The 8 most dangerous dog breeds


They are potentially dangerous dogs those who, due to their physical features, they can hurt or harm people, objects or other animals. Even the victims of an attack of any of these specimens are considered to be in danger of death. All of the above is detailed in Royal Decree 287/2002, which regulates the risks of the owners of these animals and third parties to the possible attack of these dogs.

Within this legal text it is established that they are eight breeds of domestic dogs and mixtures between them, which conform to the aforementioned rating. Similarly, for complying with some of the ‘high-risk characteristics’, other ‘families’ of dogs are considered whose possession implies a high level of danger.

However, most ethologists and those who have experiences in dog breeding, ensure that this type of cons

The races you point out or the usual suspects

Pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier and Rottwailer, They appear on virtually all lists of potentially dangerous dogs around the world, not just from Spain. American staffordshire terrier, Argentine Dogo, Brazilian Row, Tosa inu and Akina inu, are the other five races directly indicated.

Similarly, Doberman and Boxer are also deserving of this classification. This happens because, despite not being expressly included, they meet the following characteristics: strong musculature, short hair and weight exceeding 20 kilograms. As well as bulky head, wide neck, solid chest and solid and robust limbs.

But not only the physical aspect is considered when formulating this evaluation. Typical behavior and ‘personality’ are part of the equation, and these races are characterized by being strong character and proven value.

Who can adopt potentially dangerous dogs?

Current legislation not only lists the races and characteristics that fall within this classification. It also sets the minimum requirements that any citizen must meet that wishes to adopt a typified animal within this norm.

Of legal age and free of criminal records or in the care of pets, are the initial conditions. Likewise, they must demonstrate physical capacity and psychological stability, in addition to acquire a civil liability policy for damages to third parties, with a minimum coverage of 120,000 euros.

With all of them you have to have a special cu>

To distinguish between dangerous and non-dangerous dog breeds, the Spanish government created the Royal Decree 287/2002, of March 22, which develops Law 50/1999, of December 23, on the legal regime for the possession of "potentially dangerous dogs" (PPP). The Royal Decree thus establishes eight dog breeds that are potentially dangerousdue to its physical characteristics:

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Race native to Staffordshire, England. It comes from the crossing of English bulldogs and several terrier. The former have aggressiveness and tenacity and the latter agility. They are muscular and athletic, with a lot of strength both in the body and in the jaw. He feels very attached to his owners.

5. Argentine Bulldog

Dog breed native to Argentina. He is a strong dog, with huge bones, and very agile. They are working dogs, big game hunters and trained for search and rescue, police help, service dogs, and military work. As with all dog breeds, the Argentine bulldog can be good with children and faithful and affectionate with people, although it must be socialized at an early age.

8. Akita Inu

This breed comes from Japan. It is a quiet and reserved dog. He will not face other dogs unless he feels challenged. With humans it is usually affectionate, loyal and protective.

Spanish legislation establishes that in order to have one of these animals, a series of requirements must be met, such as «being of legal age or not having been convicted of crimes of homicide, injury, torture, freedom or moral integrity, freedom sexual and public health, association with armed gang or drug trafficking, as well as not being deprived by judicial resolution of the right to possession of potentially dangerous animals ». A rule that extends to all owners of the eight breeds of dogs considered dangerous.

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To the 8 races mentioned in the decree, another 8 are added that fit with the physical characteristics of the legal text

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The canary prey (or bulldog) is one of the potentially dangerous dog breeds.

The list of dog breeds considered dangerous in Spain It is the one established in Royal Decree 287/2002, which develops the law on the possession of potentially dangerous animals.

This decree qualifies as potentially dangerous dogs those belonging to the following breeds (and their crosses):

Brazilian Row

A dog of the Tosa Inu breed.

In addition, the legal text considers dogs that meet all or most of these characteristics potentially dangerous:

1) Strong muscles, powerful, robust appearance, athletic configuration, agility, vigor and endurance.

2) Marked character And great value.

3) Short hair.

4) Thoracic perimeter between 60 and 80 centimeters, height at the cross between 50 and 70 centimeters and weight greater than 20 kg.

5) Bulky head, cuboid, robust, with wide and large skull and muscular and bulging cheeks. Strong and large jaws, robust, wide and deep mouth.

6) Wide neck, muscular and short.

7) Solid chest, wide, large, deep, arched ribs and muscular and short loin.

8) Parallel, straight and robust anterior extremities and very muscular hind limbs, with relatively long legs forming a moderate angle.

Therefore, according to these characteristics, the following breeds are also included in the list of dangerous dogs:

Tibet Bulldog

Bulldog of Tibet. Picture of PEDRO BAUTISTA

In fact, these races are already specifically listed as dangerous in regional legislation such as those of Andalusia, Cantabria, Catalonia or Galicia, among others.

License for possession of dangerous dogs

To have a dangerous dog, a license is required for which these 5 requirements must be met:

1) Be adult.

