How to feed a baby swallow?


Hello, how good do I need some advice.
I found a baby swallow, try to put it in the nest of some swallows that were there but did not want to ignore it and paid more attention to their children who are already much older.

So I better decided to take out the baby swallow, I was told to feed it with egg or dog food with water to make it pure.

until now I have given him banana. but I know that these little birds eat insects in real

Hello how are you?
It is difficult to take care of a baby bird but if you want to do it successfully you must follow a series of steps.
Of me being in your place this is what I would do:
1.- You must give him everything he needs, therefore that means looking for insects, earthworms and some fruit on the ground, all that must be made a paste and with a clamp you must put it in its beak and ensure that it reaches the throat . You can add cereals to pasta such as birdseed and other seeds that vegetables eat
2.- You should look for an injector and give it water in the same way, so you don't want to drink it.
3.- Put a stuffed animal next to your body at night.
4.- DO NOT give dog food, that is pure garbage and birds should not eat that.
5.- DO NOT give egg. How would you have grown up if you had been fed human fetuses? I know that the egg does not have the chicken inside but it is still unnatural for its age.
6.- Feed him about three times a day.

Luck! I hope it survives!

I have seen my parents feed baby birds that found themselves fallen from the nest (which is what a house has on the mountain), and what they did was give it breadcrumbs wet with water or with milk with a wooden stick, rubbing One side of the piquito and now open your mouth. You can also give sponge cake, and when it grows a little birdseed. If you have a box you leave it there, and for a little while every day you leave it free, at your leisure, so that you can practice with your wings and exercise.

Recently a girl also found a bird and asked for advice here in the Forum, there has to be the post. There I commented that as a girl I had a swallow just taken from the egg and survived.
The first thing I can tell you is that you don't pack it. They are not birds that take very well to be caged, it is more possible to die of grief to look like this. Find a place that is created but ventilated, where she has room to move, is quiet but does not have the chance to escape. Also keep in mind that you are going to crap where you see, so look for a basement room, storage room, etc. where you can get dirty without problem.
If now it is very small you play with the advantage that, for now, you can put it in a box without a cover (one of shoes itself) and have it in your room or anywhere in the house. In the box you put newspaper and a blanket to sleep. Add water, and if you don't drink, give it with a syringe. And to eat mojaillo bread in water (I also gave my milk wet, but some companion commented that it was indigestible for the birds, so don't give it to him). Feed him several times a day, three or four. Mine Piava when I was hungry.
If you go ahead, start feeding more solid things: lettuce, tomato, carrot, etc. The swallows eat insects and worms, so theirs would be that, when you grow up, you approach a bird shop to buy a boat of worms to eat.
And well, also give it much pampering (now you are his mother) and as he grows up and you have found an entertaining room to let her roam at ease, so that he relolts and fence learning to fly. When you see her ready to fly, go to the field and release. Do not leave until you see that she has flown and gone.
I hope it helps you.
A kiss and luck.

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good, I am new to the forum, in fact I have signed up just to answer your question, because it is very rare for people to understand how to feed insectivorous birds, yesterday also my neighbor brought me a baby, says he gave ERROR bread with milk. It is not a sparrow. I didn't know how to do it either, but I provided with a food that I have for fish FROZEN ARTEMIA that is like prawn larvae, and I thought it would be the closest thing to insects that the mother brings to it, so thaw a piece and with some tongs he arrives at the peak and surprise LOVES him. In half an hour the animal was already moving normally as it came very weak, and immediately it was already normal and current poop, I have been with her for two days and she eats great, it is not necessary to force her beak to eat. The food is bought in a fish store, but not everywhere they sell it, if you have any questions, send me an email and I will tell you my phone in case you want me to explain it to you. Come luck, you'll see how it saves.

I would be very surprised if someone from this forum bought larvae of some animal. although everything is possible

In addition, this post is from a year ago, namely where the chick will already be.

Well, the truth is that I don't know the forum, you are all vegetarians. Well, my intention is only to help, I am very sorry that the animal is going to die if it eats insects is not a plan to give bananas like a vegetarian, but come on, everyone who does what he wants, I just give him the form to save it, the larvae are as if they were prawns of only half a millimeter, but that is not that they are young, but that they are that small. If I have offended someone, I'm sorry, my intention was to help
alaaaaaaaaa I did not realize that it was 2008 I thought it was July of this year, hahaha, well, just in case someone else does well, Greetings

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Yes, it is a vegetarian forum, users are vegetarians or come looking for advice because they want to be, I think there is one that is not, but few and we hope they change, hehehe .. Maybe if you read the forum and some information about food vegetarian and the treatment that animals are given, you end up being too

Thanks for trying to help anyway


The other day I found a baby that may have fallen from the nest. It is impossible to access it and it was in full sun in an area with many cats. So I took it since a friend could get it through but he told me that he does not know because the parakeets and canaries are more like him.

The baby does not eat alone and you have to open your mouth carefully and put the food inside. That is another, yesterday my friend gave me a bird that we moistened and gave (about 4 small grains), today I have given a couple more very softened and also crushed with a little water. Also some egg yolk that has been recommended to me. I don't know if I eat insects like small ants, I can try but I don't want to take a chance.

