special cage for rabbits, that has a drinking fountain and is large enough for the animal to be comfortable. In addition, you must have a sandbox For your needs.

Belier rabbit feeding

When you are small, your diet should only be based on hay intake, this in order to avoid any stomach problems. As he grows he can be fed fruits, vegetables and special food for them. It's important to put attention on rabbits love to eat, so it is necessary to moderate the amount of food you eat to avoid obesity problems.

Belier rabbit care

You don't have to have them in too hot places, cold or where a lot of current flows. It is important that you exercise so you can spend energy so it is necessary to take it out of your cage for a moment during the day. Too they love to digHaving a place with a layer of soil is essential to keep them happy. By last, It is important to take it to the vet to keep your vaccinations up to date and avoid diseases that can be fatal.

Domestication of the belier rabbit

You have to offer them a quiet space and give him some time to get used to his new home, as well as creatures that they get scared easily It is necessary to avoid loud sounds. In the same way it is important that people get used to it, so you have to let them smell like those around you, give a lot of love and pampering.

The Belier rabbit must go to the vet

The Belier rabbit needs certain ones veterinary checks to whom you should go regularly to check that your health is still 100%.

If the Belier rabbit lives outside or is in the company of other animals, it will be necessary to deworm it, both internally and externally. In addition, rabbits should be vaccinated every 6 months, in autumn and spring to avoid contracting myxomatosis, which is transmitted by fleas and mosquitoes and can cause death.

Also, once a year, it is recommended that you get vaccinated against viral hemorrhagic disease, but especially if you live with other rabbits. A first visit to the veterinarian will guide you about all the treatments and medical care your rabbit should receive.

Belier rabbit feeding

The Belier rabbit is very sensitive in terms of its digestion and therefore we will pay special attention when feeding it. Until 4 months of age it is only recommended to provide quality hay and from his adult stage he can begin to introduce the feed with fruits and vegetables.

From its sexual maturity, the rabbit never stops eating hay although we must begin to provide controlled quantities of special feed as well as daily rations of fruit and vegetables that we will gradually introduce. Under no circumstances will you give feed for farm rabbits.

What fruits and vegetables can I give the Belier rabbit?

Fruits should always be given without seeds and you can choose to give apple, pear, peach, banana, melon, grape, orange. Give small pieces at the beginning.

As for vegetables you can choose between tomato, escarole, cabbage, cucumber, spinach, carrot, beans, broccoli or alfalfa. Try which ones you like best, every rabbit is a world!

Also for prevent hairballs from forming in the stomach you must give it malt and brush her hair quite frequently.

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Physical appearance

The Belier rabbit has a bulky and wide head that stands out for its long ears that descend on both sides, these at the beginning of its life are erect and gradually fall as it grows. It is medium in size, with a weight that ranges between 5 and 7 kilograms.

In addition to being slightly smaller, females present a non-existent gill in the case of males.

We can find them in a wide range of colors that include white, gray or brown for example. In addition, and depending on the breeding country, they may have slight distinctive physical characteristics thus presenting various types of Belier rabbit:

  • French Belier - It stands out for its great weight and size, its ears are especially large.
  • English Belier - The ears of this type of Belier are very large in relation to your body and can measure between 55 and 64 cm.
  • Dutch Belier - It is quite small, usually not exceeding 2 kg.
  • Belier or German Lop - Something bigger than the Dutch Belier although it is still something small.
  • Belier or Cashmere Lop - Your hair is especially soft, somewhat long.
  • Belier or Lop Lion's Head - Very hairy and exotic.


We usually talk about a lagomorphdocile and calm Unlike other rabbit breeds, it is a particularly sweet and meek specimen. It is indicated for homes in which tranquility and harmony are rewarded, and it is that the belier rabbit loves rest and comfort and even being inside a flat or house.

You should be careful if you have other pets in the home to avoid conflicts. You can try to promote a good environment, for this, you will find articles such as the coexistence between cats and rabbits that will be very useful.

Rabbit care is essential for proper development. The Belier rabbit must have a large cage as well as a large cage space for me to play and run, and it is very important that you exercise your muscles. Remember that you must watch whenever you are on the floor, you can get to bite a cable or dangerous object.

Put wood chips or sawdust in your cage, materials that absorb urine well. You should also have something to gnaw that prevents the abnormal growth of your teeth, feeder and drinking fountain as well as a nest to hide at night. Offer a temperate environment without sudden temperature changes. Find out about the specific care of the Belier rabbit.

Although the frequency will depend on the breed, the Belier needs regular brushing that will keep his hair free of tangles, dirt and dead hair. No need to bathe, they themselves groom themselves, if you see dirt you can rub a baby wipe around the area.

If your rabbit does not exercise enough he will suffer the growth of the nails that should be cut from time to time, if you do not know how to do it go to your veterinarian to show it to you.

Finally, you should know that the rabbit cage cleaning since staying with urine for too long may pose the risk of catching infections or fungi.

What is a French Lop?

The minimum weight for senior age (8+ months old) “Frenchies”, as they are commonly called, is 11lbs for bucks and 11.5lbs for does. However, there are no maximum weight requirements for seniors. Otherwise, these rabbits are extremely sociable, among the most friendly and affectionate rabbits, enhancing their popularity as excellent pets. They are highly intelligent, as most rabbits are, and are easily trained to use a liter pan.

How do I care for a French Lop?

Ies Frenchies ’do equally as well living in indoor or outdoor hutches. If outdoors, it is important to remember that the hutch must be secure, weather-proof, and predator proof. The living space should be no less than 36 ”x 24”, and have a solid floor (verses wire) to prevent sore hocks and abscesses on their feet. Another notable factor is that, due to their large size, they do not tolerate heat very well, so it is suggested to provide large ceramic floor tiles that have been frozen. These tiles make great coolant systems, as they are flat and remain cool for a long time. They can cool a much larger area of ​​the body and do not have the same risks as frozen water bottles, which sweat and cause the rabbits ’fur to get wet - increasing the risk of Fly Strike.

In regard to diet, French Lops should have and do very well with unlimited timothy hay, and a high-quality pellet which contains 16-18% protein, as well as unlimited clean, fresh water. Giving them rabbit-safe treats is also permissible, in moderation. As it is with every breed, French Lops should never be given a bath, but do require the regular grooming - including health exams, fur brushings, and nail clippings.

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Is my French Lop show quality?

Three of the most important qualities to look for and build your show-lines on are bone, type, and size. When posed on the table, a good show quality French Lop should look like a well-balanced basketball. The front legs should have the appearance of a cigar’s thickness, not a pencil. The ears should hang about 1½ ”below the jaw line, be thick, have no creases, and be well furred with rounded tips. The head should be broad and well-filled across the muzzle, with good width between the eyes as well. The crown, which is the raised cartilage or tuft on top of the head - between the ears, should be no less than 4-finger widths from ear to ear. Shoulders should be high, very wide and solid, with no dips and no neck visibility.

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