2) Not have been convicted of crimes of homicide, injuries, torture, against freedom or against moral integrity, sexual freedom and public health, association with armed gangs or drug trafficking, as well as not being deprived by judicial resolution of the right to possession of potentially dangerous animals.

3) Not have been penalized for serious or very serious infractions with any of the accessory sanctions provided for in the law on the legal regime of potentially dangerous animals. However, it will not be an impediment to obtain or, where appropriate, renewal of the license, to have been sanctioned with the temporary suspension of the license, provided that, at the time of the request, the suspension penalty previously imposed has been met. entirely.

4) Have physical ability and psychological fitness for the possession of potentially dangerous animals.

5) Accreditation of having formalized a liability insurance for damages to third parties with a coverage of not less than 120,000 euros.

Safety measures with dangerous dogs

The presence of dangerous animals in public places or spaces requires that the person in charge of them carry the aforementioned administrative license. Likewise, these security measures must be followed:

1) Potentially dangerous dogs must carry appropriate muzzle to the characteristics of each animal.

2) Dangerous animals must be conducted and controlled with non-extendable chain or belt less than 2 meters, without being able to take more than one of these dogs per person.

3) Potentially dangerous animals found in a farm, country house, chalet, plot, terrace, patio or any other delimited place, will have to be tied (unless there is a cabin with the surface, height and adequate enclosure, to protect people or animals that access or approach these places).

4) The breeders, trainers and traders Potentially dangerous animals must have adequate facilities and facilities for their possession.

5) The subtraction or loss of the animal must be communicated by its owner to the person in charge of the Municipal Registry of potentially dangerous animals within a maximum period of 48 hours after he becomes aware of these facts.

6) All potentially dangerous dogs must be identified by microchip.

1- Pit Bull Terrier

It is the most aggressive dog and of which more deaths have been registered. Its origin takes place in the 19th century, in England, Ireland and Scotland. There he experimented with the cross between bulldogs and terriers in order to get a dog with strength and bravery and athletic. Even in some countries, such as Australia, they have banned their importation because of their danger. While the dogs of these breeds that already live there, they are castrated to diminish the population little by little.

2- Rottweilers

Rottweilers are originating in Germany, but today they can be found all over the world. This breed, in general, is a fairly aggressive breed with strangers, but that is due to its territorial character. The rottweilers is one of the strongest dogs that exist, developing a protectionist attitude towards his family. It is a very calm dog, and a good education makes, despite being considered dangerous, its threat is almost suppressed.

Top 10 most dangerous dogs

We must clarify from the first moment that there are no bad dogs, but irresponsible owners. A bad education can make a Boxer just as dangerous as a Pit Bull, however one is listed as a dangerous dog breed and the other is not, injustices of life.

If a person gives a dog a bad education, mistreats him or simply leaves him tied to a chain for the rest of his life, he can acquire very bad habits and become a dangerous dog, whatever race it is.

However, there are dogs that at a genetic level are superior in strength and bite to the rest of the breeds, obviously if these dogs receive a bad education they can become a real potential danger. Obviously because of the irresponsibility of the human who takes care of them.

Normally it is the dogs of prey that are considered the most dangerous dogs, since have been raised and selected to have a strong bite and a large muscle mass that helps them block their prey.

In order to have many of these copies, it is necessary to dispose of a PPP license. This does not mean that these types of dogs are bad, it simply means that if they receive a bad education ... they can be lethal.

Any of these races can become excellent companions, as long as they receive a good education from an early age.

3- German shepherd

It is one of the dogs more intelligent and versatile, having a good speed and strength in relation to its size. It is used in state security forces, although its origin is taking care of herds and cattle. In addition, it is a great protector of its owners, being a danger only for strangers.

1. English Mastiff

In the first position of the Top 10 of the most dangerous dogs on the planet we find the English Mastiff, a gigantic moloso that it can weigh even a hundred kilos. His huge size, strength and bite make him a real lion.

The English Masstiff is a dog of principles who does not like to be pressured or scolded, so your education should be very strict from puppy to avoid acquiring bad habits.

However, his abilities make him an excellent guard dog, he is affectionate with his owner and calm down in general, but always attentive to possible dangers. With a bad education it can be a lethal dog.

2. Rottweiler

In the second position of the list of most dangerous dogs we do not find the well-known Rottweiler, a large dog that can reach sixty kilos of weight. Nowadays is the dog with the strongest bite in the world, above any other race.

The Rottweiler is a self-confident, intelligent, very protective dog. However, with a bad education it can be an extremely aggressive and dangerous dog, capable of killing any other animal, including humans.

With a proper education from a puppy can be an excellent companion with a big heart, something stubborn when it comes to learning but very respectful of his family. It is a powerful but noble race at the same time.

3. Pitbull Terrier

In the third position we find the famous Pitbull Terrier, possibly the strongest and most powerful of all the Terrier. It can weigh thirty kilos in adulthood, although its low weight is not a problem to attack hard.