Drinking nevertheless does it perfectly, it is to pour a little water in the beak and she alone opens her mouth.

Any suggestions? Or somewhere in Madrid where I can take it?

P.S. I accompany a photo only so you can see the size of the baby and that has the feathers:


Cintra's Cirilla

In the birdhouses or pet store they sell a kind of arina that is given to the offspring.

I remember it when I had a baby Parakeet.

P.D .: In passing, find out how to feed him there. They taste vast.

Well frititas with garlic and chopped green pepper, the young swallows are.

It's just a suggestion, HOME.

ps I do not know .. mothers regurjitan .. so .. it would crush earthworms and give it ..
or you chew it and give it from the mouth XD


The swallow (Hirundo rustica) is the most common species of swallow on the planet. It is a particular passerine winged animal with blue upper parts and a long and deeply forked tail. It is found in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. In Anglophone Europe it is simply called swallow, in northern Europe it is the main normal species called "swallow" and not "martin".

There are six subspecies of horse shelter swallows, which breed in the northern hemisphere. Four are firmly transitory, and their wintering areas cover a large part of the Southern Hemisphere as far south as central Argentina, the Cape Province of South Africa and northern Australia. Its enormous reach implies that the swallow that lives in the place of residence of the animals is not in danger, despite the fact that there could be decay of the nearby population due to particular dangers.

The horse shelter swallow is a feathered creature of an open nation that typically uses man-made structures to reproduce and has subsequently spread through human development. Build a sediment container from mud pellets in stables or comparative structures and feed on creepy reptiles in flight.

This species lives in close relationship with people, and its insect eating patterns imply that it is supported by people, this recognition was strengthened in the past by superstitions regarding the winged creature and its home. There are social references to visit the swallow of the periphery in abstract and religious works because of its proximity to people and their annual movement. The swallow is the national feathered creature of Estonia.


The stable male swallow of the subspecies designated H. r. Rustica measures between 17 and 19 cm (6.7 and 7.5 inches) long, including between 2 and 7 cm (0.79 and 2.76 inches) of extended outer tail feathers. It has a wingspan of 32 to 34.5 cm (12.6 to 13.6 inches) and weighs 16 to 22 g (0.56 to 0.78 ounces). It has steel blue upper parts and a rufous temple, jaw and throat, which are isolated from the grayish lower parts by a broad dark blue chest band. The outer tails of the tail are stretched, which gives the "swallow tail" especially forked.

There is a line of white spots on the outer end of the upper tail. The female is comparable in appearance to the male, however the tail streamers are shorter, the blue of the upper parts and the chest band is less polished, and the lower parts are paler. The teenager is more brown and has a paler face and lower white parts. Nor does it have adult long-tailed streamers. (See Article: Gray Collalba)

The melody of the dependency swallow is an animated talk, ending regularly with the fortune teller with the second note higher than the first one that still falls in tone. The calls incorporate witt or witt-witt and a link from the noisy spleen when energized (or strive to chase those who collapse from home). Alert calls incorporate a sharp siflitt for predators such as felines and a flitt-flitt for feathered prey creatures such as the hobby. This species is really peaceful in wintering areas.

The particular mixture of a red-faced and blue-chested band makes the swallow shelter for adult horses easy to recognize from the African species Hirundo and the prized swallow (Hirundo neoxena) with which it covers its range in Australasia. In Africa, the short-tailed streamers of the place of residence of the adolescent animal swallow a welcome disorder with the red-breasted teenage swallow (Hirundo lucida), however the latter has a smaller and whiter chest band on the tail.

How they get their food

One of the reasons why swallows are often called swallows has to do with the particular way in which they get their food to survive. To do this, they slide flush, a short distance from the ground or water, as the case may be, and as soon as they see their prey they catch it and swallow it in flight.

In addition to the above, they do not even stop the flight to drink, since they drink touching the water of lakes or rivers in flight. In that sense, they are a type of animal that flies with extraordinary skill and spends most of the day flying, even feeding their chicks while they fly.

Swallow Behavior

During the breeding season, swallows live and hunt in pairs, but outside the breeding season, they feed in large groups. The arrival of autumn, with its lower temperatures, causes the presence of insects to begin to decrease, forcing swallows to migrate to warmer areas. They return in spring and return to use the same nest to live, since a nest can last several years.


Swallows have a very peculiar and interesting way of feeding, where do not stop your flight at any time. That is to say, such is their flying skill that they hunt their prey and swallow it while they fly, in this way they feed their young.

Your diet consists of a wide variety of flying insects, where being a short distance from the ground, they slide flush to catch their prey. Even at the moment of drinking water they touch the lakes or rivers without stopping their flight.

Once the swallows or young have taken advantage of what is necessary, they eliminate the rest of the insect that cannot be digested in small balls, usually the hard wings and the legs.

How to feed a young?

Swallow pups can be fed with a product that we can easily find in any specialized store: the breeding paste for insectivorous birds. It is possible that the offspring may find themselves unresponsive to the food, so it may be necessary to open the beak to feed it, always with gentle and unstressed movements. Ideally, give it 5 daily shots.