This breed It has great strength and is very active, you need to exercise daily to spend excess energy so it is not recommended for small floors or people who can not spend time. The person who educates him must have a lot of experience in the canine sector and present a great authority.

It is highly recommended to educate Pitbulls well from puppies to avoid developing bad habits or being carried away by their instincts, they are medium-sized dogs but very powerful and can be aggressive if they do not receive a good education.

4. German shepherd

In the fourth position of the Ranking of the most dangerous dogs we find the famous German Shepherd, who tops the list of dogs that have attacked humans or other animals globally.

The German Shepherd can reach forty kilos when he is an adult and has an extremely powerful bite. Well educated can be an excellent companion dog or perform grazing or surveillance functions, but poorly educated is a potential danger.

It is a very intelligent race capable of reasoning and thinking before attacking, catching its prey completely distracted. In bad hands it can become a double-edged sword.

5. Fila Brasileiro

The Brazilian Row is considered one of the fastest and most dangerous dogs in the world, reaching a weight in his adult stage of sixty kilos. This breed of dog is very faithful and super protective with his family.

His attack speed and the power of his bite make him an extremely dangerous dog if he is not properly educated and socialized. It has always been one of the favorite breeds in dog fights.

However, he can be a good companion if he is educated from a puppy, but we must always be attentive to him since he is not a dog that warns or barks, he simply throws himself on his prey and bites her to death.

6. Argentine Bulldog

In the sixth position of the list of most dangerous dogs we find the Argentine Bulldog, a dog that can weigh forty-five kilos in adulthood, equipped with a large jaw.

The Argentine Dogo It is a strong and highly resistant dog, completely immune to pain which makes it an excellent dog of prey or fight. He is very faithful to his owner but distrustful of strangers, so we must always pay special attention.

This breed of dog is not the most recommended for a family environment due to its characteristics, although with a good education it can be an excellent life companion alongside a guard dog.

7. American Staffordshire Terrier

In the seventh position we have the American Staffordshire Terrier, another breed of Pitbull dog characterized by its Terrier origins. In his adult stage he can reach forty kilos of weight, although what he really stands out for is his bite.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is characterized by being a sociable and protective dog with children, well educated since puppy can be an excellent companion although we must pay special attention when there are strangers.

However, if you fall into bad hands and get rude or ill-treated, can become a lethal dog, able to jump over its prey more than three meters away to end them.

8. Doberman

We reach the eighth position of most dangerous dogs with the world-famous Doberman, which is capable of reaching forty-five kilos of weight in adulthood. It is not a very large dog but it is pure muscle prepared to attack.

The Doberman is characterized by being an energetic and active dog, pride and self-confidence, very attached to his family so it is not advisable to leave him alone for long periods of time.

However, he is also a very impulsive dog, so if he receives a bad education he can become a very dangerous dog. This breed has been used for centuries as a watchdog.

9. Akita Inu

In the ninth position we have the daredevil Akita Inu, a dog of Japanese origin capable of reaching fifty-five kilos in weight as an adult. It is a race that It has been used by Japanese warriors as an attack dog and surveillance.

The Akita Inu is a very reserved but affectionate dog at the same time, very attached to its owner. It is loyal and friendly but if it barks we must activate all our alarms because it is only the indicative that precedes the taque.

In bad hands it can become a really dangerous dog, given its physical conditions and its strength it is not advisable to be in front of one of these dogs when they are defending.

10. Neapolitan Mastiff

In the tenth position of the list of most dangerous dogs in the world we find the Neapolitan Mastiff, a breed that can reach seventy kilos in its adult stage, almost nothing.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a dog of enormous dimensions, a great guardian, faithful, peaceful and stable dog. Knows how to interpret real dangers and defend accordingly when necessary Well educated becomes an ideal companion.

But if he receives a bad education, he can become quite the opposite, an extremely aggressive and dangerous dog given its dimensions and strength. This type of dog is able to impose simply by standing up.


While it is true that there are dog breeds that are not recommended for family environments due to the danger that they can assume if they are poorly educated ... it is also true that on a general level all dogs are good if they are properly educated and socialized with other dogs and people.

The only ones responsible for the existence of dangerous dogs are the humans, who due to ignorance or bad practices can turn a beautiful dog into a real killer. There are races such as the Caucasian shepherd that are potentially stronger and more dangerous than those mentioned, although they are not listed within the known PPP.

If you are not able to educate your dog, you can always go to a professional trainer. They are economical and very, but very practical, in reality we always recommend going to a trainer if you live with a prey dog ​​or a dog that shows bad habits.

4- Akita Inu

This dog has its origin in Japan, being first a big game dog. Then it began to be used as military dog In the armies. The great inconvenience of this breed is his intelligence, making you get bored quickly and come back quite destructive With the surroundings. Just to have fun for a while.

5- Canarian Dam

It is considered by the Canary Government as a natural symbol of the Island. During the century XVIII it was used by the English present in the archipelago as a gladiator in the dog fights. His great strength, size and temperament for fighting, increased in his genetics over the years, have made him a dangerous specimen.